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You've been working as a janitor for a top secret lab for years. As long as you can remember, they have a big switch next to which is a piece of paper saying "NEVER turn this off. I'm serious!" today, your curiosity finally got the better of you

Prompt: An epic battle wages between two armies across a sodden, bloodsoaked battlefield. The winner will rule the kingdom. But you have no side, and as you cut down soldiers of both colours, you come ever closer to your true target...

Prompt: You've been alone in the wasteland for god-knows how long. You may be the last human alive. Recently you've felt like something's following you, always just out of sight. One morning you wake up, and notice human-sized footprints around your camp, but who or what left them is nowhere to be seen

Prompt: A scientist figures out how to swap souls between two different bodies.
More of a challenge: The scientist's loved one is dying.
Even harder! You can only swap their soul into your own body.

Prompt: You work on a fire tower, watching the wilderness for wildfires. Your only form of entertainment on your long nighttime shifts is the colleague that works in the watchtower a few miles away. You radio back and forth, telling jokes or scary stories. One night, while staring blankly into the blackness, you hear a whisper from the radio. "Don't let it see you."

Prompt: you moved to a friendly rural town with your parents, and while unloading, spilled a line of salt across the walkway. Every single neighbour who's come by to introduce themselves has refused to cross that line.

Prompt: You are God, but nobody believes that you exist. You decide to make it so that they do believe again. Everything you do to remind people that you exist is attributed to aliens, global warming, ghosts, etc.

Prompt: Normally, it would be easy to tell such a thing, but right now, you can't decide which is more terrifying: the eldritch abomination from beyond time and space, or the little girl held lovingly in its tentacles.

Prompt: There is an age limit. Once you hit 80 years old, you are collected, taken to a facility, and euthanized. Tomorrow is your 80th birthday. Today is your 81st birthday. You thought the government forgot about you, but you see the federal plates pull into your driveway.

Prompt: You're a member of a covert organization whose job it is to find and destroy horror movie style killers (demons, ghosts, psychotic mothers avenging their sons death...) in teams comprised of individuals who each have a super power.

Prompt: The King goes undercover to live with the common folk. War erupts, and the undercover King gets pulled into it. It's not war: it's a revolution to overthrow the tyrannical King.

Your shield, cracked and disfigured lies on the ground beside you. Your body screams at you to stay down. Your heart screams at you to fight. You stand.

All your life, you've had evil voices in your head, telling you to hurt or kill people. Then one day you hear them say in unison, sounding absolutely terrified, "He is coming. Run!"

The iron forest which stretches between the border of two great kingdoms has a deep and dark secret wich is kept hidden by the lumberjacks. But the lumberjacks got fewer over the years..

Just like a normal person you age steadily until you hit 18. You then stop aging until you meet your soulmate so you can grow old together. You've been killing your soulmates for centuries granting you eternal life. You find a soulmate with the same idea...

You're walking down the street at night. Suddenly, you get jumped by Flat Earthers. You hear one say, "Take his ass to the edge". You laugh, because the Earth is round. You were wrong.

You are an assassin with a strict moral code.

Need more of a challenge? You’re the best there is, but you assess each job very carefully and if you believe the target does not deserve to die, you go after the one who employed you.

Make it really hard! One day you're hired to kill yourself, but on the journey to find the one who hired you, you realize that you forgot to assess yourself...

A very close group of DnD friends lose one of their members in a car accident. Months after their friends death most of the group decide to have their late friend's character die with honor in a battle. But anytime the character takes damage one of the members keeps healing the character.

One day you decide to get a DNA test done to find your heritage. A few weeks later the FBI is busting down your door.

Whenever you speak, people hear you speaking in their native language. Most people are surprised and delighted. The cashier at McDonalds you've just talked to is horrified. The cashier whispers, "Nobody's spoken that language in thousands of years."

You're a high-school student. In your class there's a kid who never speaks, always communicating in sign or with that notebook they always carry around. You understand why the day your school catches on fire. The day they looked up at the sky and murmured a single word, a command to all creation. Rain.

Prompt: Ever since you started to feed the ravens they've left you presents in your backyard: buttons, string, candy wrappers... Today you found a glowing sword wrapped in a map written in an unknown language. The ravens sit around it in silence.

You are the King's executioner, but it's time to retire. It's your last day, and it's time to train your replacement.

A couple going through a rough spot in their marriage each unwittingly hire the same PI to investigate the other. The PI decides to try to covertly fix their relationship. The PI falls in love with one or both of their clients.

You own a small-town funeral home, and have struck a deal with vampires: You give them blood, they don't hunt in your town.
A competing chain funeral home has opened up, and is undercutting your prices. You're unable to meet demand anymore, and the Vampires are getting thirsty...

An entire office block is populated by aliens disguised as humans on a mission to study our behaviour. None of them are aware of each other and think they are the only alien there. As a result they are amazed that human behaviour is so similar to their own. A real human gets a job there.

It's the last bus of the night, with a bare handful of people riding. Every last person including the driver and the 12 year old girl, have killed people.

You find three little puppies sleeping on your porch. Actually, upon closer inspection, it’s not three little puppies. It’s Cerberus, Hades' three headed dog. The collar around the middle head reads, “Cerberus. If lost, please call Hell. (666-666-6666)” You decide to raise the hell-hound (hell-hounds?) yourself.

When Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, he neglected to give him the ability to die again. 2,000 years later, it doesn't feel like a miracle anymore. Jesus thinks it's hilarious.

You're an insurance agent who specializes in supernatural events. Magic and supernatural creatures don't really exist, but for some reason, you maintain enough clients to stay afloat. One of your clients calls, and it looks like they have a legitimate claim...

After activists saves a forest from being cut down, a wizard emerges to grant the activists a single wish. The activists wished for the trees they love so much to be able to walk and talk. Their wish is granted, but the trees personalities were not what they expected.

Your house is surrounded by angry men holding torches. They hurl abuses at you, who they cannot see from their vantage point. "We want our wives back! We want our wives back!" You grin, and your fangs flash in the moonlight.

You have a special ability that allows you to see where others have died and what they did moments before death. You come across a spot where an absurd amount of people have died but with seemingly no danger present.


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