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Put God First poem Read More

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Where has American honor, dignity, integrity and respect gone? And where and why has it disappeared from the American consciousness? Read More

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August 29, 2021

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this is a short story about a group of five friends who go on a trip together. little do they know what really awaits their fate! Read More
Our July 4th celebration is approaching. Our Independence Day. Celebrating freedom and democracy. This year, our July 4th celebration takes on a new meaning and new image. For on this day of celebration, our nation’s heartbeat continues to flutter and to tremble. Read More

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Roberta Sanders is a young woman in her twenties, who is in therapy after a broken marriage ends dramatically for her. Read More
The real pandemic finally arrives. Read More

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This is my testimony of how I began to search, find, allow and trust God with my life. Miracles have happened along the way and it is my pleasure to share them with you. Read More

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January 28, 2021

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From the age of eight, I had had sex with men who didn’t ask my name, until I met Jerrod. Not only did he ask my name on our first trick but last night, seven years and two kids later, he asked me to marry him. ‘If I say yes,… Read More

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Ellie Ossen, 26, wakes up with a severe memory loss. She's determined to keep her life while investigating what happened to her. Meanwhile, she's set between work on her vocalist project, give a good impression with everyone she talks to and, of course, get back her identity. ---- Read More
Meet Reagan, Pepper, and Lily. A trio of 20 somethings who share their first apartment, located on Vickery Circle. Between the three of them, they deal with conflict, laughs, and tears as they try to navigate through this new life of being a “responsible adult.” Together they discover that although… Read More
A struggling street musician meets a man that changes his life forever. Read More

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In season two, Johnny Burell finds living with another man's identity has its challenges. Season one of SWITCH (with an updated episode 3) can be found on Booksie Read More

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Will loses his father. Read More

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Bobby was the Golden Boy, a quarterback and athlete of rare football skills. He had it all, the Golden Boy won all the games, dated the Homecoming Queen and could do no wrong. Then his soul was lost to drugs that lead him to commit a terrific tragic accident. The… Read More
Business Rule Engine Integration into Application Read More
A bolt of lightning fried our modem, un-plugging me from the Matrix for a few days and this short story was the result of having plenty of quieter time to think. I'm sure there are plenty of little nagging mistakes that I missed, or places that it could have been… Read More
This the the backstory of Yagi Toshinori (Hero name: All Might) in America. A Japanese-born, half white hero who comes to America, finds his place, and grows into the icon the series represents him as now. Read More

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Marijuana! The weed with the roots in hell! Is it the gateway drug that leads to harder drugs, smuggling, crime, and the horror and brutality of prison that the government is always warning us about? Drowning In A Sea Of Marijuana is a collection of flashbacks, essays, and short stories… Read More

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help from a friend Read More

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Come the Moment: A collection of Intimate coming-of-age short stories about people you think you know. With a famous person obliquely revealed through every story, Come the Moment gives you a glimpse of the human face behind the legend. But can you see them? Can you unravel the truth? Dreamers,… Read More
If you are given a second chance in your life, what would you like to fix? Read More

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Christmas, 2011. But you won't find Kris Kringle or yuletide carols being sung by the fire here. From Afghanistan to Washington, DC, from Iraq to Atlantic City, New Jersey, a cynic wrestles with his conscience, his past, his present road bumps, and God as he pursues his lifelong dream--to play… Read More

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May 16, 2020

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ABSENCE is a mystery, in the deepest sense of the word, about marriage, about fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, and brothers and sisters; all backed into corners and at odds with each other as they struggle with their human nature, and their dependence upon the Nature of Earth. JAMES… Read More

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A woman wakes up from an incredible dream Read More

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"In the past, nature has seen fit to end life on Earth and begin all over again. Humanity is nature's only creation having the power to make that decision for her." Paul Randston, president of the Futurist Society, meets Dr. Vishnu Rahman at a symposium on technology where he’s giving… Read More
When two, young lovers find a winning lottery ticket they question if they have the courage to use it to change their lives? Read More

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These are the first three chapters of my planned novel. It is a character driven drama containing family sagas and past ghosts returning to haunt people. They also face new threats from those supposed to be allies. Read More
Need motivation for today? Read on! Read More
Adolescence stinks. Beatrice is entering her last year of middle school after dealing with the death of her father and now the dead are talking at her. What else could go wrong? Read More

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People have never been so connected. With the internet, information that took months or even years to come now takes less than a minute to cross the globe. At the same time, people become dependent on such technology which is hard to imagine a world without it as well never… Read More

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March 22, 2020

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Viet Nam War vet writes "Tin Can!" a clear, bold novel about learning to bombard socialist peasants. Kirkus Reviews gushes; "uniquely vivid language - striking depths in this book - stand out from the crowd of Viet Nam War narratives" Read More

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How to avoid character descriptions. Read More
A satisfying stroke of luck. Read More

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February 20, 2020

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smoke drink run, an appalachian coming of age story. born into rural poverty and surrounded by addiction audum learns to be invisible to survive. when audum discovers the truth about her past she's faced with falling into addiction or confronting her own life. audum endures life with her abusive mother,… Read More