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Chapter 1

Book / Action and Adventure

July 11, 2020

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Colourland is the story of Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke, Artby and Warbler. They get into fights and they work for a man named Challenger. Read More

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This is a rather humorous attempt at an autobiography. Pretty much everything in here actually happened, to the best of my recollection. Enjoy! PS: The picture is really me from my 1957 Bitburg High School yearbook. The person who took it left it in the developer too long and overexposed… Read More

Chapter 1

Book / Action and Adventure

September 22, 2020

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SUSPENSE, AI, ACTION, MYSTERY, DANGER, ADVENTURE Ronnie Giles, a dance instructor who couldn't keep up the payments on the loans from his elderly clients, is sentenced to five years in a California State Prison, LEVEL 5. Abruptly, his prison bus heads off into the Redwood forests of Northern California, where… Read More

Chapter 16

Book / Action and Adventure

September 22, 2020

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Book / Action and Adventure

September 20, 2020

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a story about a vigilante taking laws in his own hands. who is this captain perilous? how is he connected to harvey stone ? who is harvey stone ? does he have a child ? read to know about this action series. Read More

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This is one of many stories i wrote from a couple years ago, recently during covid i have found them and decided to continue to work on them and hopefully finish one some day and hopefully publish it. The character Detective Bubbles was created from my 11 year old self.… Read More

Chapter 1

Book / Action and Adventure

September 14, 2020

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He is breathing the air of freedom. Is he really free? What about the traps around? Read More

Book / Action and Adventure

September 10, 2020

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A world were you think you know what's going on but your dead wrong. There are hidden truths and lies that need to be shown. The only people to do that is five teenage girls who have learning to do. And what better way to show them than throwing them… Read More

Book / Action and Adventure

September 15, 2020

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One fateful night, Kamari and his family are attacked in their home. Kamari's parents tell him to take his sister and flee into the jungle. He and his sister, Zarela, are injured. A beautiful woman appears; little did Kamari know this woman is a Goddess named Ezena. She and her… Read More

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Había unos hermanitos que era muy traviesos que les gustaba hacer muchas travesuras. Ely y Guille pasaban todo día junto a veces se levanta muy temprano solamente para no hacer nada en casa o para sus travesuras y poder jugar todo el día. Pero ella los pillo Porque su mamá… Read More

Book / Action and Adventure

September 11, 2020

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The year is 2028 it's been 9 years since the Great War that saw most of the world nuked. A world government has now been set up to prevent anymore wars. After a tragic event Stan is seeking revenge, but against who? Find out more about this crazy world with… Read More

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In the near future, humans discover that the Earth is NOT the only inhabited planet. And that happens by a visit from the space, the UPO (the United Planets Organization), to add the Earth to the organization. Each planet is inhabited by people who look at humans but they have… Read More

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We are all familiar with the expression, “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” The claim is true, not even the end of the world can fundamentally change it. Seven years ago, the world came to an end in nuclear fire. Billions died, but humanity kept ongoing.… Read More

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Crayon and his friends are training for a tournament that they are entering. Read More

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Brett has challenged Crayon and his friends to the death. Read More

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Detective James Baron became an outlaw after asking the wrong questions. After four years of running on land, he finds a new opportunity in becoming a pirate. The old man at the ship's helm tells tales of a sea of mysteries; the Terminus. Intrigued and left without any other options,… Read More

Book / Action and Adventure

August 06, 2020

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Secret Inside Read More

Reads: 58

The Bear have sent in Xax and Whites, their last line of defense to fight Crayon and his friends. Read More
The Bear have sent in Easeion and Melissa to fight Crayon and his friends. Read More

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Some short stories in this book contains strong nudity and violence. Read More

Book / Action and Adventure

August 20, 2020

Reads: 99

Cassidy, a young teenager, living in a wonderful village inside the forest. Everything is peaceful there, everyone's happy. And there's just one rule: Nobody is allowed to leave the forest, because no one knows how dangerous it is out there. But Cassidy wants to know, they wanna know more about… Read More

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Humans and Pokémons were meant to be companions and friends only; from ever since the beginning of time, but as time passed, humans created technologies that they called pokeballs. These technologies would capture and enslave Pokémons inside of them for the rest of their lives. Arceus, the King of all,… Read More
Champion Steven's daughter have come to age for a marriage. Since because Steven is a strong champion himself, he wants his future son in law to be someone who is as capable as him. Therefore news were sent to all of the regions in the pokemon universe that he would… Read More
After five individuals are killed on Earth, things aren't quite what they seem when they wake up on a new fantasy world in another dimension. The rules of survival have changed, and so have they. But when granted immeasurable power, how will they choose to use it? Read More

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For Austin and Allison, their first life was the worst. Abandoned on the streets and forced to live on their own from an early age, they die at the young age of 9. Once passed, they awoke again in a new space to meet the seamstress, the controller of worlds.… Read More
The Bear have sent in Alice and the Smithsons, one of the most ruthless families to fight Crayon and his friends. Read More

Reads: 48

The Bear have returned with a new leader and they plan to take over Colourland. Read More
Colour King has demanded the shunning of Challenger by Crayon and his friends. Read More

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Colour Dictator has been sent in, Colour King has had enough of Challenger. Read More
Colour King has sent in Colourclever and Colour Administrator to defend his opinion. Read More

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Colour King has taken over Colourland and has created several new laws. Read More
King Bobby has challenged Crayon and his friends to a special battle. Read More
King Bobby and Blackburnian, the older brother of Warbler have sent up an intervention for him for not fighting in the war. Read More
King Bobby has demanded justice against Crayon and his friends for refusing to fight in the war. Read More

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Crayon and his friends have been invited on a vacation but it is not what it seems. Read More
Blackin and Blackina have challenged Crayon and his friends to the ultimate battle. Read More
Blackin has declared his plans to marry Blackina and take over Colourland. Read More
The Bear have sent in the Smithson family, one of the most ruthless families to fight Crayon and his friends. Read More

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Twisted secrets, rising tensions, and a constant sense of danger are just a few of Fate's closest companions. What can you expect when you're living in a world controlled by a ruthless dictator that single-handedly took over the entire population? Most of the people were either killed by a war… Read More
He has come across a very mysterious man. What is he? What is he planing to do? Read More

Book / Action and Adventure

June 27, 2020

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Wang JoonChul, a part timer who bought a VR headset to finally play VR game, got home from his work. However, instead of playing a wonderful game, he ended up in another world with 999 other people. Trapped in a random world, and received a game like system, everyone who… Read More