Topic: Apology and question

I want to apologize to both Reaper and Derina Penn for the delay in posting the holiday haiku. What can I say? It was my failing completely and both chapters are posted now.
The question: are we going to carry this on? If there is not much interest in participating I can mark the book as finished. All members are invited to let me know what they think about this.


Re: Apology and question

Okay, so having not received a single reply, I'm going to bring this particular challenge to a close. Hopefully someone will come up with a new idea for a House project which they will then be posting.
Thanks to those that contributed.


Re: Apology and question

Hey Hully. Its okay about the holiday writings. You get to them when you can.  Not mad or anything and you dont have to apologize. If you want to keep going with the topics that is up to you.


Re: Apology and question

Nope, it's finished, Reaper. There were only a couple of members involved, just like the last few compilations I've tried to get going. I'm stepping back now, and if someone else would like to come up with a compilation idea and post it, I'll support it.