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This is the category for asking and giving reviews on poems only.

Please remember to give a constructive review.


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The first person to come by gets a free review and can just ask without having to give one. Please be kind though and only ask on one category, leave the others for someone else.


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Looks like I'm first! Feel free to review any of my poems. Some of them are also song lyrics. Enjoy and thanks!


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I reviewed "Why run to you?" by Kirsten Tousignant.

Poem is very powerful and relays a strong message! Well done!


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I've reviewed MysticWhisp's work. Could the next person please review my poem 'Boy Alice'


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I reviewed 'Boy Alice" Archia's work. Can someone check my poem. 'Bombing Without Mercy' Thank u!


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I reviewed "Bombing Without Mercy."  Could someone review my poem, "The Shattered Girl"?


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I reviewed "The Shattered Girl". Could someone check any of my poems.


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I reviewed "It's Easy to Mess Up, but it's Hard to Fix a Problem" by Salma Said. Could someone please review The Monster.


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Commented on The Monster. I would greatly appreciate feedback on my first poem ever Around You and I.


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I reviewed the poem, "Around You and I" and ask that someone reviews one of my poems. Thanks!

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I reviewed Invisible by Sylvermyst. If someone can review one of three of these poems that would be great. "Fairytale Place...I Wish", "Just a Girl and the Mirror", "Story of a girl fooling the world…"


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I reviewed "Just A Girl and the Mirror". If someone can review "Blooming" my new poem I wrote as a school assignment. It's about Bloom's Taxonomy (if anyone knows what that is) tongue lol
Ms. Hood


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I reviewed "blooming" by Miss Riding Hood. I would like if someone reviewed My Councilor, My best friend, My sister, My everything.


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I  reviewed "My Councilor, My best friend, My sister, My everything" I would like if someone checked any of my poems.
Thank u! smile


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I reviewed "That will never ever be" by Salma said. I would like my poem "What no one has to bear" to be reviewed. Thanks in advance.


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I reviewed "What no one has to bear" I would love if someone can review my poem "The Voice"


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I reviewed "Ghost Boy's Realm," by Xalos Juryin Verdah (Sorry, but I don't have accent marks on my keyboard).
I would appreciate if somebody could review my poem "Once Upon a Time."


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I reviewed "Once Upon a Time", by P3anut.
Feel free to check out any of my poems, preferrably those that haven't been reviewed yet.


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I find poetry is very hard to comment upon but I tossed my hat into the ring, and I'm glad I did.
I commented on "Jyäcomo Vïcchy Flórens - Decclaration"  by Xälos Jüryin Vërdah and found it very moving and painting of a very enjoyable picture of the interaction of the pair to which it refers. I enjoyed it greatly.

Feel free to check out any of my poems on my page. Many are in my "various poems by E.VA" collection. While some are floating about and not yet put into the collection. Understandably I am not as skilled with Poetry and much of what I have posted to Booksie have been what I did while very young. I hope you enjoy whatever you choose.

Take care and be well.

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I reviewed the poem "buttons" by Aranea

can someone please review my poem/song lyrics eating disorder recovery


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I'm going to do it right this time. *knock on wood*

I reviewed "Eating Disorder Recovery" by shattered <3.

I have a poem entitled "I Am Mortal Still" and would love to have a review. Thank you. smile


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I just reviewed ' I am mortal still' by C.E.Beard.
I have a poem called ' I am truly human' and would appreciate it if someone could review it. Thank you.


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I just reviewed "I Am Truly Human" by Tkorg (nicely done). I would like a review on "English Anime Openings", which is a composition of two anime opening songs I translated and adapted into English. Merci beacoup!
~Madame Minuit