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Seeking Unity is Sequel Three of the Echo Valley Series. Lawyer and Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Eliza Hardigan Yoder continues the fight to bring unity and equality to the valley and mountain community where she was born and grew up. The struggle to cleanse the valley of bootlegging, murder, the infestation… Read More

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Miria, her sister Miracle, and their parents Mr. and Mrs. Lumy have moved to *Juny Juny is a made-up country Read More

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Pixies are known for being lively creatures but it's just not his day. Read More

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A children story (I need feedback please) on selfishness. Read More

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There are monsters nearby Read More
A short rhyming story about a tricksy Spider and his planned dinner party with Fly, Moth and Longlegs. Feeling very lonely (and hungry) Spider decides to host a dinner party. He sends out his invitations to his neighbours who are too frightened to accept the dinner invitations. Spider manages to… Read More
Bartholomew & The Golden Cup is a children's bedtime story about a Honey Bee who is introduced to the Honey-Run by his sister and gets excited about collecting the nectar. He decides to go out on his own into the garden when he sees a beautiful golden bloom. He discovers… Read More
A short rhyming story for children about a Pig and life on the farm. Perfect for young children of primary/kindergarten or nursery school age or for use by Teaching Assistants introducing children to farm animal names and noises. Also available as a narrated story on YouTube: Read More
Pop’s Nona and Harris go for an exploring walk in the woods only to get lost and caught in a storm overnight, relying on Harris to find shelter and their way home. Read More

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Arrrg's great adventures that will take you to places you've never been before, set before the time of Archibald's Rocking Boat. A fictional story of love, fun, adventure and greed. Arrrg's family and his fellow chums endure hardships, because of difficult circumstances. With many foes, who can they trust? Read More
Makayla and her mom have moved into a new place and starting a new life together. However, Makayla's mom Faith thinks her daughter not only deserves the best birthday gift, but a friend to play with. Once Makayla meets her new friend, she finds something...odd about her friend? So many… Read More
A short rhyming story about an act of kindness shown by a West Highland Terrier to his new friend, Hamish the Hedgehog, and what happens when he agrees to take Hamish band of Fleas on a short holiday..... Read More

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john is a hunter from a starving town. what will he do when he sees a nearby town that is full of food Read More

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In the tradition of Edward Gorey, and for all the naughty children, of whom I was one. Crazy cover art by me. Read More

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"Cute rhymes. Looking forwards to the series. This is one for the nurseries of the world!" Read More

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December 23, 2020

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like many heroes, cam doesn’t know what it feels like to be weak. but she does know what it’s like to be different. she's a hyperactive 10-year-old with superhuman strength and absolutely no attention span. cam lives in a city that was built on top of a giant crack leading… Read More

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Nine year old Billie Jean is all excited to participate in the Christmas play at her church. Her teacher even promises her that she will have a solo in the play. However, her excitement levels plummet when she learns that the play isn’t about what she thought it would be… Read More

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Story by Andrea Amoroso - Illustrations by Ariel Macciola. Is your little one having anxiety over a dentist trip? Looking for a fun story to calm their worries and make the experience seem less scary? Then I’d Sure Hate to Be a Crocodile’s Dentist! is the picture book you’re looking… Read More

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Walking Stick has Christmas dinner with friends. Read More

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We often hear a saying that each one us has a child inside us whether he be an actual 5-year-old kid or a 50-year-old adult. I believe that the only difference between them are experiences which are result of age gaps. This story tries to bridge and eliminate this gap… Read More

Chapter 1

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November 24, 2020

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Like many heroes, Cam doesn’t know what it feels like to be weak. But she does know what it’s like to be different. She's a hyperactive 10-year-old with superhuman strength and absolutely no attention span. Cam lives in a city that was built on top of a giant crack leading… Read More

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Short mysterious story Read More

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November 13, 2020

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A Christmas Wish is a Short Kids story, About Identical Twin sister's Named Devi and Nevi...?" Whom Made A Christmas Wish...?" Does The Wish Come True or is it Impossible to come true...?" Please With all do Respect, Could you be so kinds as to send me Comments to Lemme… Read More

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“Hi! There...?” I am the Author of “Me and My New talking Puppy Sarah!” this is a kids Book and I really hope that Parents that Love to read to their Children and will read it to your Children I am sure that they will love it and Perhaps Maybe… Read More

Chapter 4

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November 10, 2020

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grace and henry are two twins, one of which wants to do everything and the other wants to do what they have to, read about wants and needs and emotions and descriptions Read More

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Meet Luna, the most lovable, spastic pooch in the known universe Read More

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There once was a little boy Named little Crow Who was always happy and joyful He was a very active 2 year old Curious about everything, His Mommy and Daddy Was always chasing him, He was always excited when his cousins Came to visit ,he was always trying to get… Read More
Through the story of Sheenu, an attempt is made to build healthy eating habits in children. To make healthy choices when eating snacks. Sheenu hates banana, has never eaten one in his entire life. One day has no choice but to eat the banana packed for school snack. He discovers… Read More

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November 04, 2020

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Melody and her twin sister Harmony almost never fight, but when they both try out for the lead role in the musical, and Harmony gets the part while Melody is in the chorus, everything turns upside-down. Read More
Good deeds and brave little girls Read More

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About good deeds and brave girls Read More

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in this short story about a girl named Everly sugarcone, lots will find comfort with her and learn to love this sweet, fierce and genuine character. Read More
A short children's poetic story. Enjoy reading! :-) Read More

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Synopsis: Adventures of the Girl with Pink Hair Polina like any other child her age would get frustrated, and upset, as a result she would scream, cry and whine. Just like any ordinary child, as growing has that effect upon our emotions. But, unlike any other ordinary child Polina was… Read More