Topic: Rules

The Review Chain is a house where people can get good constructive reviews on their work.

To sum it up you review someone’s piece and then someone else reviews yours.
This is how it works:
•The first person asks for a review on one of their pieces.
•The second person then gives the first person a constructive review. They can then ask for one of their piece’s to be reviewed.
•The third person then gives the second person a constructive review and then asks for one of their piece’s to be reviewed.
And on it goes, like a chain.
You have to review the exact person’s before you, with is the most recent one, not the one that was two or three above. Please say what you have reviewed, it just keeps it more organised. Please leave the review on the work's page, not in the forums.
It has to be a new review. If someone asks for something to be reviewed and you reviewed it awhile ago, then it does not count. You have to give the review after they’ve asked for it.
You can only ask for one piece to be reviewed at a time, and if it is a novel, only one chapter. You can specify a chapter but if no particular chapter is mentioned then it can be any. If they give a review but don't say what they want reviewed, review anything as long as it fits in the same category.
You can give an option of what you want to be reviewed. You can give the reviewer a choice of multiple works of which they can choose one to review.

Now the most important thing is that the review has to be constructive. A constructive review is not ‘I liked it. Keep it up.’ You need to state some particular things you liked about it and WHY. Also state some things that you didn’t like and WHY. Please do not state something you didn't like and not explain why, because they will not know how they can improve. Some points that you could comment on:
•Writing style
•Grammar/ spelling- paragraphs, tense, commas, etc.
•Opening/ middle/ end
•Anything else
For the review to be considered constructive you need to state at least one thing you like and why and at least one thing you didn’t like and why. You must at least a review of 100 word- if it is constructive this isn't hard. The more you say the more the writer can improve.

If you feel that you have been unfairly reviewed; so the reviewer hasn’t been helpful or said very little, or if you accidentally got skipped or missed, then let me know and I’ll take a look and see what I can do. I want to emphasise that you please let me know if someone hasn't given a constructive review. I do check some but not all so really you need to tell me. I am more than happy to do whatever I can to make sure you get a constructive review, that's what I'm here for.
If the chain has continued on please still say something to me. I will always give a review to make up for skipped/unfair reviews, or any other issues, you just need to tell me please. The quickest way to let me know is to send me a private message. Please don’t post something in the topic where the chain is continuing, it will most likely make things confusing but feel free to let me know any other way. 

This is now where things get a little different. Ever since the beginning of the Review Chain I’ve wanted to split things into categories but it was never really feasible before. Now I hope it will be. For now there’s only be five categories but depending on how things grow there may be more. The categories will be:
- Short Stories
- Poems
- Novels
- Other
- Simple Reviews
In the Short Stories category you can only ask for short stories to be reviewed, in the Poems category you can only ask for poems to be reviewed, in the Novels category only novels. However in the Other category you can ask for anything to be reviewed. This can be scripts, essays, anything. You can also ask for stories, poems and novels to be reviewed in this section, it is open for everything.

The Simple Reviews category is different to all the others, it is the place where reviews do not need to be constructive. This is for the people who still want to review but who may not have the time to give a constuctive review or don't want to give one. Any types of writing can be asked for; stories, scripts, etc. In the other categories I am happy to fix issues concerned with the quality of reviews, in the Simple Reviews category I won't be because there is no level of quality. I am of course more than happy to fix any issues with being skipped, or missed, so let me know about those. 

Not all of the categories appear on the homepage but they can accessed by clicking Forum.

On a sidenote please don't post irrelevant things to the forums. Whilst I want this to be fun and friendly this is not the place for random chats, games or seeking consolation for the loss of your pet rock. Maybe one day it will be but at the moment this for reviews.

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask, I am more than happy to answer or explain anything. If anyone has any suggestions those are also very welcome.
Thank you to those who have read through all these rules. If you haven’t read all the rules and just skipped to the end go back and read them (this is your second warning).
I hope everyone enjoys this and gets some great reviews from it.