Topic: Summer 2019 Collection

All members of the Imaginarium House are invited to submit short stories or poems for the House Summer Collection. The more members that take part in this the better.
Rules for content: summer must in some way feature. Word count up to 1500 per piece. Members may submit more than one piece if they wish.
Private message me the content and I will post it along with a link to the writer's Booksie Profile.
Whether this is a success or not is very much down to the members, for the compilations that have had lots of contributors have gone on to do well.


Re: Summer 2019 Collection

Sounds good - what's the timeframe for submissions?


Re: Summer 2019 Collection

Any time really Kevin. I'll keep posting to it at least until the end of July.


Re: Summer 2019 Collection

Any new members both of the House and of Booksie wanting to take part in this? It canbe a good way of attracting a bit more attention to your profile and your writing. Let me know on this thread and I'll get back to you.


Re: Summer 2019 Collection

I would love to smile I'm in the process of writing  a few things, does it matter the genre?


Re: Summer 2019 Collection

Not in the slightest, Obscure. All are welcome!


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I've finished it, it's called 'It's Always Cold in Summer'. It's up on my page at the moment, how would you like me to send it to you? Private messaging is down hmm


Re: Summer 2019 Collection

That's a good question, Obscure. I don't want to put my email on to the forum, so hang on to it for a while; if the messaging is still off at the weekend, what I'll have to do is put a link to your post in the collection until it does get sorted.