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After losing everything Tharen and Aylwin, the lone survivors of Brayssia. Adventure through Zenova and beyond with Three key objectives. Finding Tharen’s stolen weapon, finding a willing king able to step up, and most importantly making the world a better place. Along the way they will find others who share… Read More
Rule of physics related to life and emotions! Read
Its not about the physical appearance only.... Read
TO POINT SOMEONE ELSE- recognize the value of THAT NO ONE IS PERFECT! Read
about students they love you if you sincerely teach them! Read
These are Urhobo Books on market, base on the language and the culture. FOR RESEARCH ASSISTANT ON URHOBO LANGUAGE AND CULTURE Call me on:+2347036783700. We can get you a comprehensive material and information for your work. Read
Let it be, the souls that flow and go by the hands of man on the fields of battle, no matter the surface, be remembered, and seen as the martyrs for wars to come... Read

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change the life girl come in my life Read

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For those who just want to think or remember old riddles, here are a few. I may add more as time goes on. Read

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I will explain how the competition works. I don't know if there is anything like this so I call it II Read

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Results Read

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New contest!! Read

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Song lrics that speak of the unsung heroes who have blazed the trails for us and how we need to take up where they have left off The radical is the re-evolutionary! Read

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Playful little creatures... Read

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I sat at the computer consumed with the urge to write. I picked up my hands and began typing. After a few grammatical errors were corrected this was the result. Read
Love your mother infinitely. Read
You can easily blinded by temporary happiness, but always stay true to yourself and happiness can be achieved. Read
This piece deals with overcoming life's struggles and understanding what it takes to be happy. Read
as i said...i am a 10th grade stud... and...the small piece of writing given is what i have to say about the place which turned me into what i am now and now i have to move away with memoriez of this place... with all endearment...i am giving this in… Read
'Families are like dolls; not shatter resistant' is a fairly long diary extract about a fifteen year old boy (not myself) who has troubles at home. The diary accommodates the use of several types of emotions including humor, sadness and happiness. Upon the closing of the diary extract, the fifteen… Read

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fun competitions- have a look if you are interested :) Read

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No summary at all. Read

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Just some old crap about a young man who stopped caring for himself after a big mass murder he did. Read
Here are some marvelous quotations, i hope you "ll like these.. i will gradually make an addition in it. Read

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Friendship in a hand held envelope. Read
Originally my AS creative writing coursework, it is the opening chapter of a sequel to 1984 by George Orwell from Julia's perspective. Read
A song I wrote about a solider Read
truth in general Read

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Cheevus and Footballer Balcony Scene Read

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Okay... This story starts back when it was still July. Back before my life had meaning. Back before I first read .... xsighx Read

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A short piece about sub-division... Read

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A twist on the clasic tale of "Alice in Wonderland", where Alice is in a mental institution. The story tells of her ventures in the ward. Read