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I have been thinking about the Review Chain and of course I want it to be the best house it can be and a useful place for everyone out there. There is an amazing 163 members which is so great to see, so thank you to all of you. Because this is for all of you I want to know what you think of the house. I know what I want for the house but I'm just one person so I'd like to know what you want for the house. If you have any ideas for it, suggestions, what's bad about it, what's good, absolutely anything I'd love to hear it.
There's a couple of things I'm thinking about introducing in the forums. One is a topic where people can give a little plug about their writing, ask for a review but there's no chain or anything involved here. It's just advertising your work really. The second idea is a topic on reviewing tips. I know some people can be a little unsure about reviewing so I'm thinking of creating this topic for people to share their tips on reviewing, like how they review or how to be constructive instead of mean.
Those are my ideas I'd love to know what you think of them. I'd also love to know any ideas you have, anything at all you want to say about the Review Chain. If you want to say something but don't want all the world to see just shot me a private message.
Cheers all


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I've got many ideas for stories, but at times I struggle building a complete story plot. Perhaps we could leverage this group to help flesh out ideas for writing?


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Thanks for the idea Casey, I'll have a think about it.


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Hellow, Archia I wanted to set your mind at ease the monsters in the missing match sticks turned out to be big pink bunny wabbits.  The chain has come to a screaming halt for days now.  I have read and posted comments only to have crammed all but a couple of the categories.  I understand that this whole is supposed to be fun.  However, there seems to be a real lack of commitment here.  We are truly all busy people but to post something and ask for a read and get a read it is so sweet and yet to turn around and reply I would love to read your stuff but I'm not going to "There were planes to catch and bills to pay he learned to walk while I was away"  Simply put "Let your yes mean yes and your no no"  That's the problem I am running into and it is frustrating.  A thought, we need a dedicated small group of writers to scan the categories each day at least once to remove the chain from deadlock.  Otherwise, I can not see the survival of the chain.  I will scan short stories and poems on a daily basis wich I have been doing but I have caught up to ye all it is a dead end.  And I am not the brightest light bulb in the chandelier infack I am near burned out.  Thank you for reading this let me know what you think about this oh ah when you get the time.


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Thank you Fish man for the thoughts and for putting my mind at ease. I never would've guess it was a bit pink bunny wabbit. Thank you that you have crammed most of the categories and I'm sorry that it has come to a screaming halt. I do what I can to keep the chain moving but sometimes it does die down. Especially this time of year I'm sure a lot of people are busy at work or on holidays or just struggling to find free time, so I think it will pick up in the new year. A small dedicated group would be ideal for getting reviews, but I do not know how many people could commit to finding a spare hour or so to give reviews each day. Maybe, if you felt like committing to it, you could create a house like that yourself, and find dedicated writers and reviewers. I'm sure some people would be grateful for it. Thank you that you have put effort into this house, and I am sorry for it is a bit slow, I do always try to keep it moving. I like to think that the fact the Review Chain has been going for four years is a testament to its continuance. I know what I've said isn't particularly a solution but I hope it in some way helps.


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Thanks, Archia as always your words are a reminder that I need to chill out.  I have always had a passion for the things I have gotten involved in my mind never stops that is a curse.  Thanks again for your efforts no troubles matress.


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Don't worry Fish Man, I understand that it can be a bit annoying having to wait and I'm sorry for that. Now that the busy holiday season is alsmot over I'm going to work more at getting this house active.


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Sorry for not being as active as I should be. I really do like this house.


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Hi, Archia I think your on the right track reviewing other people's work can seem overwhelming to many.  For me, it is nerve-wracking, to say the least.  There is a proper procedure when it comes to positive criticism or personal counsel.
1. Season our words with salt; we always need to commend first.  EXAMPLE:  I loved your descriptive words the sound of the raindrops pitter-pattering on the outside of the tent.  I felt as though I was standing right next to you.  I understand your pain I have been there and so on.
2. Season our words with salt; in a loving way point out a minor error.  EXAMPLE:  However I did notice a few typos.  Your grammar was close you missed a comma here and there.  Your spelling was off a little as mine is that's a tuff one.  I felt that you could have used a few more descriptive words.  You switched tenses a couple of times and so on.
3. Season our words with salt; we always need to commend third.  EXAMPLE:  Overall I enjoyed your work thank you I look forward to reading your next poem.  However, you did keep my attention throughout your story terrific read thank you.  Your descriptive words were excellent maintain the pen in motion.
Using this formula, we will not shut down those whom we counsel.  Instead, we can make the person listening feel confident not only as a writer but also as a counselor.