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Twice in a Lifetime

Genre:  |  No Houses
What would you do if you were given a second chance? Lee is given 3 days to convince his younger self to correct his biggest regret in his un-fulfilled life. A love story that spans 40 years. Also available on Amazon Read More

Double Blaze

Genre:  |  No Houses
In 1985 I hiked the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. I documented the journey in a series of spiral notebooks. It took six months to complete the trail and this memoir is based on my journal entries and the memories they spark. Read More

Covid Love

Genre:  |  No Houses
I wrote this "Covid Love" story to remind us all that the human spirit and resiliency can persevere in even the very worst of times. Romance still happens in difficult, and strange, times. And in retrospect, some occurrences will be seen as so bizarre as to be humorous; people panicking… Read More

Featured Review by Moraresu

"This was an interesting concept! I quite enjoyed it, thank you for posting. I hope Chloe and the protagonist had a happy ending!" Read More

Two Girls

Genre:  |  No Houses
Two girls find love, and intimacy, in a secret garden in the heart of the forest. What can possibly go wrong? Note: this is the Booksie version. The full adult 18+ audiovisual version is streaming live on my free unique website at: (category: steamy erotic) Two Girls from my… Read More

Broken Dolls

Genre:  |  No Houses
Book 1 in The Dolls Series Two groups come together to fight one enemy that has more parts than they had ever imagined. Together they will all come out victorious, or will all burn in defeat. Read More

Coyote Horny

Genre:  |  No Houses
In the mysterious high deserts of New Mexico, the Indian shamans know the secret of the coyote transformation, allowing mortals to shape-shift into shadow coyotes, the better to bring down their prey. Now Katt Hall, a transplanted Southern beauty sexually frustrated by an unwilling and alcoholic husband, has gained those… Read More

I Think the Moon of You

Genre:  |  No Houses

Crazy in a Noise

Genre:  |  No Houses
If crazy were a noise, it’d be ringing in your ears. Read More

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