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A boy from a poor family discovers a treasure trove of ill-gotten gains left to him by his grandfather who recently died in prison. Read More

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1963 Apartheid Era, many months after the mass evictions Azania's economy is recovering after taking a hit from sanctions from the International community. However, with shrewed investigation from the National Party, they uncovered the secret plot to overthrow the Apartheid government by the use of an illegal Metapower. Read

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Disclaimer: Note to reader, this story was written with the aid of AI. ( Overview: You and your friend Alaska find yourselves trapped in a prehistoric world full of mutated dinosaurs. While trying to survive in such a chaotic world you stumble upon a mysterious stone that gave you the… Read

Chapter 13

Book / Action and Adventure

May 31, 2023

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After leaving his criminal lifestyle and becoming a cop, he is once again led back to it after his criminal friend, Josh asks him for help. he asks himself who he wants to be, a criminal or a cop? while trying to answer his question, he becomes something more than… Read

Chapter 6

Book / Action and Adventure

May 30, 2023

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Wolf is a broken detective, struggling to heal from trauma. Kitten is a vigilante in a broken organization. Their lives conjoin after a series of violent events, and the polar opposite must work together long enough to stop a Killer whos always 10 steps ahead... Read

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Había una vez unos hermanitos que era muy traviesos que les gustaba hacer muchas travesuras o bromas, Eli y Guille pasaban todo día junto, a veces se levanta muy temprano solamente para no hacer nada en casa y poder jugar todo el día. Pero su mamá casi siempre los pillaba… Read

Chapter 1

Book / Action and Adventure

May 24, 2023

Reads: 51

In this action-adventure series, in BK 4, our highly successful serial killer, Janet, and war hero/computer hacker, Zach, have become hunted by one of the wealthiest evil people on the planet. Janet has found feelings for teammate Zach, who proudly wears his new prosthetic legs. Rather than wait for the… Read

Chapter 15

Book / Action and Adventure

May 22, 2023

Reads: 334

In a world where everyone has guns A Man named Katzy walks around the streets, Saving people that are not very good at using their guns. after losing a loved one, he turns into a vigilante with no name and he eventually learns that people are trying to kill him. Read

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a follow up on the previous book mighty champions Read

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The old world still exists, but only in mere fragments of what it once was. Histories buried within its core; the relics of ancients that once ruled. But what of those who were banished for their actions against nature itself? What if a few curious minds were to resurrect them?… Read

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To fulfill an owed debt to a friend--and to receive modest compensation--Ian Watson agrees to attend a private academy filled with rich students for the next two years. The catch? He has to assume the identity of a student named Roman Vance, who he not only has an uncanny physical… Read

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Two damaged men attempt a card gambling scam. This follows the characters from "Strange Awakening," in their attempt to beat the system. Read

Chapter 19

Book / Action and Adventure

May 15, 2023

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Kyle Whittier is your average everyday loner at a new school, a new town with his mother, and his two best friends. One fateful night with him and another unlucky soul Daniel Subou gets attacked and it changes their lives forever, while Daniel changes and becomes a Werewolf Kyle becomes… Read

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Man living alone in an isolated area thinks he has witnessed a crime in progress and is vaguely threatened by the well-connected perpetrators. Read

Chapter 5

Book / Action and Adventure

May 11, 2023

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La gente viaja de algunos lugares para venir al reino plateado solamente con un propósito subir a una de las torres que ahí en distintos lugares esta era una de las pocas que estaban cerca de un reino o ciudad etc... Como el reino estaba solamente unos minutos todos lo… Read

Book / Action and Adventure

May 10, 2023

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The richest family in India is suddenly under attack all over the world. Raanee Chor, the youngest member of the richest family (sarcastically referred to as "The Queen" by her staff) is partying in Bangkok when the Hunters arrive, protected by only a single bodyguard—a chubby kid named Ganesh Prasad.… Read

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Any stranger can show up at a person's door with a life changing request. (My latest project. There will be revisions as I go on, but all comments and feedback is welcome and appreciated. Eventually looking to possibly get this story animated.) Read

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When Evee gets home from school she gets ready for her everyday routine but when she goes back into her room she finds a surprise visit Evee lives in a world of monsters, monster humans and just humans. She is a human-monster. She doesn't know about the underworld where the… Read

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A spineless judge sends Ronnie Giles to prison for debt. The prison bus abruptly leaves the freeway and enters the towering redwoods of northern California. Ronnie’s suspicions increase. The bus enters a city in the forest. From the moment the bus doors open, Ronnie is on alert. Nothing is as… Read

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Based on a true story of love, loss, politics, and murder in the post-war Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Return to Burke County takes readers on an emotional journey as they hold their breath and await Appalachian justice to be served. Read

Book / Action and Adventure

April 28, 2023

Reads: 189

It is said that the start of assassination began in 1090 CE with the rise of the Order of Assassins, which were located in the mountains of Persia and Syria. Their main goal was to eliminate Muslim and Christian leaders, who were considered enemies to the followers of Isma, a… Read

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After the conspirators that killed Caesar were defeated in battle, Cleopatra and Marc Anthony moved to secure their future. However a looming threat in the name of Octavian grows in power to which they may succumb to themselves. Robyn Island's interest in the sovereign is vague however will be revealed. Read

Book / Action and Adventure

April 26, 2023

Reads: 84

Love… they are all looking for it. Maya and Hazel are two young women eager to find a mate. Hazel, a lovelorn archeologist, stumbles across an as yet unopened burial chamber in the Egyptian desert, and slowly discovers the secrets concealed in the tomb. After a bad accident, Maya, a… Read

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Kyana is devastated by the loss of her brother Jaha and her best friend Lilly. She feels overwhelmed by grief and anger at the people who started the fire. She struggles to come to terms with everything that has happened and feels a deep sense of loss and sadness. Despite… Read

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a collaborative piece by: kennaflames and alchiap :: it was an ordinary day for the level 20 baker. as usual the occasional hunter stopped in for their quest; the regulars for their cups and sweets. it was a lovely day. allison was busy stocking the shelves, her tail swishing… Read

Chapter 3

Book / Action and Adventure

April 14, 2023

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I have not made something for years as my writing lacked consistency and depth, but now I feel like I can finally express a story I always wanted too. So welcome all to the world I dreamt of Read
The famed explorer jones has made a new muchen the time box 2000 he uses it to go back to the Mesozoic ara will he return. Read

Chapter 2

Book / Action and Adventure

April 10, 2023

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A guy who is alwasy postive but got betrayed by his only friends Read

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Xiang Mei is an up-and-coming superhero... Who has to do her very best to hide her superpowers. As she puts it "Showing off super strength scares people, running at sub-light speed confuses people, falling from ridiculous heights may be impressive, but it attracts attention, and raising the dead ain’t exactly… Read

Book / Action and Adventure

April 02, 2023

Reads: 489

An imaginative, suspenseful, and fast-paced adventure thriller featuring international conspiracy, political uprising, and a remarkable world you never knew existed. State Department anthropologist Matt Moro jumps at the chance to research an enigmatic civilization living secretly in the most remote inhabited place on earth: a cold, windswept island in the… Read

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Beyond the mundane life of pushing pencils, mowing lawns, and fixing cars lay a world of shadows. A realm of dark dealings that will drag you down with it. In this "Underworld" one name is known throughout in fear: The Paladin. And this is her story as she battles threats… Read

Chapter 7

Book / Action and Adventure

February 20, 2023

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Chapter 10

Book / Action and Adventure

February 08, 2023

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Chapter 21

Book / Action and Adventure

January 29, 2023

Reads: 1148

Kadan is a tiefling who can't remember their past - not past six years, anyways, due to unknown reasons. Out of nowhere, they were attacked, but had gotten healed up thanks to a strange farmer boy who had found them. Follow the story as the two figure out who attacked… Read

Book / Action and Adventure

January 20, 2023

Reads: 285

Who knows how long It's been. The world Is shattered, two countries are at ends with each other, the gods have foresaken humanity, how long ago did these events transpire? Follow Seiro as he goes on a journey to learn the truth of the world he lives In, while simultaneously… Read

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this story is about orphans that met lady irene while there travel AWAY from home, they discover powers and magic pets and not only friendship but also love, (this is an old story I wrote 3 years ago.) Read

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In the year 1864, 14-year-old Akiki lives in his humble village of Kamuli in Uganda, where life is safe and perfect. Until one night, his life changes forever. He is taken away from his home and shipped to America, where life becomes unlike anything he's ever experienced. Read

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A small boy's wondrous choices in crossing and choosing a river environment. The Story was presented on Asian English Olympic 2017 and placed 9th. Read

Chapter 1

Book / Action and Adventure

January 04, 2023

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Rain Onyx is a powerful girl who was born a leader, but she does not yet know that. When Rain is twenty-three, her hometown starts to collapse, so she leads the civilians to a new home. This is the journey of Rain Onyx as she discovers who she is and… Read