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This is where you can advertise your writing as much as you want. You can give a blurb of your novel, a sentence from your story, whatever you want. Please don't spam and don't post your whole work. Apart from that plug away.

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I've just published a space thriller, called Outsider. A man named Tyler Phoenix is lost in life, without a purpose. He barely gets by, and detests his life. Opportunity comes in the form of the Marauders: an military organization dedicated to protecting the universe. Tyler sees a the opportunity for adventure he desires, and takes it. He is instantly thrust into a whole new environment, that he wasn't completely ready for, and has to face all kinds of new adversaries.

I'd really appreciate it if you could give me feedback on this. Thanks!


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Hello everyone the name's Ramon I'm new here at Booksie.
I just recetly published the prologue of my story
"A vision that last the Journey Act. 0"
And I'm very thankful if one of you can give a feedback on my work
Have an awesome day!!


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Hey everyone! I'm currently working on my third book, a psychological horror novel entitled, "A Thief's Inheritance."
Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated!

"An ancient and mysterious church, forgotten within a timeless forest somewhere in the wilds of New York state, holds a dark and bloody history. Fanaticism, corruption, and sacrifice taint the once sacred grounds of the holy site, yet as time passed, the dark events committed there faded from the memory of all who might have known.
     Now, four men, tied through mutual interest and criminal intent, have been forced to seek sanctuary as they evade the local law enforcement after a nearly botched robbery. As they wait for the storm to pass, a new cloud begins to darken the horizon, one that contains a fear and horror that will lay bare each of their troubled pasts and fears. Soon, they will all but forget the threat of incarceration, as their very minds and bodies are thrust into what can only be described as hell."


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Hi everyone!

I just posted a somewhat experimental short story, "And Now Abideth":


Would really appreciate feedback for this one smile


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Hi all.

I've been plagued by recurring dreams for years. Some of them have left me disturbed, others intrigued, and some just confused. I was recently (well, last year, but that's recent in my mind) inspired to write one of those dreams into the backstory of my Dungeons and Dragons character, and have since expanded that into a novel length comglomeration of short stories that aren't really tied into each other.  I'm currently writing the overarching plot that ties them all in to each other, and posting them in order, chapter by chapter.

I entered the first chapter of that story into the 2017-2018 Booksie Short Story contest, since it can stand on it's own as a short story. I posted an earlier draft of it here for review, but the final version is now posted and I would love any feedback I can get. I especially want to know if anyone reaches the end and really wants to know when the hell I'll post the next chapter (that, in my mind, is the mark of a really good story).

https://www.booksie.com/542511-a-broken … -version-1

Thanks in advance!

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This is a scene from a short story of mine called Izle (Eye-zul) the story I am currently writing will be the sequel to this story.


“Oh Patricia, you used to be so smart but now you’ve lost it”
“You can save him!”
“He can’t be saved he must be killed!”
Izle then once again shoots two bolts at Dr. Lecram knocking him down, but immediately rises to his feet and begins to walk towards Izle “Lecram no!” Mrs. Rosa calls out
“Why do you call me just Lecram?”
“Because you’re not a real Dr.” Mrs. Rosa says without any fear in her voice.
“You know what.. you talk to much” 
Dr. Lecram then forces Mrs. Rosa mouth open and rips her tongue out. Mrs. Rosa drops to the floor with blood pouring out of her mouth. “I guess no one can be saved” Dr. Lecram picks up Mrs. Rosa and throws her out the window of the seven story building.

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Can you please check out my short story The Boy and The Garden Fairy?
It is about well, a boy and a garden fairy. But it has more of a twist to it then just a name. No one dared to questions about a man in Judan, who planted magical flowers that produced children. That is, until one day a young man asked. He didn't get an answer so he went to the man's place and found out how the man was doing. And if I tell you more I'll ruin the story, so please check it out! Please tell me if it was good/bad/ or whatever in certain parts! smile


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Hello, I have finally finished, for a while actually, a very rough draft (to me) of my Novella, "Valerie Rose Smith."
It's about a girl who is half-fairy reconnecting with her long lost mother who she hasn't seen since she was a baby.
I'd like if someone could give me some constructive feedback on it. What's good/bad/needs work?
Thanks. smile


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Can you please check out my short story The Boy and The Garden Fairy?
It is about well, a boy and a garden fairy. But it has more of a twist to it then just a name. No one dared to questions about a man in Judan, who planted magical flowers that produced children. That is, until one day a young man asked. He didn't get an answer so he went to the man's place and found out how the man was doing. And if I tell you more I'll ruin the story, so please check it out! Please tell me if it was good/bad/ or whatever in certain parts!


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Can you check out my novel, Union: Disaster Rises. Right now it only has one chapter. It's an action, adventure story.

About: Fighting for survival against evil forces, thousands of worlds are trapped at war in a battle they are doomed to lose. But when two of those worlds find themselves connected together, things may be able to turn around. But with a growing danger, will Visteris and Mystic be able to correct the growing evil, or will that evil consume them both. The questions may be revealed, as a mysterious power comes into contact with Visteris, a power that will decide the fates of all worlds.


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Hello there, I have a new book called "Little Drabbles at Midnight" https://www.booksie.com/554485-little-d … -version-1
The book is a collection of drabbles and they do not exceed 500 words. They are very short stories but they contain big ideas and are slices of life. Please do check it out and if you're interested, I have short stories and novels as well. https://www.booksie.com/users/thelonelycrow-224706


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Hello Everyone! I'm very excited to have joined Booksie! I'm working on getting my first novel professionally published this year and am on Booskie hoping for good feedback and to get people interested. The book is called Greying the Lines. It's told from the perspective of two characters from very different worlds who learn that the things they've been taught about the other's world are not all that they seem to be. So far I have just the prologue and the first chapter up on my profile and I'd love any feedback you are willing to give. I'm always happy to trade stories for feedback too, so don't hesitate to ask! I look forward to working with you all!


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This is an excerpt from my newest story An Ailing Shadow.
I hope you will all read it!

Izle begins to hover, just a couple feet off the ground. Then instead of shooting balls of electricity at Scourge, Izle, bolts towards Scourge and embraces him, wrapping him tight around his arms.

“Izle what are you doing!?”

“My father never intended on me becoming a vampire, he said we come from a long line of difference. I always thought to turn me into a vampire was what he meant by that, but it wasn’t. This is what
  he meant he chose to turn me because he knew what I would become.”

“What’s that?”




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It would mean so much to me if you would go check out my newest story An Ailing Shadow and maybe give it a simple review



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Hullabaloo & I have just finished a collaboration on a poem! Will be posting it soon!


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Check out my new YouTube channel
My new channel showcases poems, poems, and more poems!!! Also insight into my book characters and other websites.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4j7Nd … subscriber

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Hi everyone, I hope you would all check out and review my story The Devil From The Machine. It's a magical school story. I know it might have been done to death already but I hope I would be able to put my hopefully unique twist and spin to it.
Here's the link: https://www.booksie.com/565619-devil-fr … her-world. I
f you prefer to read on wattpad, here the link for it as well:
https://www.wattpad.com/story/159323388 … om-another


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Hey everyone, I have a new short story called "Avant-garde" (https://www.booksie.com/574041-avant-garde). I would love it if I could get some criticism on this new piece. It involves art, impossible odds and little conversations accompanied with the scent of spring.


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https://www.booksie.com/529414-the-stro … -abilities

Hello! I hope you guys read my flagship novel, "The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Abilities?!". I tried to have an anime feel in it, so if there's anyone who loves anime and stuff, I hope you give it a try. Thanks!

P.S. Feel free to give feedbacks as well, everything is welcome as long as it's for the improvement of the story. Thanks again!


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I tried to get a review on the Review Chain novel forum but the one who did it only skimmed the first chapter... I’d like to recommend my story to anyone who would want to read comedic adventure where the main character is reincarnated to another world.

Genres: Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy, Xianxia

Description: Alex was a bullied high-school student with high sense of morality and a guy who believed in having a firm heart due to his martial art heritage. One day after being beaten unconscious at school he suddenly wakes up to find himself in a mysterious library, but before he could digest his situation, a woman he had never met before reincarnated him into a world of swords and magic.

Fifteen years after his reincarnation he visits the great kingdom of Lancia to reunite with his comrade and childhood friend. However, things quickly fall out of place as he meets an old enemy who had apparently 'reformed' and became a good person after their last encounter including the crown prince of the kingdom itself.

This is ignoring the Ascenders in the shadows...! What are their goals and how is he related to them?

What is to happen in this tale of Hidden Dragons and ACTUAL Dragons? Guess it's all in Alex's hands...


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okay I am working on something a little experimental. Before I commit to this story I want to know if it is something I should scrap before it gets too far.

Basically magic returns to the world and naturally, the world becomes somewhat of a mess. I don't really provide context for it yet. Since not all magical creatures are good it becomes sort of a problem...well a big problem. Enter the Arcane Seekers division, a group dedicated to removing magical threats. Lance Hawkins a top-ranked seeker is sent to finish a job his fellow seeker, a man called Vasher, walked away from. The usual stuff happens Lance finds the threat and offs it...on Live TV...on a bachelor show of all things. Only to find he can't leave thanks to a special enchantment, that returns any potential escapees back to the steps of the mansion where it is filmed.

This leads to him being assigned to security detail on the show because someone allowed a threat through in the first place. Lance will find himself out of his element since his life has literally been moving from one battle to the next. His people skills kind of suck, he is even worse with the opposite sex. The situation will be compounded by Vasher who will let Lances enemies know he is not going anywhere in a hurry and will screw with his head from afar.

Eventually, it will come out that the head of the Seekers Arturo Sendack, is the reason why magic returned in the first place. I am still working out the details of how it happened. The novel will end with Lance becoming a  mercenary for both sides, and him either in a relationship or he leaves with the potential to be in one.


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I wanted to be a botanist, you know. A story of fantasy and plants and world exploration by a person/people just trying to find a new home.

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Thank you for letting us share our work here.

(Apocalyptic/Dystopian or Utopian, depending on how you look at things. Counting down the final seven years.)
#action #spiritual #endoftheage #newworldorder

(The perfect pairing of love, hope, adventure and dreams. From teenagers to adulthood- strong female lead.)
#YA #romance #chicklit #adventure #cleanread #missions

#Spiritual #nonfiction

(Following in the footsteps of My Mina, this offers the same, but bite sized portion, 1-3 minute reads.)
#spiritual #nonfiction

https://www.booksie.com/599154-estelle- … o-know-him
(Book one of series, following Jesus Christ through the view point of a widow and her two teens.)
#adventure #Spiritual