Topic: What's the next step in Science Fiction?

In the history of Science Fiction we've had many progressions. From the space operas of the 40's and 50's, to the new wave of the 60's and 70's, as well as sub divisions such as Alternate Histories and Artificial Intelligence. Cyber Punk came along in the 80's, then Steam Punk, and more recently Dystopian near futures (although they've always been around since Brave New World). So what do you think will be the next step? Cave Punk? Quantum Punk? Non-linear Disassociation? Let me know!


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Quantum fiction does seem to be the next step; something that blurs the boundary between sci-fi fantasy and reality. An author could use quantum mechanics to make possible the supernatural. However, when I look at series like Killjoys, Dark Matter and movies like Interstellar, it starts to look like a mix of space drama, mystery and action/adventure.


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I agree. I does seem to be a hybrid of different styles from the past or a twist on an old angle. What is called "Slipstream" can combine different genres such as you pointed out using Quantum Mechanics in Fantasy to explain  spells, hexes, and all things supernatural.  Also another category simply called "Weird Fiction"( not to be confused with pure "Speculative Fiction" which I think tries to use some science and logic in its presentation) but with WF anything is possible no matter how extraordinary it may be. Few authors can successfully pull it off, China Meiville being one of them. Thank you, Haschwald for participating in the forum and for your insightful comments.


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The next step may go back towards Paranoia-Psychological Sci-Fi. Maybe the use of mind altering drugs which results in some kind of weirded out adventures.


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Paranoia/Psychological Sci-Fi was a poplar theme of the new wave in Sci-Fi in the 60's and 70's and we've seen that  "reality is unreality" in more modern cinema with the Matrix series, Altered States, Transcedence, and ExiStance and some  of Sci-Fi legend Phillip K. Dick's stories like 'We Can Dream It For You Wholesale'  made into films such as Total Recall and "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep'  filmed as Blade Runner.  Always with the theme of paranoia. So we may look to the past to see Sci-Fi's future but that's okay as long as the writing is intelligent, entertaining, and provocative.