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Discover What are the Romantic Activities in Boracay for Couples To continue click the link below: Read More

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Human being has a responsibilities that we all have to follow but what are these responsibilities ? Read More


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This is a story of three men who went to South Africa on a hunting Safari. The story outlines their planning, expectations, and success. Read More
Hunting is a fun game and a passion that stick on you throughout yor life.but cheatings in hunting make it unpleasent and bitter. Read More

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my page here it is Read More

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Weekend yeah I liar T when I think the Sun comes down yeah I'll be out really I scare you here comes will hook you can take a lookat the Sun the through the clouds. Read More
Perfections of black magic for love complications No one has a perfect couple or love story. One has to make it with the efforts. Read More
Idea for rock and metal to be more noticed in the public eyes Read More

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It's getting harder to concentrate on our booksie projects with flashing advertisements cutting us off, or just being a complete headache! Read More
Its the first discovery of sherlock holmes Read More

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I m flying through the air. Mum claps. I've done it. I've accomplished the rope swing. Read More

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This is a sneak peak to the up coming Novel SURVIVAL! Read More

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Rani Lakshmi Bai see she is first one independence give a war. and see she is have in back in one bady Read More
If you ask me, this is an awesome chapter. We get a little bit of everyone and everything. Enjoy! Read More
Well, that's just about the end of phase 3. Pretty action packed and suspenseful, and overall it came out as well as I wanted it to. Enjoy! Read More
Alright, part 10 of the exam with a suspenseful ending! Enjoy! Read More
Knox gets some action in this one. I honestly feel proud with this chapter, too...Enjoy! Read More