Topic: PROMPT: A New Life?

It's the early 1400s, set in a magical world. Life for you is good. You're a farmer, and you have successful plots of land with good crops and plenty of healthy animals. The King favors you and even has some of his knights defend your lands.

All of this, however, changes when war is declared on your Kingdom. Because of your status, you're exempt from war but that doesn't help you. Your Kingdom is overran and conquered and these new rulers don't favor you.

You're given to the new King's court mage for experiments and he has a grand one... teleportation...

And so, he casts the spells, sending you hurdling through space and time before you crash upon the terrain of a new alien world...

Can you survive? Have you been freed from your captors? Or are they still watching?

Is something new watching?