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Chapter 11

Book / Fantasy /

September 30, 2023

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Desire, Revenge, Betrayal. At the age of 18, Gwendoline is tasked an unforgivable assignment. Her brother, Xavier, will be crowned King of the Lacey's Land. Lloyd Robertson of Mathalda Plains will be ascending to the throne. With impending coronations around the corner, Gwen is losing her battle for power, and… Read More

#love, #death, #pain, #true, #real

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‘Why is it?’ We knew why. We speak in coded languages. That you might never know! Featuring sensational Lizzie as the Witch! Read More

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#gun, #summer, #over

Poem / Romance /

September 09, 2023

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Featured Review by aruntp

"Beautiful lines. Good work ????" Read More

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I wrote this "Covid Love" story to remind us all that the human spirit and resiliency can persevere in even the very worst of times. Romance still happens in difficult, and strange, times. And in retrospect, some occurrences will be seen as so bizarre as to be humorous; people panicking… Read More

Featured Review by Moraresu

"This was an interesting concept! I quite enjoyed it, thank you for posting. I hope Chloe and the protagonist had a happy ending!" Read More

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"Abyss of Addiction" is a poem by Max Burchett that delves into the harrowing world of substance abuse and its devastating consequences. It paints the grim picture of our society where poisons masquerade as solace, enticing individuals into a treacherous path of self-destruction. This poem explores the deceptive allure of… Read More

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"Powerful and poignant." Read More

Book / Literary Fiction /

July 04, 2023

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Pagan Worship is a coming of age story about a young man named David, who is at first a negligible figure in his parents’ all-consuming ambition to build an outsize base of Christian power, but who is slowly, while his parents largely ignore him in favor of his younger sister,… Read More

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"A great many books have been written about Donald Trump by friend and foe alike. These include Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created ..." Read More

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"Nice poem and recording. Artificial voice?" Read More

Here are some steps on how to become a better listener in life. Read More

Poem / Horror /

April 22, 2023

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I used to like Madonna. I used to like her when she looked human and before her knees kept playing her up. This poem is based on a true event... actually a true non-event (January, 2020, Lisbon). Read More

Poem / Poetry /

April 14, 2023

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The seasons of life...... Read More

Featured Review by Clever PEN.

"Spoken word: That was so refreshing - it was almost like a mental cleansing; great job!" Read More

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True Story of Clan MacKinnon Read More

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The story is about a young girl named Luna who lives in a small village surrounded by a dense forest. One day, while wandering through the woods, she comes across a strange, glowing flower that transports her to a magical realm filled with wonders beyond her wildest dreams. In this… Read More

Poem / Poetry /

April 03, 2023

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The poem titled "The Ocean's Song" is an original piece that celebrates the beauty and power of the ocean. The poem creates a vivid picture of the ocean with its mighty waves crashing onto the shore, and the creatures that reside within it, with their "scales that shine like molten… Read More

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Britney doesn't understand why everyone just can't forgive and forget..... Read More

Featured Review by HOUDINI

"A well told and constructed story. A sad subject, it seems every generation has to lose a few of their own really early, only then do teens fin..." Read More

Miscellaneous / Poetry /

February 18, 2023

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'From heart break some people have suffered From weariness some people have died But take it all in Our troubles are small Till we get like Bonnie & Clyde'. The Trail's End, Bonnie Elizabeth Parker, 1934 Read More

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"I think I'm in a stronger place than I ever was. After the breakdown- or I like to say, the breakthrough," Kanye West, 2018. Read More
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