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Australia's Bondi beach is a dream place to live. Everlee Harrison is an intelligent driven woman with living with a painful loss. Work and the beach was her saving grace along with the PA Ryan. She was considered a local by the people she saw everyday even if she's only… Read More

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Learning to listen is a hard lesson to learn. Read More

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They are taking a long, dangerous trip. Something terrible is about to happen to them... Read More

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Hope you guys enjoy this short story for as pt. 2 coming soon Read More

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Diamonds on the Plane 1979 is a short story from the book Saturday in the 70's Part 2 Read More
One More Time Part 2 is a short story from the book Saturday in the 70's Part 2 Read More

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They are taking a trip. A mysterious accident has happened. What is really going on? Read More

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The backstory for Mark McGrath otherwise known as ICU. Read More
The second part of Jacob's Trial. Jacob and his brother join forces to track down their fathers killer. Read More
the second half of The Olympians, takes place a few days later. Read More
A helicopter team culls giant beasts with missile fire. 500 words. Read More
Their commanding Genral seems to have a problem. What is it? He must find out. Their lives may depend on it. Read More
Another writing exercise, this one on action. Read More
Set before The Olympians and Dark Reign but after Wendigo and the Guard and Rivals. This shows how wide spread the organization truly is. Read More
Another branch of the order of light set in Greece. Read More
Who are The First People, and what are they doing out on the ocean in the dark of night? ... Read More
Dark shapes are gliding through the inky water in the night ... what is going on, and who are these lunatics? Read More
idk how to explain so i wrote her a letter Read More

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A short story from a collection that explores the concept of adventure. Read More

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Sequal to The Spider Who Paid Rent, so be sure to read that one first! Read More

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A spider on a mission, will he complete it? Read More

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A short story about the military escort of a camel train travelling from Russia to China and its return journey set in the 19th century. Based in part on letters written by Borodin a Russian composer who served in the Russian army in his youth. The escort has to face… Read More
He is being chased.. He has to find out who is giving reports about him. How can he do that? Read More

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Sandra starts over Read More
Jaxx, a novice pirate finds himself stuck on "Navius" which has a seacreature problem. Read More

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A naive group of young friends embark on an ill-destined pilgrimage to visit a space hub for the first time in their planet's history since its original colonisation. Read More
My story begins with a tragedy. I was on a voyage with my parents and the last thing I remember was an electric glow. I washed up on an unknown ship, amidst anonymous people, on an indefinite island. I felt forsaken. Read More

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Sally went to the zoo with her parents.She was busy looking at the tigers with fear and fascination when she heard a shriek behind her and turned around to see a havoc as everyone was running, or rather fleeing from something. Rida yasir 6 N Read More

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The battle was epic, but victory was another tale. A tale of a king describing the battle he fought, but a victory he'll never forget. Read More

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Deathcroak hunts down his first mutants in this story, therefore letting him act out on his sick fantasies. Read More

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We meet the villain Deathcroak in this story as he takes on the mysterious wererat named Arnold! But the fight will be no walk in the park for Deathcroak because an unexpected foe shows up to help Arnold! Read More
Translation of Satyajit Ray's Shonku adventure. The advent of Professor Trilokashwar Shonku of Scottish Church College faculty, in the literary sphere of the Bengali Science-fiction adventure, emerged in the year of 1961 for the first time. “Byomjatrir Diary” (The Diary of the Space-Traveller”) was first published in the Sandesh Magazine.… Read More

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kyle stevenson, an 18-year-old, gets the opportunity to become someone else, something else. after being injected with a serum made by an old scientist, kyle is gifted abilities he'd never would've thought he would have. Read More