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The Bard comes across a group of soldiers fighting a war that can only end when everyone is dead. Read More

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Why are we seen as vain, even by ourselves at times, merely because we have something to say? Why do we write? Read
Fast fashion is having an adverse effect on climate change. A case in point is the revival of the high waist jeans trend. All other cuts like skinny fit and low waist jeans suddenly find themselves outmoded and discarded. A large portion of these, though perfectly usable, will find their… Read

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There is an unhealthy return to the theories of racial superiority in Japan. Read

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Is Germany rearming to fight an agressive war? Read

Article / Editorial and Opinion

September 17, 2022

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Support for independence in Okinawa Read
------------------------------- ''FUCK THE FASCIST POLICE ! '' ----------------- REST IN GORGEOUS, ETERNAL BEAUTY and PEACE, DONOVAN ! '' ------------------- Justice for DONOVAN LEWIS' MURDER ! ----------- The Murdering Police kill Innocent Young Boys ! ------------- '' HOW MANY MORE INNOCENT YOUNG BOYS MUST DIE ?! '' --------- (ABOLISH the POLICE… Read

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The Death of Journalism in the west Read
-------------------- ''REST IN BEAUTIFUL, ETERNAL EVER-LOVING PEACE, BRYAN ! '' ------------------ Demand Justice for BRYAN MATTHEW RICHARDSON's MURDER ! -------------- Stop Murdering Innocent Boys ! ---- ( ''We All Love You Very Much Bryan and We Miss You ! ''---------- BRYAN'S SOUL MEANT SO MUCH MORE THAN A GUN !… Read
---------------- ''POLICE ARE KILLERS ! ------- POLICE BRUTALITY ! '' -------------------------------- JUSTICE FOR RANDAL WORCESTER ! --------------- FUCK THE POLICE !! ---------------- (VIOLENT Police Brutality Against INNOCENT CIVILIANS: Violent Assault and Murder ! ---- ABOLISH THE POLICE ! ) Read
An exploration of sex, gender and the spirit nature within. Read
---------------------- '' REST IN GORGEOUS and ETERNAL LOVING PEACE JOHNATHAN ! '' ---------------------- Justice for Johnathan A. Worth's MURDER BY THE POLICE ! ----- ! --------------- (We All Love You and Miss You SWEETHEART!) -------- Johnathan A. Worth was an innocent and beautiful soul ! ---------------------- ( REST IN… Read

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Using Writing as Therapy! Read
Is what I think. Read

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Effective communication is effective listening! Read
Merits of bulk SMS marketing, visit: Read

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A Victim's Point of View discusses dealing with molestation from the victim's perspective. Read

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Where is the Justice? This article discusses pedophilia as it relates to society. Read
What do I want this New Year to be? Full of joy and happiness, with just a little worry thrown in to make us appreciate the good things instead of learning how to use the lesson. Read
I wish that it could, but organic is not going to feed the world Read

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"If others can then let them do it^^" Read
As I turn another year older, I try to know myself better while trying to figure out what I am destined for. Read

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Plans about the hereafter, sort of. Read

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So, here we have Economy Guitars and some tips I have picked up over the years, and things to consider when choosing your first electric guitar. Read

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Painful to see the decimating life in Ukraine Read

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So, Here we have the final part of All Things Guitar. Signature guitars, Amps, Pedals. Read

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Forget the statistics, in this article I present facts on the fairy tales surrounding ending crime by banning guns, after years of debates and living a life around guns and having kids. Read
So, part 3 and we talk about chords, scales and guitar maintenance. Read
Basic guitar playing, theory and practice Read

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This is the ongoing ramblings of a guitar player, sharing his enthusiasm for the instrument and hopefully giving some insight to what to think about if you are contemplating learning to play. Enjoy. Read

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Live In relationship and Marriage talks about the pros and cons of these two relationship keeping in mind the generation. Read

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Just my views on what appears to be a popular trend. Read

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Just my thoughts on eBooks, computers, and cell phones. Read