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A short and simple tale about the difference between "Being Someone" and "Being Someone Special. A children's story that, hopefully, children will like. Read More

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Princess Lucinda never smiled or laughed.Will the King the Queen make the princess smile? Read More

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What mysteries hide inside of Creek Mills Read More
David and Connie have to get a back to school checkup. Read More

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Ahmed is a refugee who moved to Greece Read More

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Have you imagined stepping into another world? Well then you should meet izzy bilan, a girl who accidentally stepped into a magic world. Do you want to find any information on what happened? read on to find out... Read More

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A young lad keeping hens finds some rotten eggs Read More

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You're all invited... Read More

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A story for my granddaughters, a little longer than I intended. Read More
Is Cookie's grandma house really haunted you decide Read More
A gentle children's' story about friendship Read More

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a fairy tale based on hansel and gretel but about girl named etta Read More
Hello! This is a new series about a girl, Andranetta and about the adventures she has. In this story, her friends give her a dare... well I don't want to spoil the fun of the story. Enjoy! Read More

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Helps to read Little Bill Stood Still first Read More
Hi! This book is totally different from the last two. Its just a short story that just modernises the good-and-old Lion and Mouse. So I decided to share it with you. Enjoy! Read More
A story about a toaster that has to learn an important lesson. Read More