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ike has just heard a little secret from his mum, "a beach party" but it was to be a surprise to him.ike was afraid of the see but at the same time he was anxious to see the wide big ocean, his cousin esther was happy about the surprise, but… Read More

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school essay/short story Read More
Not your everyday walk home. Read More
Working in the Green Zone in Baghdad wasn't easy, but somebody had to do it. This is a nail biting adventure of combat hardened civilian contractors and U.S. civil servants in the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) in Baghdad, Iraq. It is the real story. Read More
Continuing the untold story of Robyn Hoode. Having left the holy land and the crusades behind. Robyn gets up to mischief in Cyprus. Read More
Disaster piece whereby fire struck an oil rig. Live through each harrowing moment: men saving comrades, the electrifying rescue, lax safety and stunning aftermath about corporate greed. Read More
a short story of 600 words about a person captured by cannibals, they enduring seeing the other captives feasted on, feelings, perserverance and escape. even guilt. Read More
Share fear, loneliness, severing from civilization, means fending without the perks of modern society. Seeing another day or being skull and bones in your hands. Experience through their eyes. There's a twist to make wonder should you have sympathy with Cody. The fictional Beyara forest is where my short 'Green… Read More
It's a little imaginative and enjoy! Read More


This will be an ongoing adventure story featuring the legendary Robin Hood as never been told before. Read More
A young boy without friends goes and discovers something that changes his life. Read More
fictional short story inspired by real events Read More
Marsha's discovery of diamonds under a Cosmati floor tile in an Italian cathedral ignites an explosion of bullets and bodies; fight and flight; love and hate, all set in the venues of Venice, Rome, and Naples. Read More
A traveler, armed with a revolver, is on a mission to hunt a mysterious mage in an endless desert. Unfortunately for him, the situation is much less black and white than he always preferred. Read More
Marsha attempts to rearrange a Cosmati floor tile in an Italian cathedral and discovers diamonds. She and Grant are then on the run in Italy, running from any number of diamond smugglers who believe that American duo have their stones; which they do, but not for the reasons you might… Read More
After Marsha discovers diamonds under a floor tile in an Italian cathedral, hell on wheels rumbles after her and her lover, Grant, spewing bullets and corpses, Venice and Naples, the Carbinieri and the Camorra, in all the directions they want to go. What a rush. Read More
When Young Timothy, is to take over His Father the Kings throne, He suddenly gets a change of Heart. Now taken Prisoner in His own Home Young Timothy is to be Executed by orders of his own father, after Fleeing His home Timothy is hunted across the KIngdom, He must… Read More
Unexpected visit from Alex Wesker and force Ada Wong to accept an assignment. Alex and Glenn are enemy which try to destroy the world by virus. Meanwhile, Ada is smart enough to know something was not right. How did Ada save the world and unlisted in arrest international warrant? Read More
Marsha Mason finds diamonds under a loose floor tile in an Italian cathedral. That's just the beginning of an endless round of discoveries and escapes. Corpses and diamond smugglers are everywhere. Adventure and action abound. And some romance. And the beat goes on. Read More