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Hello - Sartorius here,
I’ve got one foot in the business world and the other tiptoeing toward the literary one. An admitted project crunching workaholic with the obligatory MBA (but with an artist’s soul), I do make time to write the more than occasional short story and music lyric.
Nordic Press has recently published my mystery crime short story, The Missing Case of the Missing Case, in its Murder! Mystery! Mayhem! Anthology, available on Amazon. Another creation, The Genome Research Project Metamorphosis, was accepted for publication in the upcoming 42 Story Anthology. In addition, a short story of horror, The Ancient Forest Terror of Lucid Realms, has just been accepted for publication in the anthology, Deep in the Woods (targeted for a fall release).  I consider myself lucky to have won the recent Booksie POV Villain contest (Aberrant Ambition Noir) with strong competition from a lot of very good writers.

I’m also a songwriter and a number of my creations can be found on conventional venues like Amazon and Apple Music. For example, the intense social commentary of Sideswiped and the comedic satire of A Fart is the Best Response; the latter judged a finalist in the 2020 USA Songwriting Competition.

My preference is to write horror, but per above I also dabble in crime/mystery. I've been working on a story entitled, Boo Hag, based upon Gullah Creole folklore and another horror creation, Thirty Miles of Bad Road.


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Anyone still hanging in the house? I've been busy being a workaholic and have had little time for anything else. But I'm trying to get back into the writing thing and actually made time to make a submission to the AI short story contest, 'Synthetic BrAIny'. If you can spare a moment, check it out. A sci-fi tale w/ undertones of horror