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it's a poem based on tree and here the tree is personificating itself and it is saying about its feelings. Read More

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The peom and story of the metaphorical Lion who refuses to accept responsibility or participate in the rearing of a cub. Read More

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thoughts about fictional immorality, and dream of being free to do whatever. Read More

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December 05, 2016

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Songs written by 9-year-old boy Santhosh from Pondicherry , It is uploaded to motivate him Read More

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This poem about a bucket all original except one reference to Shake Sphere Image found on google (k10547320.jpg) Read More
Your kids will love this heart-warming and fun collection of 24 Christmas Poems. Christmas Poems For Children contains the poems 'I Love You Mum', 'An Alien Took My Christmas Card', 'I Want A Sledge With Wings On' and 'I Jumped Into A Christmas Card'. For just $6 (£3) from Amazon,… Read More
Story about a fir tree which dreamed of being a beautiful Christmas tree Read More

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#poem, #night

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you may find this one odd. nevertheless children and adults alike will be amused by its crazy alliterations. Read More
Poem I made up one night when telling my nephew a story before bed. Good one to tell your kids if you want. Read More

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A child's twisted Limerick, a silly story, about a creature that eats everything, and how it is contained. Read More

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a poem i entered in a contest and came in 2nd place,its based on a real story Read More

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(My first poem so I hope you enjoy) To grow wings and to be a butterfly, that's what I've always wanted but freedom comes with a price. Do I desperately want to lose childlikeness and grow up? Read More
Realistic Poem for kids, 2-10 years old Read More