Topic: Autumn/Halloween Collection

Anyone that wants to take part in this compilation; short stories, essays or poetry are welcome, with a maximum word count of 2000. This will post until the end of the first week of November, when a Winter/Christmas Collection will begin.


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Autumn Poem

With the nights drawing in and the trees looking bare
Autumn has begun with all of it's Fair
Ghostly haunts and bonfire night await us soon
To lift the depression and give us all a boon
As the golden rays of sunlight embrace the sky
And children play with the leaves with such joy in their eyes
Picking their horse chestnuts for a game of chance
As they play with their friends and begin to dance
The cool north wind will create a chill
But in our hearts the pleasure it will fill
As we go through the season,at the end of the line
We can celebrate the joy of a seasonal time
Drinking some mulled wine and toasting by the fire
All our dreams fulfilled to our hearts desire
The snow has arrived creating a magical landscape
As the little children get ready to make their escape


Re: Autumn/Halloween Collection

Thanks so much for that. I'll post it in the collection with a link to your profile. Might take me a couple of days, but it will be there.