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Have any of you got suggestions for either a challenge or compilation?


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1. A short story ( 50 or 100 or 250 words, etc. ) Then re-write the story in a poem with the same amount of words.
2. Someone writes a short story ( up to 250 or 500 words, etc. ) Next writer either adds to the story or re-writes a new version ( possibly with option to continue the story ).
3. Each writer is a character in a story, and the narrator gives each writer a challenge to over come ( a decision to make ) in order to survive or not, within the story.
4. The writer simply explains a book/short/poem, etc. idea. Characters, theme, plot, twists,for other writers to spring board from.( book of ideas ).
5. Short commentaries written by booksie members giving advice and insights,  as they have evolved as writers;inspiration and encouragement, for others.
6. Write a song, or take a song and make it into a story.


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Some brilliant ideas here, Doc, thank you!


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Great ideas. I like 1, 2, 3, and 4, 5 and 6!

I have been thinking the ideas of:
7. A writer turns someone's comedy into a tradgy, but they also need to turn a tradgy into a comedy. (But I think it covered in 2.)
8. Recreate any or the most painful event in your life into something you would like it to go.
9. Seveal writers create a story together, where each one is the character himself/herself. Each one write a chapter in turn.
10. Write the same subject of poem or story into less amount of words possible. And see who can use the least amount of words to relay the same message.
11. Tear-shading story. (Not in a torment way.) Who can write a touching, heartfelt, story that shades the most tears in readers.
12. Pick one word you like from alphabet A and write a haiku or American haiku with or about it, next day alphabet B...for 26 days.
13. Each day, find and write what you can and have appreciated that day into a short story.


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Some more great ideas, Derina.


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An idea similar to using a song for inspiration is for a member to provide a link to a YouTube video. Then either the lyrics or video can be used for the basis of a story or poem.


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I can't watch YouTube with my set up. Do you know where can I see a song's lyric?


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I guess you'd be able to Google them.


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Hully, You gave me a challenge a while back to write a story you posted from a different point of view.  So, perhaps we start with a short story, 200-500 words, and then each writer takes a different point of view and rewrites.


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That could be a pretty cool idea, ratwood2, if we could get several writers to commit to doing this. Ages ago, C A Sechlar and I wrote a novella from two different points of view, taking the chapters in turn and moving the story forward in each one.


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Good idea. I have read seveal books written that way. Quite interesting.