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Book Review by Mason Read

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Book Review by Jasan Read

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book review by Keiran Read

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Book review By:Lewis Read

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Book Review by Jasan Read

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book review by william Read

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a book review by Maddy Read
Book Review By: Abdur-Rehmaan Read

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Lawless book review by Lucy Whitham Read

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Book review by Jay Read

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Book review by Hazel Read

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Test test test Read
Mad Max: fury Road is an action English movie. Read

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"You are a very special girl Aquamarine never forget that.". At first it scared me. I thought I was crazy and that I was hearing things, but later I found out I was connected to the ocean. Read

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Miranda my younger sister is dead, and its all because of me. Why didn't I just say sorry and beg her to hold the camera for me. I had promised my best friend Zoe that she could be on screen with me for this YouTube vlog. I am Tori Grey… Read

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This is a comparison between The Hunger Games and THE MAZE RUNNER. Please give me feedback! THANK YOU Read

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This is a comparison between two books, Ender's Game and Maze Runner, I will also be talking about the theme of the story, teamwork. Please give me feedback on my most recent writing. Thank you, enjoy! Read

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This is a school assignment on a book I read. Read

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Turbo, the movie about a snail obsessed with speed. Read

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This is a book review on The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins Read
A little summary and review of "When My Name Was Keoko" Read

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This is a Response to Lit on the book City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau. Read to get some examples of my work! MY TOPIC IS NEVER GIVE UP, YOURS MAY BE DIFFERENT IF WRITTEN IN CLASS. Read

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This is a story that i am corrently working on. This story was made while playing a game. I started to record it and made my own story and it was good.So with the games help i was able to make my story into a video. The games name is… Read

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Vortex will fall. Read
a book review on the maximum ride series by james patterson Read

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When her husband suddenly has to fly overseas for work Alex is left with two kids to look after a full time job and people she does not know turning up at her door, sending emails and messages looking for her husband and asking about information she has not the… Read
Where We Belong, by Emily Giffin. Read

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The baby duck and companies... Read

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The dragon & the baby duck Read

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It Is A Report of The Legend Of Spyro: Alpha Squadron's Final Stand! Read

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A must see Read
I just wanted to review the book Divergent by Veronica Roth. Do not read if you haven't read the book, it contains spoilers. Read