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Briefly mentioned in C.O.M.L.I.D. File #: 9 Santos Manor, this is currently all we know about WGL Oil & Gas. Read
Here is what C.O.M.L.I.D. revealed about Joe Gomez the husband to Maria Gomez who inherited Santos Manor. Read
This is what we currently know about Maria Gomez the current owner of Santos Manor. Read
C.O.M.L.I.D. File #9 Santos Manor explores with a little more detail the history of the abandoned and dilapidated mansion and property, including exploring into a nearby graveyard of the Santos family. This adds more details to the property that Tommy Whistler and Gigi were exploring. Read

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The most notorious vampire in the world conducts a plan that requires two teams from the order of light to be called into action. This world spanning battle holds the fate of humanity in the balance. Read
in one of the distant lands, oscan, a young boy, is a merchant.when he least expects it, he meets eddis, the cruelest pirate of akmaryt.eddis takes this boy with him and they sail together.but something goes wrong and after a while they become enemies.both of them have become desperate pirates.on… Read
You have not just read a superhero story; you have explored the depths of humanity, discovering that the true essence of heroism lies not in superpowers, but in the indomitable spirit of the human heart. Embrace your own heroic journey, and remember that you, too, have the power to make… Read
All that we know of Xian, the humble and loyal servant for the Ancient Master. Read
This is all we have discovered so far on the father like figure for Gigi, the Ancient Master. Read
This is what little we now know of the 2nd Master of the 1,000 Dark Hands, Chin Wu. Read
What little we truly know about Xan Chu the first Master of the 1,000 Dark Hands. Read
Everything we currently know about the 1,000 Dark Hands, assassins for hire so far. Read
Complete details on Tommy Whistler from what we know of from Gigi & Her Mysterious Past Episodes # 0-5. Read
Complete details about Gigi, the Ghost Grabber based off of Gigi & Her Mysterious Past Episodes # 0-5. Read
After exploring the abandoned mansion and watching the video Tommy had made, with nowhere else to go, Tommy invites Gigi to stay at his place, at least for the night, and they travel in Tommy's car to get home. Read

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A C.O.M.L.I.D. File on the C.O.M.L.I.D. device itself. More files will be coming soon as scientists discover the information that is stored on the device. Read
This is the fictional story of how Shock Sparks Books came about. A strange computer like device fell from the sky, and now scientists are trying to get the information off of it. Read
Tommy shows Gigi the video of his exploration of the abandoned mansion. Read
Gigi and Tommy meet. After Gigi asks for some help, Tommy gives her some food & drink, and then begins the process of editing his new video. Meanwhile, Gigi goes to explore the mansion herself and finds a ghost. She then remembers that Gigi isn't just her name but is… Read
Tommy Whistler works as a call center for a cable company but is developing a following with his videos where he explores abandoned places in hopes of finding ghosts. He is currently exploring an abandoned mansion in hopes of finding proof of ghosts. After not finding any proof of the… Read
Gigi awakens washed ashore on a beach. She knows some things about herself, but doesn't remember how she got here, and has a feeling she's supposed to do something important. She searches her surroundings but doesn't really find any clues. In the far distance she sees a guy exploring an… Read
Gigi has been trained in a monastery in various forms of martial arts because she was born with a special ability. Gigi is sent on a mission, but shortly after she leaves, the monastery is attacked by the 1,000 Dark Hands and is completely abolished. She is soon found by… Read
Mowglee got a brand new coconut. Read
They are traveling on a very hot road. There may be great dangers. But this one is the worst... Read
The city is beautiful and glittering under the shine of the sun. But everyone knows of the people living underneath the city, in their subterranean world. The girl from the comfort and luxury of the world above ground doesn't know much about the world underneath. But she is falling. She's… Read
Two Best friends embarks on a dreamlike bike journey filled with adventure and challenges. Despite obstacles and uncertainties, they manage to catch a train, explore new places, and fulfill a promise. Their trip takes them through forests, waterfalls, and finally to a breathtaking beach. Amidst laughter and tears, they create… Read
The greatest people at what they do find out they must come together to combat evil or something. Episode IV Read
When my best friend and climbing partner came home from war... Read

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*This story draws inspiration from the Muslim people in Lanao del Sur. *Names and scenarious are products of the writer’s imagination. Any resemblance to real people, either alive or dead, is totally coincidental. When Rido, or family feud, occurs in Lanao del Sur, it often has a profound impact on… Read

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Friends embark on a challenging trek to Kodachadri. They encounter wild flies, cash troubles, and eerie signs. Despite getting lost and facing obstacles, they eventually reach the summit, aided by a helpful jeep driver. Read

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A Cautionary Tale of People, A Duckboat, a Cave and a Desperate Struggle to Survive. Read
Mature audience! Follow the batman and the robin into the last bat adventure: what the bat does if it falls asleep while sleeping? it crashes down on the floor. Read
a cowboy fights bandits Read

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Rose and Ben face life on the edge Read
The story of a young girl mouse who was born a vibrant green, the color of new spring grass, and her bravery in the face of danger. Read
This world is spiraling out of control, and it is only going to get worse. While we sit and wait on the time for destruction, there are many things that must take place, and a lot of times people are never expecting it when it happens. Sometimes, things can change… Read