Topic: Read and Review??

Hey there everyone! My name is Nicole Evans and I am an aspiring writer and I have been working on a story called Blood Wars for about 3 or 4 years. Being a stay at home mom to my 5 year old son has continuously put a hold on the writing process and writers block has also been a pain as well. But I have gotten the first chapter relatively where I want it to be and I have deleted all my other posts of the story I had previously posted and have posted the new version of the 1st chapter, and I also created my own Book Cover that I am really happy with. I would absolutely love if you guys would please check out my story and give me some comment and reviews and give me some ideas on where you think the story should go and what you like about the story and if you would change anything!! I look forward to your responses and if you feel so inclined please become a fan of my profile! I would also be willing to do a read/review for a read/review if you would like! I cannot wait to see some of your responses and getting to know some of you through writing!

Much Love,