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NOTE: 18+. This story was inspired by the incredible night-time view of The Suffolk Stour estuary from The Thorn at Mistley in Essex. If ever you visit the UK, and Essex, and if you love ***** food, wines, and service then do stay at the Thorn. Other than the awesome… Read More
Sunday mornings. A time to reflect and see the world around you in a more contemplative and insightful way. A time to refresh your mind and your soul. Religion is based on specific tenants that have bound the faithful since the birth of Jesus, and probably beyond. Those tenants cement… Read More
For many of us, Labor Day, means only two things: It’s a day off work and it’s the end of summer. We have forgotten the reason for the day altogether. We have become accustomed to the first Monday in September being a day we deserve to be off – just… Read More
In 1980 a book by John Toole was published, entitled A Confederacy of Dunces. It is about a man who is educated way beyond his intelligence (a genius in his own mind). He is useless, worthless, and a complete moron. Read More

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This is not about the COVID scamdemic. This is not about the vaccine mandates. It IS about the freedom to live our lives without government dictatorship and the rapid rising tyranny. Read More
Like other professions, writers also have a code of ethics that sets real impactful writers from posers and wanna be's. Read to learn how something lying in the shadows like the writers book of ethics can cast a shadow over writers and their careers and lives. Read More
Hear the roar and thunder in the sky, as the night ignites in color, and in a spectacle of light and fire that arouses the languishing spirit of an exhausted nation. Read More

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The first thing I learned about quality in general manufacturing products, in the good old USA, was that management had a rule. What they have today is unknown. Read More

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There is a crisis in our land. It is like the tentacles of evil, reaching out and grasping at the heaving breasts of human souls, entwining and twisting its slippery arms around their minds and their thoughts. It is a crisis of the spirit of a nation, and the collapsing… Read More
An email sent to a Christian Apologetic that tried to demonize Wicca. Read More
America is the most powerful country in the world. We are endowed with power, dominance and abilities and capabilities beyond imagination. We have inspired the building of nations, and defeated the rise of tyrants and of despots. We have ventured into the vastness of space and planted our flag on… Read More
In the 1992 movie “A Few Good Men,” Jack Nicholson utters a line of dialogue that has become as iconic as Bette Davis’ 1950 classic, “fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride,” in “All About Eve.” When Nicholson screamed out “You can’t Handle the truth!” on… Read More

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Peace! What the world needs now is peace! Peace in our time! Give peace a chance! Words and phrases, we’ve heard for most of our lives. Words and phrases, we’ve heard uttered by politicians, musicians, actors, activists, students and even little children singing “We are the World.” Read More
The 2020 President election is over. But it is still a topic of intense interest, discussion, and most certainly, continued political shenanigans at every level. Read More
I am a Vietnam Veteran. And as such, I was a participant and not simply an observer from afar. I was there in the hot humid days and in the endless lonely nights. I saw the despondency in the eyes of my fellow soldiers, and I heard the despair and… Read More
There was a Letter to the Editor entitled “Liberals keep COVID alive,” from Darrell Williams Sr. of McAllen (Texas), which appeared in the August 18, 2020 edition of The Monitor. It was one of the most sickening “commentaries” on the COVID pandemic that I have read. And I wanted to… Read More
I cannot pretend to understand or imagine the passion of the human heart that pulls the human spirit to search and seek a place beneath the rainbow. Read More
To have seen deranged and unhinged faces in a maddening crowd. To have heard the muddled and befuddled words of irrational minds enflamed with rage and hate. To have felt the pounding heart of a nation standing on the abyss of suicidal madness. That was my moment of despair and… Read More
It seems that each day, we as an American society, continue to digress to a place and a time where human dignity, empathy and truth are viewed as treasonous and seditious in the new surreal “normal” that permeates our American governance. The media is now perceived as being the “enemy… Read More
Hate, bigotry, racism and prejudice was always here. It never went away. It was just hiding behind closed doors, inside ordinary houses, in All-American neighborhoods, and beneath the waving flag of liberty. Hate, bigotry, racism and prejudice gathered every Sunday across America in churches, cathedrals and houses of worship of… Read More
For four long years we sat, watched and listened in utter disbelief and even astonishment as our government fell deeper into the mud pit of corruption, distortion, exploitation and even degeneracy. We were witnesses to the real-time betrayal of our character and our strength as a nation and as an… Read More
The eloquence of speech and thought and deeds defines a society and its members. To listen to words that inspire and elevate the spirit; to understand and comprehend the logic and judgment of someone’s reflective reasoning; to admire and revere the accomplishments of someone’s life, be him a statesman or… Read More
The 4th of July used to be a celebration of freedom and democracy. Today our country’s July 4th celebration takes on a new meaning and new image. Today the heartbeat of America is fluttering and to trembling. Read More
There is evil in the air. You can sense it, hear it, feel it. It is in the sound and agony of our dying democracy, and in the disruption and division caused by the eruption of a new divisive and provocative nation, conceived in lies, deceit and treachery. Read More
The last few years, Christmas came and went, without the passion, pleasure or joy that was embodied in that holiday and celebration in the past. After putting up my Christmas decorations in 2019, I took them all down within days, and they have stayed down. For me, the holidays were… Read More
I am of a world of order, harmony and tranquility -- a world devoid of the perils and possibilities of famines and droughts that can devastate and ravage the landscape and the human soul, or of plagues or pandemics that can consume and shatter the serenity and the calm of… Read More
Almost a year ago (July, 2020), Melvin L. Thompson wrote a Letter to the Editor entitled “Patriotism and protests” that appeared in the The Monitor, a newspaper published in McAllen, Texas. It depressed and dispirited me. Mr. Thompson’s comments parroted the Right Wing rhetoric that has, and is, dividing our… Read More
For people who are not aquainted with finding address with Lat. & Long., it is just to inform that you just need to input the same in user friendly sites like EarthPoint which will show the Satellite images of the location. Purpose: In remote areas, there are no house numbers… Read More
First, let me begin by attempting to explain as succinctly as I can, the Taliban.. . . The Taliban is an ultra-conservative militant organization, attempting to spread and enforce its religious and political views on those around them. Read More
There is a cruelty to what is happening in American today. There is a brutality that is taking place before us and despite us. There is an outrage and affront that has left many of us astonished and perplexed, as we watch in horror as a viciousness and callousness engulfs… Read More
The wall. The magical wall across our southern border. The wall that will remedy our problems and keep the undesirables out, disease at bay, and rapists and drug dealers away from our cities and our neighborhoods. An impenetrable wall to keep us away from the tired, the poor, the huddled… Read More
How cold the days become when weathered hearts ignore the cries that drift across the shifting sands of time. It is the heart of man that lights the path and elevates the spirits of the fallen and forsaken. Read More
There is today in our land, the specter of division and cynicism. The American spectacle of prideful arrogance and pride, now shadowed by the approaching tide that threatens the bedrock of our stability, our constancy and our strength. Read More
How do you say goodbye to someone snatched from your life in the blink of an eye? How do you begin to grieve before you even understand the reason why? How do you begin to accept the unacceptable and inexplainable? Read More
Nothing fazes, disturbs or shocks us anymore. We have become lethargic, exhausted and apathetic toward the shooting of the day -- whatever, wherever, or whoever, that might involve or affect. It is an expected daily occurrence Read More
In times of national or world crisis or calamity, I would have thought it a part of our national obligation, duty and responsibility to come together in solidarity and unanimity, to forge a strategy, a policy and a path toward a unified and perceptive solution or response to the tragedy… Read More
America was the ark of human consciousness – embracing humanity’s hope and promise. America was the melting pot of ideas and ideals and for many, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – a human rainbow. Read More
It took 55 ordinary, or maybe extraordinary men, to draft a document at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 to conceive and forge our great nation. And it is taking just one man in 2017 – a rather simple-minded, ill-spoken and illiterate man in the ways of world affairs and human… Read More