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how do humans carry on after the fall, of earth Read More

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Enter my adventure writing contest! Can YOU win? Read

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A contest for who can come up with the best fight story, I favour things that are well detailed but easy to vividly visualise from the text given. No well organized tournament fight stories allowed. Read

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Which is most powerful – heart or fist? Two highly skilled, gifted, global justice-fighters meet in a Somali stronghold torturer’s den. Will they escape? Instantly a consummate team, they’re capable of conquering the vilest of criminals with balls-to-the-wall fearlessness, dogged diligence and powerful cunning. Elliot is conventional and White an… Read
This short story told in "campfire lingo" will teach a lesson. This is a small adventure in the action and adventure genre Read

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Gears of war closure contest Read

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A halloween writing contest where you you can be creative while following a few guidelines. Read
Starting a contest for Short Stories rules below..... Read