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So, just noticed recently, because I was curious, I don't actually know how to access my bookshelf anymore. Before all the changes with premium membership and all that, there was something you could press that would bring you right to it in the drop down bar, but that's been replaced with Statistics, Contests, and Shelvers. I even looked it up in the help guide only to find that that hasn't been updated in a while. So, has anyone been able to access their bookshelf? If so, please share.


Re: Bookshelf

I think it might be called a "Reading List" now.


Re: Bookshelf

On the dropdown menu, you get by clicking on your name it is called recommended.
Another way to reach it is by going to your profile (not your home page) and clicking on activity.

Unlike shelving something adding things to your Read List is done by clicking on More Details in an item.  You can not add your own stuff to your Read List (or at least I didn't see that option).  Adding things to your Read List doesn't help to make that item more visible to other users.  It is more likely used to keep a list of things you read or are in the process of reading if a long piece of writing.