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Hello again house members. I wanted to bring you guys a prompt or two that should not exceed a thousand word limit. How you take the prompt(s) is entirely up to you.

First Prompt -

The first prompt if you guys want to take part in should be a story about desire. What kind of desire? That is totally up to you. It can be gripping, romantic, etc. as long as it pertains to desire.

Second prompt -

The second prompt if you want to take part in should be a story about solitude. Again, you take this any direction you want to, let your imagination flow however you want it to.

I hope we can get more people in the house to write along with the others who have taken part in the past and see what you guys can create. There is a possibility I will post a prompt a day unless, like this one, has more than one. If you guys would like that, leave a comment if you wish. I will probably not be the only one posting prompts since Hullabaloo22 likes posting 100 word prompts that make you think more on how you should construct your story, so look out for those too, they are truly worth it in the end.

Happy Writing fellow members.


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I'll certainly be using both of these in the near future, Reaper.
You've reminded me that I've been neglecting the 100 word ones -- might get back to posting them next week.


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Sounds awesome. I can't wait for those.


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This is for the second prompt. https://www.booksie.com/595752-she-whispers


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Guess I will be the first to try out the first prompt with A Child's Desire. Hope it pleases the crowd.


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Here is my short story on the second prompt. Hope you guys and ladies enjoy it.


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This is for the first prompt.