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Follow these instructions step by step for an improved quality of life. Read More

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A happily married woman in a small seaside town struggles to understand why something always feels missing in her life despite seeming to have everything she could want. Much of her life is clouded by an amnesia resulting from an accident and she suffers from bouts of depersonalization, but is… Read More

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after winning the championship game, the members of the football team realize something about about a member that changes how they see each other. Read More

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The second story featuring Jessie, Tessa and baby Joe. Read More

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Jace and Mereline ventured into the cold streets, hoping to buy snacks, sweets, and other goodies in a local vending machine. Except, that machine has different plans in mind... Read More

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When the line between the good guy and the bad guy is blurred. Read More
New story, publishing it as a short story in chapters because it is easier than publishing it as a book, if you like it please leave a comment. Read More

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Every decision we made forces our life in a new direction which changes who and what we become. This is the story of one David with two lives, based on only one decision he had to make. Read More

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When Sam receives a mysterious gift for his birthday his life changes forever. Read More

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What you are about to read is the story of a traveling man, a man in search of questions and their answers. If lubrication was the catalyst for the mouse and its escape from the glue-trap, then this train ride and the events that occurred upon its deck were the… Read More

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When drinking to obliterate doesn't quite work out as planned. Read More
Part Finale of ? Dream or Nightmare ? Read More

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Part 2 of ? Dream or nightmare ? Little about me and my dream Read More

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It about the life and death in a strange dream.... Read More

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A story I wrote when I was younger for a Catholic-type story contest. I hate it. Read More

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I want some ice cream, without the scream. Read More