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Aspiring musician Lance awakes one night to hear a voice. Someone warning him of danger to come. Someone telling him to start running, now. Lance has no choice but to shrug off the event as something of his own imagination, but upon falling unconscious, he is kidnapped and injected with… Read More

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"Hiya, I am still enjoying this story thoroughly!! Sorry for the lack of prior comments, I tend to fall behind on longer books. Anyway, I just ha..." Read More

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This is a short story about Jimmy. It shows the sad and unhealthy reality of children who are addicted to technology. Read

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Proof of pudding story Read

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While working in her Garden, JoAnn meets a special talking Rabbit called Noam Noam gives her a special gift. A very special gift for a special person. Read

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A story of a boy who did something quite naughty. Ben is a very curious little boy who is now blue! What happened? How did he turn completely blue? Read on to find out. Read

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The Johnson family are having a wonderful day, but all happiness turns into desperation as Joshua awakens a deadly animal. One of the most intelligent, fiercest and cunning of its kind... Read
Magic dresses Read
svarnarekha kee aanchal Read
Continuing, Miley gets a Puppy. Don't forget to donate your dollar and help Miley, Monty, and Marty name their fish. Read
Listen, children, here is the story of the first winter. Once upon a time long long ago, before the lines between gods and mortals became clear, there was a little girl. This little girl was cast out by her family, by her community, by all the people of that time.… Read
Jamie is a pessimistic person who feels nothing towards her close friends and family. She feels guilty but cannot let go of this feeling. She leaves on a journey to find love for other and through a lot of hardship learns that self love is the first step towards loving… Read
Marty and his friends enjoy a day of swimming at the creek after a victory. Read

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This is a great story to read to your child or let them read for themselves. Want to know if Miley takes the puppy home? Donate one dollar per reader and find out. Read
Our children are our future. Take care of their future. This episode is not finished if you want to read the complete episode, donate one dollar to my charity to help the homeless and disabled. Read
These episodes are great for reading to your children for a bedtime story or putting on their device to be read to them or for young adults. These are ongoing episodes I write weekly, so click that donation button and continue to read. I ask for a donation of one… Read
Milton, a 10 year old boy, has fallen Ill and is home from school resting. Feeling hopeless, a creature in the reflection of his mirror catches his eye. Read
The choices you make in life are the ones you live with Read

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These episodes are from a continuous story of marty and his family and friends, their adventures, family situations, and his friend's life and adventures. There are seventy + episodes of this story, and I am still adding episodes weekly. These are just five of them. The link for this story… Read
Lance sings about his day and his mother isn't happy. Read
Lance wants a phone as a present for having his appendicitis removed. Read
Lance recruits Mark as a chaperone to get him into Dennys. Read
A seven year old sings an original song. Read

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a boy named knox wei-evans and his family fly from hong kong to california to go to the underbrush. guess what happens next when he really see's the underbrush... Read
This story is about a little girl who loved the sunlight as it gave her a sense of hope, love, and happiness. Suddenly, the sun disappeared for many days, thus making the little girl wonder about the reason behind it. Driven by curiosity, the girl set out on the journey… Read
six special children and six different animals unite their spirits to defeat a powerful enemy. Once united, their shared spirits give them extraordinary power, but can the children let go of it once they've tasted it? Read
This story is about a little boy who got caught in serious trouble due to his habit of purloining things. Read
John and Joyce are twins, they both barely sleep early, their curiosity lead into discovery of a serial murder--Mr.Leonard Read
This story emphasizes the importance of friendship in life. Good friends are blessings that help you to win through the ups and down in life. This story revolves around two friends who helped each other in the cutest way. Read

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This story is about a little girl who used to love lollipops and she got a chance to get the best lollipop of her life in a mysterious way. Read
This story is about a little boy who was granted a special BALO Power on his seventh birthday by a mysterious Wizard. To know why the power was the best gift to him, enjoy the story! Read

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This story is about a little girl who experienced a magical interaction with a Wizard due to her habit of having ice cream all the time. Subscribe to my channel to watch an animated story Story: Channel: Read