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Plimshaw Inc. Part 1: Toast of the Town Part 2: A Whole Brunch of Trouble Part 3: Dinner is Swerved Collectively referred to as "Plimshaw Inc.", I am considering either expanding these into a full-length novel or novellas, or possibly a graphic novel. What do you think? Read More
This is one of my favorite stories.... the end is a nice twist. Well worth the few minutes of your time. Enjoy! Read
Una niña tiene una aventura y aprende tres lecciones importantes. Read

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Can an adult male over 65 write a story from the point of view of an 11-year-old girl? This short story is its author’s attempt to do just that. It's a story for children that adults might enjoy. Read

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They set off with 8 children for a week camp. Read
Stella thinks she will never be able to fly. But Custard Pie the friendly beagle has a little plan... Read
Kids story with a little humor. Read

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This a fun, short story to remind all of us that our time is limited and we need to enjoy the bad and good times. Let me know if you know any way to make this better. Jesus loves you! Hebrews 12:1-2. Read

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Every toy has a destiny. A job that they must do with the child who has chosen them. Some toys entertain. Some toys teach. Other toys comfort. But there was no greater honor and destiny in all the toy world than that of a teddy bear. Read
Learn how Pranav persifts to the antipode one day Read

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Blu is a classic farm dog. One day he meets an interesting new friend. Read

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February 05, 2022

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Little Jimmy was tired and hungry.... Read

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This story is about a bird and magician. Read

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December 23, 2021

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El cariño de un padre. Read
The tailors' guild won't let Liz join, and she can't get work as a seamstress without them. Brandy is feeling pressured into marrying a merchant sooner than she'd like. Liz thinks she has an idea that can help them both. Read
Sam gazed at the darkness. He imagined himself underneath, spiders crawling up his arms. He wanted to help, but he didn’t have special powers like Spider-Man, courage like Wolverine, or even tech like Batman. Or did he? Read
Illustrated and inspired by Lucie Read

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Basil is afraid of getting cold his parents and an old Canada Goose come to the rescue! Read

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"That was a fun little story. " Read

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Wendy looked out the window at the pine trees and log cabins and worried - what if the other kids made fun of her for what she brought? Read

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Ben turned back to his friend. “I overheard a teacher talking to Principal Henderson about that closet. He said there's illegal supplies in there.” “Let's find out what's in there," Steve said.... Read

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When one of Elin's pranks on her older sister, Sophia, goes too far, she promises to stop her pranks and make up for it. Based on what happens next, Sophia isn't so sure Elin can keep her promise. Read

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It is a good story of Mocking bird. Read
meet the animal alphabet friends Read

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an envious king jealous of a blue rose that a peasant owns at what lengths will he go to own the rose Read

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There is a rat in the story. Read

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Sorry! This is a very very short ending!! if you can't remember what happened feel free to check the 5th chapter!! Read

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When grandparents become the guardians of grandchildren sometimes the feels that come with it become mixed emotions. Read

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This is a fun story about a rabbit and the egg Read

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The search, a quest to belong for one small unnecessary liitle girl. Read