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**In progress - New chapter is released every week!** As night falls over the Croatian wilderness, six friends gather around a campfire to witness the rare passing of Halley's Comet. Amidst tales of adventure and the beauty of nature, they spot a glimmering light in the sky, growing brighter with… Read More

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"amazing chapter! the dialogue is simply astounding, and the story keeps me gripped to the edge of my seat. I love the way the story has been bui..." Read More

There is a multitude of comparable topics on this subject, as society and law enforcement struggle to deal with public safety issues. Read

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In her wanting to treat Donald Trump just like another other arrestee at the Fulton County Jail Fani Willis managed to help him snatch victory from the jaws of defeat by requiring that his mug shot be taken. Read
By the time I finished watching the season two finale of "Only Murder in the Building" (see yesterday's blog: Murders in Milwaukee vs. Murders In The Building: What I'll Be Watching Tonight on and turned on the news I learned that when it came to making the news with… Read
Ageism, which is defined as prejudice or discrimination towards elders, is prevalent in America. Read

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Please don't take any of the contents harshly. This is just something I wanted to write to help others who face these problems before it's too late. Read
Trump and Tucker hope that their planned competing event will get people to watch the One True And Only Best And Greatest Now And Forever President Donald J. Trump on the latest episode of The Tucker Twitter Show instead of the GOP debate. Read
I suppose the powers that be at Fox News didn't have any Hunter Biden in league with the criminal mastermind president stories to report on so their fallback story was one woman blaming President Biden for not coming sooner to Maui. Read
Hopefully one or more juries of citizens treat Trump like any other citizen who is not above the law, and will prove he has lost his Teflon protection. If he is found guilty he'll be cooked. He will slide out of the frying pan into the fire where Teflon won't… Read
While many of us have been wondering what it will take for Judge Chutkan to decide that Trump has gone far enough for her to incarcerate him for polluting the jury pool or intimidating witnesses there's a new judge in town, so to speak. Read
Like it or not we do not live in a color-blind or sexual preference blind world. Members of any group, majority, minority, or something in between shouldn't be held to a litmus test to define their politics just because of their color or sexuality. What galls me is when they… Read
Of course in the book and movie Ratso was a complex character and a torutured soul. Trump is only complex from a psychiatric perspective but you can't say he's a tortured soul because he has no soul by any defintion of the word. Read
Trump only had judgelike power when he was actually president. Of course it hasn't completely sunk in that he isn't president. Having a cult in thrall to you doesn't give you the power to keep you out of legal jeopardy or even prison. Read
Trump is like a pressure cooker, he has to vent or he'll blow his lid off. Read
There are two words some use to describe Donald Trump: delusional and imbecile. Alone or together what they signify can be used and indeed has been used successfully to keep people either from being tried for a crime or on being convicted from being sent to a regular prison. Read
In order to appreciate this essay you either have to be very familier with "The Caine Mutiny" or, since Booksie dosen't allow link, go to to watch the videos. Read
We know exactly what Trump was doing this morning at 5:37. We also know what he wasn't doing. Read
It stands to reason that if there's anything would put Trump on the brink of having an actual episode of clinical paranoia, a real psychotic break from reality possibly requirinng hospitalization, given his existing psychopathology, it would be the legal jeopardy he is is. Read
Pence is turning into an interesting story. His recent words about Trump suggests that he knows that the only chance he has to win the nomination is to come out as a milder anti-Trump version of Chris Christie and hope that for whatever reason Trump crashes and burns. Read
If Trump is convicted of a Georgia crime and imprisioned even if the the State Board of Pardons and Paroles wanted to give him a get out of jail card it wouldn't be a get out of jail free card. According to Georgia law he'd have had to had served… Read
Reading a Chauncey DeVega column in Salon prompted me to write this. Read
Links don't work on Booksie. To use links go to Introduction: I propose a new version of Godwin's Law about Hitler which should read that it's impossible to discuss how people are hardwired to believe things that aren't true without invoking the name of Trump. Read
Unlikely as his ever becoming president is there are precedents for entertainers being elected to offfices from president on down. Read
Not just Trump, but some of his associates may flip to avoid getting completelyskewered by the sharp sword of Lady Justice. Read
in t s eliot work the waste land , he had delved into how the modern world is like an infertile land and how it cannot be redeemed and so this article dwells into the futility of modern way of living, Read
Whether the first mate, Rudy, will realize the ship is sure to sink and decide to go down with the captain remains to be seen. Bravado is cheap until only the wheelhouse is above shark infested waters. Read
This was propted by a Thom Hartmann column about Democracy dying under a Trump presidency and at the same time watching the MSNBC coverage of the Barbieheimer movie weekend, and it tied in with the Danish TV series "Seaside Hotel" season 6 I'm watching when Hitler just became PM. Read
"Step into the future with AI! Discover its potential to revolutionize industries, healthcare, education, and more. Embrace a promising world of innovation and collaboration, where humans and AI unite to shape a brighter tomorrow." Read
One Black former Tuberville player who spoke about Tommy Tuberville's racism was Eric Ramsey. Here's his story. Read
Two articles caught my eye this morning. I thought how downright absurb, or silly if you will, they were. Read
There's an aspect of human nature for people to believe what they want to believe. Propganda is powerful. It takes self-awareness and work to look for the facts esecially when they contradict what you want t believe. There are those in politics and medicine with an agenda to persuade you… Read
I was just thinking about the latest poll (above on Morning Joe) which shows Biden five points ahead of Trump in a national election and wondering who those who would vote for the later are and why they'd do this. I've broken them down into categories. Read
Trump didn't only steal American documents. He also stole antiquities on loan from Israel. Now they want them back. Here's a way to get them. Read
Nixon's fate should represent a cautionary tale for Trump. There are certainly other historic leaders he should be thinking of to disabuse himself of his confidence thinking he is going to heroically make it through all of the attempts to bring him down. Napoleon is one of them. Read