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I recently posted a short story (Island Honeymoon) which wasn’t finished.  I have a good reason for posting it unfinished and it is private so don’t ask.  Anyways as I was working on it I realized it should have been a book instead of a short story.  I’m the first person to run into this problem and as I have told others in the past the only two options I have is to repost as a book or ask BG to change the type from short story to book.  This got me thinking.  Why is this one of the few things you are unable to change on a posted item?  A great writer once said no story is every complete, it just takes a better writer to continue it.  So, what I’m asking/suggesting is that the option to change the type of posting (i.e. short story, article, poem book) could be made available to the users.  I know this will cause some issues the biggest is the fact that taking a book to let's say a short story suddenly eliminates the chapters, this will cause some issues with comments left on later chapters also, but I believe BG and his team are good enough to figure out a way to work around this.  Changing the type of posting should not make it appear as a new posting only switch which list it appears on or you will have people using this feature to make their old writings appear as new ones hoping to get more reads/comments on them.

What does everybody think and most importantly what do you say BG can this option be put into place?


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One of the Russian sites ("like Booksie") is always using the form of a book. If you're interested in a short story, you've to write "Chapter 1" without "Chapter 2." And if you want to change the form from a short story into a book, you can write "Chapter 2" at any time. For me, your idea sounds good.


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Yeah I think this would be a good idea. I personally don't have a problem because I have only published short stories on this site, but for people that do both, I don't see why not, as you say, I think writing with the intent of the piece being a short story but then perhaps it becoming a novella, or even a novel, is not an uncommon occurrence.

I do think implementing the function to convert novels into short stories would be more difficult than shorts into novels, but then in terms of purpose I think converting a novel into a short story would be rarer anyway.


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I would like to see that option as well, as I have a couple of early short stories, I would like to re-post as books, but don't want to lose the read count or comments.


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I find it funny how one idea suddenly opens up a whole world of potential. I have written many a short story, with the potential to become more than just a few pages.


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I have no interest in writing a book, but I have seen other short story writers write a series of separate short stories, each one being a sequel to the previous one. Maybe that would attract more readers than the chapters of a novel. I see no reason why these short stories cannot later be incorporated in a book without deleting the original stories. That would avoid loss of reads and comments.