Topic: How is everyone? :D

HEY EVERYONE! I'm brand new to this site. I'm on Wattpad, but felt the need to broaden my horizons and so...here I am. I love/read anything but horror, so if you'd like I'll totes read a chapter of your book! I would love it if anyone would take the time to read my story. I have more chapters on Wattpad, just cause I'm on their most of the time. So that's ME! Updates are more frequent on Wattpad too.
Love to hear from y'all and learn about your stories!


Re: How is everyone? :D

Hey, thanks for joining my house. I am a romance writer. what genres do you write? I'd love it if you would read my stufff, and i'd love to do the same.


Re: How is everyone? :D

Hey, am also brand new. Am a writer but i don't plan to start posting soon. I just want to read and relax here so i'll definitely read your pieces mi-lady. When i first arrived, a young lady welcomed me impressively so i felt obliged to go through her work - she is quite good... Jane Love. I especially loved her A Senator's Secret even though it's still a working progress.
Also, our lovely founder is mega awesome. She wrote Neighbors... it's great. Try it.