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Hello to anyone who joins! I guess I'll start off with reasons for this house haha

I want this place to be full of people who enjoy romance stories, no matter the kind-- Sad, happy, sappy, tragic etc. to have a place to come together and have fellow romance enthusiasts able to lend a hand with advice and anything else that could be needed.

This place could also work as the spot where you're sure to find something you love to read, in case you absolutely need love themes in your reading smile

I don't know, really! I just want this place to be great x) Anyway, yeah, hi!


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I'm an avid romace fanatic, but I'm not a gooey type love ending. I'm in the process of writing a book right now that revolves around a rather taboo love. Anyone feel free to read what's posted right now and leave me some comments! It's not finished, but I update it usually multiple times a week. Thanks (:

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Hello, I'm Alex Skye! I love romance, I try to find ways to find inspiration to put into my works. I read varies romance books, watch movies, and go to anime/manga as well. My style is a bit weird, but it takes some time to get used to if your a first time reader of my stuff. I'm in the middle of writing the first chapter of a third story while the other two are on a bit of hiatus....haha

My stories are not perfect and they are a little rough, but I'm trying to make up for it by having the character be as realistic as possible. Even if they're not masterpieces, I'm proud of the writing I do and I just people to enjoy them and give me commentary of what they like/dislike about the story. Please look forward to my stories and I'll be sure to check out other author's works as well.

-Alex Skye


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Hi to everyone. I am new to Booksie. I am trying to get into writing and I was asked to give romance/erotic, a try. I look forward to reading some stories written by all you members and hopefully get some feedback from you as well. Good luck with your writing and thank you for allowing me to join this house.

- J.A.M.E.S