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The story is about a person who is going on a vacation, but on the trip, something very bad is happening... Read More
Gwar must escape from an entity. I wrote this story because a friend requested it. Read More


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A short fighting story for a contest. It had to be no more than 100 words, so here it is. Read More

Featured Review by hullabaloo22

"Not easy to write something powerful in so few words but you did a good job of it here. The really short sentences fitted well with the subject." Read More

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A short descriptive story about a fight. Read More

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As pacificans, we might be free but the real question is till when? On till when are they gonna let us have our so called freedom? Some of us are ignorant to the truth but not me. Who am I? I am a sixteen year old girl who the constantly… Read More
NOTE this is the preview before the actual book comes out let me know if you like, Read More

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My side story from the story attack on titan Read More

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A son goes into the Wyoming wilderness in search of the father he never knew. Read More

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With the music of The Shirelles playing in their ears, a boy and girl join forces to take on the world. Read More
The second book in the Cliffclan series, following several characters during a time of terror. Read More
This is full adventure book for all ages. Read More
A revised version of the story with a professionally done cover. Read More
Breaking the Ice takes place 35 years after the ending of Gen 2. It's set in a universe where the other games DON'T EXIST. Breccia finds herself alone after the death of her father and sides up with Team Rocket in a desperate attempt to get her life back on… Read More
Don't forget to read the other chapters in the series Read More
three brothers, lots of clues, one save there dad from his real death... Read More
Don't forget to read the other chapters! Don't forget to read the other chapters. Read More
This story took place a long, long time ago, in a far, far distant land. To be precise in Australia and the year was 1970 or damned near. The setting was the Western Australian outback, at the time of the discovery of vast amounts of iron ore. Read More
Bill thought he had a great new racing idea. Read More

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A short story for the challenge in the BoMoWriCha House. It's the backstory for a dragon in my story, Union. Read More