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There is door which takes magically to fairy land. Read More

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There is a tortoise lamp which got the negative power? in real before it's burning witches got the power. so how a holy man saves the animals of jungle. this is a story. Read More

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There was a magician who controls the power of wolf by losing his power and strength. Read More

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There was a man. who one day got the tail from the naughty behaviour of goblin? And feel bad luck. Read More

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There was a girl. Who is poor? And She married with the prince. Read More

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There is an evil butterfly. Who uses the magic to does colourless to animal by stealing colour. So this was not liked by the magician and king lion of the Mebu jungle. Read More

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Blizzard is a character in a series of short stories called the Animal Collective. Shadow is like the sidekick/supportive(not Slade Wilson's love interest from Arrow). Paco is like the third person(again not liam neeson). Ok so I've made it clear its a kiddie not a goo-goo gaah-gaah. SO 6+ enjoy. Read More

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Submit the short story you are most proud of :D Read More