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Topic: Feedbacks and Reviews

If you have time, I want some reviews for my ongoing story New Return of the Condor Heroes 2006 that you can find here:

https://www.booksie.com/629478-new-retu … roes-2006.

In exchange, I can share with you some of the best techniques I've used to get story ideas.

What I want is just more story ideas for my story. It can be: dialogue ideas, character ideas, character interactions ideas, scenes ideas, and another story ideas that you could give me.

Also, at the end of each chapters or whenever you feel like it, can you give me your predictions on what you think would happen next and what you want to happen next(for example: character interactions, new characters, character traits/motives, dialogue, scenes, and story ideas you want to see/think would happen next). This would help me a lot in writing my story since because I get to see it in the view of someone who does not know the entire plot yet.

Also, read the summary of my story and think of how the things that are already happening in the story can relate to the summary and give me more story ideas this way by predicting what would happen next or what can be  add to the story.

I've already got a lot of the remaining plots written out. I just need to type it on the website, so I would appreciate the story ideas and  reviews you give me.