Topic: Book Covers

Hello to whom ever reads this, A few days ago i changed a few of my book covers and i know some times it takes a while for it to upload and i was wondering if anyone knows how long it can take? A few of mine have changed already but others if you go on the portfolio it's the old cover but if you click on it it's the new one, others it's saying it's not changed at all so now i'm thinking has it actually changed or not. I have noticed for the past year it has taken longer for if you are changing a cover for the new one to appear. If no one knows it's okay i will re-upload it and hope for the best ~Anniebirnie~


Re: Book Covers

There's a  couple of reasons why the  covers don't change.
1. It's the  person's internet or web browser. If the internet is unstable or is slow, it takes a few hours to a few days.  A web browser could have something that  booksie needs  but doesn't have. Using a different internet or web browser could help. Web browsers that I know that works with booksie Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera. There could be other web browsers that I'm not aware of that works with booksie.
2. Confused data/cover size.  Data sometimes gets confused and doesn't work properly. The data knows that the cover was changed, but it takes a while for the data to preform a function. In some cases a photo size can also cause data to be confused like if the size is too big or too small for a function to  preform.
3. It's  booksie itself.  There could be a  miscommunication between servers and
data,  it almost like confused data.  The  servers  talk to one another by sending data; the data sent  from your device told the booksie server that the  cover is going to be changed and the data from server told the cover function to change the photo.  While the data and the cover function are talking  it's possible that the data or cover function got cut off resulting in a photo changing for some people while for others the photo remains the same.

Sorry for all the technical talk that may have confused you, I took technology classes in college and confused data and  server talking are the subject the class teaches for coding.