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Hi, I am Neville, I have had an idea floating around in my head for some time now so with some digging in the ribs by my better half I have decided to place them down onto paper, I hope you enjoy, I have had so much fun in doing… Read More

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"You might be the next Robert A heinlein " Read More

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Two can play the name game when things go sideways. Read

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footsteps, right behind me. they were subtle, but there, getting closer and closer. my first thought was to run, get out of my room, no, get out of my apartment and call the cops. my second was to fight back, but if they had a weapon i would have no… Read

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The adventure of a 2022 spicy mermaid and his humans friends (and her pet eel). Read

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A short story about a teenage girl that got lost while on a trip with her parents. Read
My first and to date best success with any writing project came with Beyond the Rails, a saga spanning twelve stories and a novel about the crew of a ramshackle airship crew trying to eke out a living in the skies of colonial Africa. I self-published to almost unnoticeable success… Read
a girl is treated poorly by her family beside her brother but her brother goes missing. with the help of new friends does she get the happy life she deserve Read
This is a starter chapter to a bigger story that I hope to write. Read
His world seems to be facing a huge change. What is going to be the outcome? Read
this is a short story that will take you on adventure’s through the different lives of every man who wears the same pair of shoes. how the shoes come to each of them. where will each adventure take them and where will the next one be. join me as the… Read
At the height of COVID an adult goes on a spelunking adventure. She learns about herself, letting go of the past and the most precious gift. Read
She has been away for some time. He is extremely worried. whatever has happened to her!? Read
in this story, people can perform magic by drawing powers from their very emotions. what starts simple develops into a spectacular story of power and the infinite possibilites that you have if you got the right ideas. you will be surprised what ideas my characters are getting into this story… Read
The first big crossover event of my collection. There are many characters in stories that I haven't written yet myself, hopefully when and If I can make this something I will have other writers to help fill in everything up to this point. Read

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The origin story of the character Devin from the Rising Star storyline. Read

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This is a short story about two boys just hell bent on getting into trouble. The scene is a snowy day. The two boys have set up a territory to throw their handmade ice balls at passing traffic. It turned out not to be a good idea. One of the… Read
There seems to be some sort of a revolutionary activity in the city. He has lost one of his family members in the chaos. What is he going to do? Read
With a new, revised and updated version of, From Benefits to Billions coming out soon from a bright shiny new publisher, here's a juicy short story from the beginning of it. The new version answers many of the questions posed by the old version because of its brevity. This is… Read
A couple from south of the border set their eyes on reaching the United States via the harsh Sonoran desert. They aren't attempting fate solely for a better life north of the border, but are risking life and limb in search of loved ones who have gone missing. Read
Would you like to see more of the series? Read
Footsteps walking. Horses snorting. Please, this way; said Luke. Door shuts. Luke walks around table. We're really glad for your help; said Brian. No problem...sleep. I'll let you be; said Luke walking out. Colton looks at map on wall, grabs then folds it. What do you have; asked Mason. Nothing...let's… Read
Door creaks then breaks. Water pours outside. All eight coughing. Is everyone all right; asked Bruce. Snarling behind all eight of them. Bitter #1 appears then opens his mouth. Tentacles appear. All eight step backwards. Arrow goes into bitter #1's head. Bitter #1 falls. What the hell is that; asked… Read
You're my brother. No, I'm an only child. No brothers or sisters; said Shannon. You need to believe me. Why would I come to you and say that. Mason sees medallion. Where'd you-; asked Mason getting hit in the back of his head. Mr. Fieldson; said Shannon. I saw him… Read

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When his four children are taken from him. Brian Dennis and his siblings must stop a man named Lord Doom. Will they stop him in time before something bad happens to his children? Part One 2023. Horses trotting. Footsteps walking then stop. Bow gets pulled out. Horses appears. Arrow fires… Read
When five mutants come together. They must stop a new threat. Will this be the same of Earth. Or will they be able to stop the mutant? Sinned Semaj Light Years From Earth. Footsteps running. Leila Adkisson appears then throws black orb. Policemen fall. Maurice Musso appears behind dumpster then… Read
Christopher Kania goes on a mission. To see if there's anymore Lycans in the world. But what he discovers might be the end of his clan. At the beginning. Lycans ruled most of the land. There was a battle that was fought. A group called The Clan attacked us. Tried… Read
Ian Crisler is an average person. With the love of magic. But when he keeps seeing this mysterious person. His world is turns upside down. Ian Crisler appears, walks onto stage then pulls out coin. Coin goes into Ian's hand. Ian covers his hand then opens it. Coins gone. Ian… Read
A few years after The Justice Crew defeated the Dino-Mutants. Lunatic Evil gets released from the book. Then reeks havoc on the city. It's up to Deathstar to stop Lunatic Evil once and for all. Darkness everywhere. Benjamin Mitkowski appears floating. Darkness everywhere...everywhere I see. Benjamin laughs. If I ever… Read
Both Colton and Ryan team up again. But are attacked by Gail and her new creations. And Colton will carve his name as a hero. In Colton's mind. A few months ago. I was just an average person. I was picked on in school. I got kicked, tripped, pushed. And… Read
Colton Dennis is an average person. But he is the towns fool. He gets made fun of and pushed around. Until he finally realizes. The only way to become somebody. Is to defeat an evil Professor and her gang of misfits. In Colton's mind. Usually a story about a superhero.… Read

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After turning into steel. Colton Dennis and Ryan Steber move to New Orleans, Louisiana to stop a man named Megazoid. Will they be able to stop him and save the entire city? A Few Months Later. New Orleans, Louisiana. People talking. Robber #1 grabs woman #1's purse then runs. Hey,… Read
When a new threat comes. The League must resurrect an original mutant. Will this be the end of the world. Or just a new beginning? Cretaceous Period. Dinosaurs walking around. Flash of light appears. Asteroid hits ground. Dinosaurs look then run. Smoke wipes our dinosaurs. Asteroid opens. Figure appears then… Read
When The League gets a surprise visit form an old teammate. A new threat comes then tries to destroy the world. Will The League be able to overcome the new threat and old teammate? Lightning flashes. Sebastion O'Neil appears walking. Thunder crackles. Whoa...that sounds close; said Sebastion. Lightning appears in… Read
Years after the loss of their leader. Three dangerous mutants rise then try to rule the world. Now it's up to The League to reunite and save the world. Footsteps walking upstairs.. Swat member #1 stops, looks around corner then nods. Swat members run down hallway then stop. Swat member… Read
When The League is attacked to by the humans. They must decide to either fight or surrender. Will this be the extinction of the mutants? Building appears. Brandon's apartment is empty. Wind blowing. Door gets kicked open. Swat team walks into apartment then look around. It's clear; said Swat member… Read
After defeating David Frost. The League meets older mutants. Who come to take over the Earth. But the older mutants are in for a surprise. Once running into The League. At the dawn of time. There were four mutants that began everything. Each one contained a certain power. Fire, water,… Read
The League must find Frost and the others. But they end up in a dangerous position. And run into new recruits that help out. All seven surrounding Jordan. Jordan gasping. All five walking into building. All seven look. Sarah approaches. I don't think Jordan's gonna make it; said Sarah. Brandon… Read
When a new set of villains appear. They unearth one of the oldest mutants of all time. Will The League be able to send him back. Or will they end up with a little frost bite? Nevada Desert. Vulture squawking. Footsteps walking. Group appears. Dee Sampson appears wearing trench coat… Read
When Jay gets set free. He goes and resurrects an ancient army to help him. Will Jay be defeated? In Jay's mind. A long time ago. An army ruled all mankind. "The Stone Army." They killed many kings. The leader Sgt. David Stone would never die. Until, a battle came… Read
When Jay and his group send a message. Brandon and his group must retaliate. Jay laughing. Rayne, run; said Alan. Rayne runs towards door, gets hit, groan then falls to the floor. Sean appears next to door. You're not going anywhere; said Sean. Alan puts his hands onto his head.… Read