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This is the category where you can ask and give a review for anything. This can be a script, essay, short story, absolutely anything.

Please remember to give a constructive review.


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The first person to come by gets a free review and can just ask without having to give one. Please be kind though and only ask on one category, leave the others for someone else.


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After reading the rule page, I hope I have done this post correctly.

Please review anything of mine, preference going to my latest dabbling "A Lie Told Well" but absolutely anything else would suffice. I've been having difficulty getting reviews for a long time and would appreciate the read and commentary on anything.

Thank you in advance.


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I've reviewed the work "A Death of Roses" by Aranea

Please go check out her piece!
Her words are so powerful, descriptive and beautifully executed!


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I've reviewed the work "Putrid Eater" by MysticWhisp
I enjoyed it and think a series could be made out of Grandma's stories. Should pull up a pillow and sit down with the children to come listen. smile

Again, please review anything of mine. Reviewer's choice smile
Take care and be well


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I have reviewed "Tea for...Two?" by Aranea. It was a refreshing read to say the least and I look forward to reading some more of Aranea's work.

Feel free to review any of my pieces and have a splendid day!


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I reviewed Kirsten Tousignant's poem "Deadly Drug" The hard intoxication of the piece is a daunting read to take in; I loved it.
Feel free to review anything of mine and I hope the holidays have treated you well.

Take care and be well.


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I've reviewed "Charity" by Aranea. Very, very well written indeed!

I'd be very thankful if someone could review anything of mine. Happy New Year!


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I reviewed "PC Game" by Oleg Roschin and I cannot express how much I enjoyed reading this!! You'll have to read it for yourself as my words are lacking to express how humorous and enjoyable this was to read. Thank you for sharing the piece with Booksie, Mr Roschin. smile

Please review anything of mine smile

Take care and be well.


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I checked " A death of roses".
Love it! Very creative of you to change something as simple as roses to something so deep. I also loved the grammar usage. Great job!
One thing I thought can improve. Or maybe it's just me... you should maybe add one more thing that interrupts the story if you know what I mean. It will make it stand out more. For ex. while writing the story think of "so what" So what if I cut the roses, it will die, so what,.......
I just felt that it needs a little bit more that all. Other than that, I love your creativity! Keep it up.
Can u check any of my writing and give me your feedback? ...Thanks!

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I checked out "I hate Haiku's" and chuckled upon reading it. I love Haiku's but the skill of them, escapes me. Well done Salma Said. smile

Thank you for your suggestion Salma for Death of Roses. smile
Please review anything of mine smile
Take care and be well.


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I reviewed 'A Lie Told Well.' Loved it! Aranea. You have great imagination and you are very creative! Great job!
Can somebody review anything of mine.
Thanks wink


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I reviewed "A free thinking Individual " by Salma Said. Thank you for sharing a thought provoking piece smile It was an engaging read.

Please read something of mine smile Thank you.
Take care and be well.


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I reviewed 'Charity' by Aranea. It's so touchy and powerful! Loved it! Great work!
Can someone review any of my writing. Thanks! wink


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I reviewed "That will never ever be" by Salma Said.

I'd be happy if someone could review any of my works. Thank you!


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I reviewed "The Fallout" by Oleg Rosechin.
Could someone check any of my writing. Thanks!


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I reviewed "A free thinking Individual" by Salma Said
Can someone please review "Taking Back My Life"


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I reviewed "Taking Back My Life" by PsychoWriter21
Can someone Review my novel "His Eyes"
Thank you so much!!!
Ms. Hood


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I reviewed "His Eyes" by Miss Ridding Hood.
Can someone review my short story, "A moment of Despair Becomes a Moment of Success.


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I reviewed "A moment of Despair..." by Salma Said.

Can anyone please review any of my works EXCEPT "The Fallout" and "PC Game"? Thank you very much in advance!


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I reviewed 'Of Dogs and Men' by Oleg Roschin.

Do yourselves a favor and read this story. Really creative and beautifully executed!

I don't really have something 'Other' to read, but feel free to review which ever book snags your attention.



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I reviewed "Bellicose Huntress" by MysticWhisp.

Please feel free to review anything of mine. Thank you very much in advance!


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I reviewed "Five Days Without Her" by Xälos Jüryin Vërdah.

Can someone please review my new short story, "Redemption"?

Thanks in advance!


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It's been a while since anyone replied in this thread - may I please change my request to "Eden Deleted" instead of "Redemption"? Thanks in advance!