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December 31, 1969

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Only my third short story, Hexed is a very short glimpse into the intent of a woman who uses her natural abilities from beyond to gain her will. Please begin at the Prologue Update, I think this is becoming more of a Novella than a short story, Read More

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Storm meets captain, captain meets storm. Old ghosts rise again to haunt. Read More
An Onion Sequel. It's a long story. Read More
He seems to be all lost in a dream world. Is he dead? Is he in the middle of a nightmare? What is really going on? Read More
After meeting Willie Nelson at the Louisville State Fair, we continued out journey to Kansas City. Read More
A quest to return a wandering spirit to their resting place turns into a fight for survival. Read More
I fell into quicksand up to my waist at the water’s edge of the Pacific Ocean. The tide was coming in. If I did not get out of the quicksand in the next few minutes... Read More

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Exploration here . Full of adventures,fun, thrillers ,suspense and little humour.... Read More

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Exploration full of action,adventure, fun ,thrillers and little humour.... Read More

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Here exploration ,full of fun ,adventure, thrillers and little humour.. Read More
this is the story after the vol1,it is about a man explaining how he got powers and how he became special and how he has explored another world called the infiniverse, Read More

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Exploration-2 is here with full of adventure ,action and mystery with little humour..... Read More

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The exploration ,journey towards a mystery place . Mr roger hit is exploring with his team ..... Read More
He is in an unknown place. Everywhere is dark and mysterious.Who is who here? Read More

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The city of Grosby is in utter chaos while Mayor Drew Ambres tries to fix it. However, his life inevitably gets worse after being kidnapped by a mysterious figure. Read More

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Story about taking revenge after World War Two. Read More

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Sarah had always been told not to go too far. Perhaps she should have paid more attention. Cover image: Read More

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Here's a story about what it's actually like in the rough and tumble shrimping industry. Read More
When he wakes up, the sun is shining. Where is he? What is happening? Read More
Enter a thrilling world of adventure Read More

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This is a tragicomedy which has a lot of ups and down in it It portrays the life of a man and shows how life can be difficult without the light of human Read More

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i am a new writer. if any spelling mistakes or word mistakes please comment. Read More

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A trip to my 1st imaginary hiking. Read More
A boy by the name of Thallon Lives an ordinary life on the island of Pandora. One intimidating night, he discovers that a dark force has entered the island. He must protect his home by defending it from one of the realms fiercest warriors. Follow the story of a boy...… Read More
He does not know where he is. Is he in Jail? Whatever is actually happening to him? Read More

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Join Jorgen as he becomes friends with a Dragon. The adventure started in his bedroom window till protecting his Dragon friend! Can Jorgen save his Dragon friend from dying? Read More

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This is my first completed work it was inspired by old Shadow radio broadcast. What if the shadow got his mysteries from the morgue. Read More

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At their friend's request; five friends visits the home of the mysterious stranger whom they had met a day before. Read More
He is returning home. He is considered an enemy of the state. What is he supposed to do? Read More

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The Floating Box When school let out for the summer my mother marched me through the streets of New York. Her high heels clicked on the pavement as I raced to keep up. When we reached the platform by the train, she gave me a stiff little hug. “Mind your… Read More

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Deepak is an entrepreneur who seldom gets to spend a vacation. But he frequently takes very short trips to wilderness to keep his performance at the level the company requires him to. What he loves about the trips is the amount of time he could spend alone. This time his… Read More

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He is traveling. There is someone with him. A girl appears, Who is she? Read More

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Unbelievable events during a fishing trip. Read More
On a biking adventure through the city, two friends come across things that were probably not meant to be found. Read More
Exploring a backwards rural town by bike and the strange wilderness surrounding it. Read More