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Poem / Poetry

December 31, 1969

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Penned in 1984 but never printed. Perhaps the Iraq war would have been the time to print. Read More

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Alice Hart is a thirteen year old girl from London, England, who dreams of rabbits with clocks, and Wonderland, a magical place of wonder, and danger. When she goes there, she meets the Mad Hatter, and his strange friends at a tea party of the mad, while fearing the Red… Read More

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Princess Lily thought of fairies the way some girls think of "bad boys." If a fairy had shown up at Castle Starling wearing a motorcycle jacket and a disrespect for authority, Princess Lily would have been head over heels before he spoke a word with his pouty, mutinous mouth. So… Read More

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The Vacation of Sid Goes quite dramatic. With the hat That shows magic! Read More


Twiggy and Shrubs find themselves faced with yet another adventure in this sequel to "BUG OFF!". Their world expands beyond the forest life they love so much. The two friends are confronted with something that they never could have imagined in their wildest dreams; an encounter with humans. Read More

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this is a story of how sant found rudolph. Read More
Jenny refuses to give up her plastic pearls she liked very much but you can't imagine what happens when she gives them up. Read More
Aggie save the day Read More
Poem about family picnics. Read More
A man and his devoted little cat Read More

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Bert burrows deep in the earth Read More

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A short poem about Bob working from home office provided by his boss. Bob was surprised by the toilet at this place. Read More
In this part 3 of The Legend of the Stingray, Rex and Spearshooter once again rescue the ocean from devastation... Read More
Three boys getting to know each other. Read More

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A short story inspired by my experiences with my younger brother's struggles with addiction. Read More

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Have you ever lost something? Does it stress you out? Hopefully, you'll have a better time than when I lost my water bottle! Read More

Book / Children Stories

May 10, 2020

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Buzz Bee of the Queen's Guard shrieked, beside himself. His Queen, Barb Bee lay still on the ground. Buzz enlists the Help of Bart, our favorite bat, in the hope of saving the Queen... Can they save Queen Barb Bee? Can YOU save a bee? A sleeping BEE-auty story... with… Read More

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A guest has come to stay at Zoe's house, but Zoe has a secret. Still, she will learn the greatest of all secrets; "Love is Forever." Read More

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A Michigan Poodle becomes lost in Cheyenne, Wyoming. It becomes the property of several owners before it is returned to its original owner in Michigan. It is a heart-warming story of an unfortunate experience through the eyes of an innocent animal. Read More

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Here it is! The third story I wrote in my life! I have other stories, Runaway, Kidnapped, The Queen's Test, Kion's Cub, Wandering, Blizzard's Story, and My Story of Isolation. I also have a poem, Friendship. Check those out if you want. If you like, hit the like button, write… Read More

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Harry Potter, the young wizard, is looking forward to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. When he goes to the Leaky Cauldron, he and his friends, Hermoine Granger, and Ron Weasley, get into further trouble. The first Harry Potter fan fiction children's sequel novel by Rob73. Read More
Here is my second I've written! It's a sequel to Wandering, so if you haven't read that, please do. I also have other stories. Runaway, Kidnapped, The Queen's Test, Kion's Cub, The Quest, My Story of Isolation, and Wandering. I am trying to upload another one ASAP. Feel free to… Read More

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Here is the VERY FIRST story I've ever written. I've touched it up a bit, like grammar and spelling. I wrote this when I was eight. I have other stories, too. Runaway, Kidnapped, The Queen's Test, Kion's Cub, The Quest, and My Story of Isolation. I also have a poem,… Read More
Granny Grasshopper held the record for the longest spit in valley history. During an interview with a spider, Granny hawked a loogie and it wasn't just to show off her considerable skills. Read More
This will be my short story web. You will find all types of short stories here. Some might be a little long and some might be extremely short but the length of my writing will not affect my wrting quality. I am always doing my best. Hope you will enjoy… Read More
Please, forgive me? This was written when I was around 13 years old but I found it in an old pile and thought, what the hell! A magical adventure of a boy and his best pal. Read More
A story inspired by two beautiful caterpillars during the 2020 lockdown, offering hope as well as covering the life cycle of the butterfly. Read More
A lost and adopted fat Pig searches for his home but encounters a superpower inside himself which flips his life around. Read More
When was the last time you saw a kid plunging into the world of fantasy and imagination through a bedtime story? Well, now's a great time for the children to cuddle under their blankets and listen to this mesmerizing story of a little fairy named Elizabeth. Plunge into the magical… Read More

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Loriemae is a hater of dogs. She hates dogs because she was once bitten by a dog. But her hatred faded when she was saved by a dog named Daisy from a bad guy. Read More

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Ten year old Gretel Markham is an ordinary London girl, who discovers she has magical powers that concerns a red ruby that is hidden away in the darkness of the city. Read More

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children's story about a girl that 'mischievous' is too light a term. Originated in English class. Read More

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Children's story relating to morality and lost friendship. Read More

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The further adventures of a New York talking bear. Read More
The Twins express their love to their mom in the most adorable of ways. Read More
A traveler changes the minds of two thieves so they did not commit a theft, which they contemplated. Read More