Topic: Looking for trading critiques


I'm new here and would like to have my story read and critiqued and would like to trade my own critique of your work.
I'm about 3/4 done and would like feedback as I near completion.
Something similar and in genre makes sense to me. I haven't uploaded any chapters, but will soon.
A brief overview:
Hidden gems and an ancient prophecy, powerful swords and a few young Chosen Ones searching for answers.
They must fight the the gods while searching and travel between planets. Seeking to fulfill the prophecy, combining swords and power to save their worlds form the impending nova.
Let me know if this interests anyone.

In the meantime, request a read and critique of your work and I'd be happy to oblige.

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Re: Looking for trading critiques


I would read it although it will take a while(size depending), i can hardly find time to do my own writing sometimes. let me know either way. Also if you could read mine i am always looking for feedback.