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December 31, 1969

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Chapter 1

Book / Commercial Fiction

May 08, 2011

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justin lives with his mother all by himself. they thought thAT THERE FATHER IS DEAD BUT HE is not. every day he sends letters to his dearest son! Read More


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Ex is a kitten. One who loves adventure, but is stuck in a garden. Where can he go? What can he do? One day he decides to venture out to see what he can find. The twins tag along, thinking it's a stroll, but they don't know they are never… Read More

Chapter 1

Book / Commercial Fiction

April 27, 2011

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AADI’S Life Read More

Book / Commercial Fiction

April 05, 2011

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Julie Darson didn't feel like being a respectable lady so soon. But after a dancing ball, her world is turned upside-down: her favourtite sister got married, her best friend turned into another person, and she might just have a beau. But can her head figure out who's real and who's… Read More

Chapter 12

Book / Commercial Fiction

February 27, 2011

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Many families were touched deeply by the Bolshivic revolution, one of them was the family of Mr Anatoly Sharpov. Read More

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A tale of American youth trampled by heavy sedated marketers cloaked in sable with out a care to the inevidabilty of death nor existence. A journey through adolecents and what it is to be a young, bumming boozehound with a place to lay your head. A glimpse into my third… Read More

Chapter 1

Book / Commercial Fiction

January 13, 2011

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small interesting incidents with few fictions of life Read More

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The conversation, which was at a high pitch of animation when Silas approached the door of the Rainbow, had, as usual, been slow and intermittent when the company first assembled. The pipes began to be puffed in a silence which had an air of severity; the more important customers, who… Read More

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When Dunstan Cass turned his back on the cottage, Silas Marner was not more than a hundred yards away from it, plodding along from the village with a sack thrown round his shoulders as an overcoat, and with a horn lantern in his hand. His legs were weary, but his… Read More

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Dunstan Cass, setting off in the raw morning, at the judiciously quiet pace of a man who is obliged to ride to cover on his hunter, had to take his way along the lane which, at its farther extremity, passed by the piece of unenclosed ground called the Stone-pit, where… Read More

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The greatest man in Raveloe was Squire Cass, who lived in the large red house with the handsome flight of stone steps in front and the high stables behind it, nearly opposite the church. He was only one among several landed parishioners, but he alone was honoured with the title… Read More

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Even people whose lives have been made various by learning, sometimes find it hard to keep a fast hold on their habitual views of life, on their faith in the Invisible, nay, on the sense that their past joys and sorrows are a real experience, when they are suddenly transported… Read More

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In the days when the spinning-wheels hummed busily in the farmhouses-- and even great ladies, clothed in silk and thread-lace, had their toy spinning-wheels of polished oak--there might be seen in districts far away among the lanes, or deep in the bosom of the hills, certain pallid undersized men, who,… Read More

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I was told to sit right on the lake Even when my bones did ache The very same thing to do Every day, nothing new Little did I understand That as I saw the handsome man Riding a stallion beside the lake That one damp day, he’d bring my fate… Read More
ABSTRACT The study was designed to investigate the comparative levels of trace metal concentrations in water and sediments of four streams around Ibadan metropolis. Samples were analyzed for seven heavy metals using atomic absorption spectrophometer. The results shows that the concentration of cadmium varied from (0.0015-0.0140ppm), Iron (0.88-55.843ppm) chromium (0.005-0.0718ppm),… Read More
ABSTRACT: In order to address some of the pollution problems affecting the aquatic water bodies four sediments streams were analysed in Ibadan for effluents discharge impact. The levels of the levy metal contamination which indicate the actual level of the stream pollution were studies using Atomic absorption spectrophotometer. The result… Read More

Chapter 35

Book / Commercial Fiction

September 21, 2010

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Most of this is true about my life, but to let you know now, my mama never hit me, well once, but I absolutely deserved it. L0l. This is about a girl who calls herself in love with the wrong boy and she has to go through alot to find… Read More

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It is about a kid that goes to school and when she finds her classroom her teacher and whole class went on a field trip without her Read More

Book / Commercial Fiction

September 02, 2010

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A homeless man finds that life gets stranger once he's off the streets. Read More