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This is where you can advertise your writing as much as you want. You can give a blurb of your novel, a sentence from your story, whatever you want. Please don't spam and don't post your whole work. Apart from that plug away.

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Hey all,

I've recently published a story called "Chase". It is a Crime Thriller story which is sure to excite you all. The story is about a criminal mastermind who teams up with his mates to pull off one of the biggest crimes in history.

Here's the one-liner from the story, "Only I decide when this game is over, and I say this is just the beginning".

It would be great if you all could check it out and give your feedback too.


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Hope your days become better as each passes and your nights are fun and restful!

I'm Aranea, or E.VA on Booksie here and I'd like to take a second to talk about my WIP (work in progress). The story is called "A Lie Told Well" and I've recently finished the first chapter of twelve parts(booksie sections) called "Emily is Dead." The synopsis so far is: "They say the best lie, is that which is 98% truth. Raised to believe the status quo of day to day life and the system that maintains it, a homemaker is forced to leave her family as she is thrust into unusual circumstances and stumbles upon the extraordinary hidden behind her every day world."

I have added a questionnaire at the end of the first chapter attempting to get more feedback for my story in order to improve from and though I greatly greatly greatly appreciate and am thankful for the feedback I do receive...getting any feedback from anyone has been really slow.... next to non-existent... despite everything I am doing to try and gain it...which causes me to consider not continuing or at least not posting it online. So, here's my plug for my story, I really hope to hear from you!

Thanks in advance and sorry for the writer's frustration.

Take care and be well.

Read more at https://www.booksie.com/posting/aranea/ … JmV4rT0.99


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Short story "In a Grove" - science fiction in the Soviet Union in the 1980s! Check it out if you are interested :-)


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Hi all,

How's things. I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in swinging by my profile and checking out my first go at writing a novel, 2.31. I was super nervous to share this as I had been writing it down on paper for a few years and I was too scared to let anyone read it. Then I had this stupid realisation. If I am writing a book that I wont let anyone read, what's the point?

So here I am. Trying to be brave and put my work out there. Anything constructive is much appreciated and I will try and do the honour of reading some of your work back.

Thank you very much in advance

-Simone xx

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Greetings all Booksians, writers and readers alike! Today I would like to share to you some of the tales of fantasy I had written

First of which, is "The Knight of Chimera."- A tale of a knight and a leader of a band of warriors in magical land, far far away. He and his friends accidentally stumble through a dimensional rift that brought them into our present world, where the tales of love, fate, battle, and destiny shall intertwine.Some excerpts from the story:

"All this time, I always had to be the valiant general, skilled and courageous in front of my men. I had to be stern and brutal, confident and unyielding, so that my knights can walk from the battlefields with their lives. Had to slain the boy inside of me so the general of the Bestia could be born. She accepted me as who I am. My weaknesses, my strengths, all of it. For her, I would give my everything..."

Secondly is a tale about a goddess who went down to the realm of mortals to proof that her prophecy, regarding the invasion of the hellish demons, are bound to happen. A tale of romance, action, and adventure! An excerpt:

“I cannot let you go alone on his mission while I can still help it. I will fight alongside you to my last breath, Cerefin Lastiana. ... even if I will have to cling onto you and beg you to take me alongside you, as I am doing now.”

Finally, a tale about an archer who had been betrayed by his father's best friend. He now seeks the object of his vengeance, and to discover, once and for all, what had happened twenty years ago, on the truth of his father's demise. A tale of tragedy, action, romance, and betrayal, it will spin your heart, break them into two, before mending the pieces back again. These is an excerpt from the story!

"Trust turns to betrayal, as love turns to hatred. Our hearts were torn, shattered into pieces like glass, because of love. We kill ourselves for people who could betrayed us as simply as lifting a finger. And for what, their trust? Our world is a cold place, Vanessa.”

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Here's a part of my WIP novel "METAGORE, THE BATTLE FOR". If it seems like something you would be interested in, feel free to go and give it a read.

O'Bryon slowly lowered his sword, and motioned for his men to release the djinn. Solaris raised his collapsed body up onto his knees and hands. His eyes, stinging in his skull, looked up at the sword the djinn in front of him was holding, then up to his white eyes.

"Kill me!" Solaris screamed, but O'Bryon denied his request and returned his sword to its sheath. "Come on, you piss stained bastard! F****** kill me!"

A slight smile crossed O'Bryon's face as he knelt down. "Who are you so afraid of?" he asked curiously.

Solaris' brow furrowed, as he spat onto the yellow djinn's face.

O'Bryon wiped the saliva from around his eyes, as a small chuckle escaped him. "You made a deal with the wisp and failed to uphold your end of it. Am I correct?"

Solaris, not saying a word, hung his head low.

The two knights standing behind him started to make an X in the air with the hands, then in unison they chanted, "Remove thy scent, and cleanse thy touch. Protect thee from the debt of the dreshdis. To Nya and Trillis I plead."

O'Bryon glanced over the crouched djinn, and upon the two knights. "What are you doing?" he asked condescendingly.

"Ser, if he is really marked by the dreshdis, we risk taking upon their mark onto our backs," one of the knights stated with hesitation and fear in his voice.

"Dreshdis are monsters, I will give them that; but they hold no stronger power than I with this blade," O'Bryon told his men, as he glanced back down at Solaris. "I shall spare my blade of your foul blood." He paused for a moment, then let out a slight laugh. "After all, you can not hide from the shadows."


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I write short "humour" stories that are usually 1-2 minutes long. They are usually called "One Minute Story", and their actual titles are on the covers. So if you're like me and occasionally too lazy to read long stories, then yeah.


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The Queens Galaxy has exactly 12 planets. Only five of those planets are habitable: Zaura, Omara, Utopia, Kleoa, and Breema. Each of these planets has a ruler from the Shinzen family, Marissa Shinzen, Shannon Shinzen, Jay Shinzen, Betsy Shinzen, and Ashley Shinzen. The Shinzen family has had control of the Queens Galaxy for centuries now.

People have developed certain abilities over the last few centuries. They came out of nowhere in the middle of the first war against the Shinzen. After the Shinzen won the war, the diversity of the abilities began to grow. Soon almost everyone had them,
Mason Shinzen, one of the old generation Shinzen lords, did not like this. He knew if the masses had the same power as his armies; then soon they would rise against him. Therefore, he had a massacre take place having his most powerful generals and their troops sweep through the Galaxy and everyone that showed the slightest hint of power they slaughtered.

This started another war but it was pointless, the rebels only had a few “powered ones” while the Shinzen army was full of them.  After the second war the galaxy entered an era of peace, it lasted for centuries.  Until Reynold Stone was born, and the Flora Institution was created.


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I strolled into class, late as always

“Mark!” the teacher: Mrs. Soulp glared at me “how is it possible that you’re late every single day?” as she spoke the entire class stared at me, I scanned the class for the familiar face. I found her sitting in the back before the teachers words stole my attention “ill have to give you a referral if you’re late again understand?”

“Crystal ma`am” I said politely before strolling to the back of the room: everyone went back to doing whatever classwork they were doing, the class was split into eight tables, two rows of four. I sat next to her in the back table

“hey there Mark” Janet was doing her classwork “late as always” I folded my arms

“I ain`t late, your all early” I said staring at the door in the back of the room, it led to another classroom I always forget the teachers name.

“yeah sure, shouldn’t you get a worksheet its due today you know” she gave me a sidelong glance, it may not look like it but we`ve been dating since the 6th grade and best friends since the first grade. We were in eighth grade now,  we hardly had any classes together but we still saw each other every chance we got. People say we look like we don’t care about each other when were together but we do deeply. I walked back to the teachers desk and took a worksheet from the stack on her desk that looked like the one Janet was working on. Mrs. Soulp gave me a hard look before getting back to whatever she was doing.

“there twenty-eight problems” I complained sitting down next to Janet “it wouldn’t kill my grade if I didn’t do this” Janet shot me a look

“of course it wouldn’t kill your grade, your grade is already dead” I could tell she was going to go off, everyone at the table was already staring at us “we both know your capable of doing better than a 23% you have to try to actually succeed in life what part of that don’t you understand?” I groaned, there was a muffled commotion in the class next door

“this is eighth grade” I said “its not going to matter if I slack off right now, its not like some college is gonna say ‘oh this kid had crappy grades in middle school were definitely not going to let him in” Janet had stopped working I could tell she was pissed, the whole class seemed to be focused on us they were eerily quiet

“that’s not the point” she stated glaring at me “there are things that you are expected to learn here in middle school will be needed for high school which is how you’ll succeed there”

“your overreacting” I said simply. She was going to go off on me I could feel it but her voice was drowned out by a series of deafening cracks. everything  went silent until someone screamed and more cracks rang out. It took me a minute to realize exactly what was happening. There was a shooter in the class right next to ours


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Hi, everybody, I have added two poems to my profile recently one is called Lake Michigan, and the other is called Fear of calamity of long duration.  I wrote these poems many years ago I would love a review on one of them or both. I will leave a comment on your work as well.


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Please read my story Blood Wars!! I would really appreciate all of your feedback and your opinions on the story!! I am working really hard on this and I want to see what others think!! Thanks guys!!


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It would be much appreciated (wait, that makes me sound older), it would be great if someone reviewed The Party That Would Change My Life. I took the advice of some of my commenters, and I added more dialogue than normal. Its about a girl who gets pregnant after going to a party. It is a short story, and it is my most recent work.

It would also be great if someone read my book Reds' Revenge. I would love it if someone commented on it too. No pressure! My book is about a girl who (tries to) get revenge on her ex-best-friends after they kick her out of their clique. She decides to kidnap them one-by-one to exact revenge.

Well, I guess that I really am the only one on here.


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You guys really should read Blood Wars! This is the best book ever, and you can tell that I am not making it up because it is not my book, it's Nicole's. I mean it when I say you should check it out. I fell in love with this within the first chapter. It is not your average Vampire book; it is so much more than that! Seriously, you have to read it! big_smile


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You guys really should read Blood Wars! This is the best book ever, and you can tell that I am not making it up because it is not my book, it's Nicole's. I mean it when I say you should check it out. I fell in love with this within the first chapter. It is not your average Vampire book; it is so much more than that! Seriously, you have to read it! big_smile


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OOPS! Well I really do mean it! Check it out!


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Thank you so much Lily!!! That means a lot


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Thank you so much Lily!!! That means a lot


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And you should totally check out her other book, Midnight! There's only one chapter up, but it is really good. I really recommend it! Especially if you like witches!


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Please read my story Blood Wars!! I would really appreciate all of your feedback and your opinions on the story!! I am working really hard on this and I want to see what others think!! Thanks guys!!


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Hi Nicole, I read the first chapter of Blood Wars. It's not my type, but I still enjoyed it. You have an easy free-flowing writing style. Keep it up!


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Hi everyone, please check out my story 'There is Someone'. It's a story about a new mother and her eleven month old son. They both struggle to tackle the change after she goes back to work. And mother is surprised to find out that her baby boy can offer her much-needed sympathy.


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I've started a house. A very fun house. But in this house, it's all fun and games until you realize... That it's seriously only all fun and games. The house that I've created is the Games! house. Enjoy!


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Hey, I have a new-ish short story called, "Save Me." It's been out for a while since February. It's about a girl who is suffering from suicide thoughts and wants to be rescued.
I would love if you would at least read it, if you leave a comment I would be super happy.


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Just edited the first 5 chapters of my story Blood Wars!! I even added a love triangle element!! So if you would please take some time and read my story and let me know what you think I would greatly appreciate it!! Thank you!!!