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Lastborn is a classical coming-of-age fantasy tale. Eleven-year-old Rafael lives a comfortable life within the walls of Eskhor, a city stewarded by his father, Lord Veerhne. But when a stranger arrives to claim him, the true nature of his heritage is revealed. Rafael must leave his old life behind and… Read More

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Thoughts and questions about "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas" from Ursula K. Le Guin's The Wind's Twelve Quarters. Read

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Society radio is a direct way for me to vent and express my feelings about what is happening in the world, with certain people and events and views we read about and of course my life. Like everything else you read on the internet, these are my views. Everything I… Read

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Life's Puzzle Pieces seeks to answer as many of those unknowns as can be known. Read
this is a little collection of stories where i keep my own voice hidden. the themes they touch on are the big important questions in life. why do we try to do anything in the world? what are the critical things we need to do to make the world better?… Read

Chapter 1

Book / Editorial and Opinion

February 26, 2023

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Change Your Future, Now! enable you to take the ideas from the book and apply them to your personal development. This will enable you to become a more effective and authentic person, one who can evolve and change from within in order to realize a better future. Read
Barry Oberholzer s secret life as a confidential informant, infiltrating international organized crime syndicates and sanction-busting activity hit headlines in 2012. Read
Benefits of Bulk SMS Service in Delhi NCR Bulk SMS in Delhi NCR – do you know how to go about? Is it easy and an option to market your business? Do you know about all the benefits of Bulk SMS Service? If you haven’t heard of this earlier, then… Read

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meditation, free will, belief, freedom, whatever pops in my head Read

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These are book reviews I'll post here from time to time. Read
Why is This Book Now? The Manusmriti, the social doctrine of yore, and the Bhagvad-Gita, the spiritual tome in vogue that lay down the discriminatory dharma (duties) of the four social classes (castes) have been the bugbears of the Hindu backward classes. However, to their chagrin, of late, as the… Read
Rummage through a growing collection of thoughts and opinions of yours truly. Oft not more than mere ramblings, I'm writing here to see what I think and I hope it resounds somewhere with the readership. Of course, I welcome all engaging conversations that can be had. Read
Have you ever had those moments where you just wonder why people do what they do, act in ways they shouldn’t be acting, or even saying things you wouldn’t expect them to say? The truth is that we don’t really understand each other as a society. The evidence of this… Read

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Una colección de escritos y ensayos de opinión sobre actualidad y la coyuntura política, cultural, económica y otras áreas de mi país: El Salvador Read

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my random thoughts and questions to the universe Read

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I love watching movies and going to the cinema, so I have decided to add this little fun portfolio of my movie reviews, it will be quite an eclectic melting pot, Some serious, some fun. Movies will be ranked out of 5 stars. 1 star =dismal. 5 stars = amazing. Read

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The following is an attempt to explore the complexities I have observed in education over the last decade. It is not meant to be a definitive source, but rather a thought experiment, exploring many dynamics of education with various hypotheses about how it could work. I don’t have any formal… Read

Book / Editorial and Opinion

September 27, 2020

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This is the beginning of a book exploring education's role in society. It is purposefully written with names that are ambiguous, so that it is difficult to tell how old the speaker is or what gender or race they are, etc. The goal is to put the focus on the… Read

Book / Editorial and Opinion

August 30, 2020

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A blog-type thing for the month of August. Stopping off at virtual destinations around the world without moving an inch. Cover image: Read

Chapter 21

Book / Editorial and Opinion

September 21, 2020

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This is a place for my thoughts, my memories; my confusions, my fears, and whatever else pops into mind. Cover image: Read

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I decided to rewatch every major star wars movie because of a few limitations and not in order releases as I fell I missed/forgot some details. Using this situation as background, I decided to record each view with a minor review. Don't expect something full of details or major opinion… Read

Chapter 1

Book / Editorial and Opinion

July 26, 2019

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I'm bored and while I have a never-ending writer's block, I try to google shit to write about. In case you haven't heard about the 2030 Agenda, you're free to google it. I'm very pessimistic so that's why the title is rather depressing... sorry about that, but I just feel… Read

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a book for new members. Read

Chapter 2

Book / Editorial and Opinion

April 05, 2019

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Artificial Intelligence is working on the probable futuristic action of ours basic machine enabled data analysis Read

Book / Editorial and Opinion

January 27, 2019

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It's a story of a girl facing the judgmental society. The society that likes to judge people not by their ability but their outlooks. It's a story of battling with depression and winning it over. Read

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A collection of my favorite Vocaloid songs. Each chapter consists of a short review, along with favorite lines quoted in red italic and a few illustrative images taken from the original YouTube video or their subs versions. All songs and images belong to their respective owners. Comments/suggestions/corrections are welcomed. Read

Book / Editorial and Opinion

August 12, 2018

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This book is guided by its summary. I state it as "Untouched track living within your soul ! Will A Soul Give Birth for Its Gestures?" May be this opinion will bring more delight how I will mention simple details for our wider audience. :) Read

Book / Editorial and Opinion

July 28, 2018

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soooo..... i want to say one thing Read
Energy carriers are used in industries for diverse kinds of motion and travel. These are also referred to as cable chains, energy chains, drag chains, cat tracks, power chains, cable carriers, etc. These guide sensitive data cables, bus and FOC. Read
This book is a rough guide about living your life on a budget and making various changes to your lifestyle and making the most out of a budget lifestyle , the rest is about my opinions of world wide affairs , hope you all enjoy Budget living and various goings… Read

Book / Editorial and Opinion

March 15, 2018

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Share your questions & tips on getting your first novel published OR How to attract an Agent or Publisher if so far no-one has offered to read your full manuscript except for vanity press! Read

Chapter 18

Book / Editorial and Opinion

February 20, 2018

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A collection of short stories, mostly about the U.S. socio-political landscape before the 2016 election Read

Chapter 1

Book / Editorial and Opinion

November 25, 2017

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Chapter 1

Book / Editorial and Opinion

September 10, 2017

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Book, Is success a Sin? guiding you for the power of thinking to help meet life’s challenges and fulfill goals. Behaviors and relationships can be transformed as you become more effective at solving problems, more focused on things that matter, and more satisfied with life. In any the situation in… Read
Pen name Gulliver , also known as Adam Heather, real name Adnan Haider Zaidi is a writer,scholar,politician, scientist, film producer and a poet .He wrote the history of Pakistan and future of Pakistan from now till 2050. His opinions are based on various technical , economical,political and global forecast . Read

Chapter 1

Book / Editorial and Opinion

June 04, 2017

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Chapter 1

Book / Editorial and Opinion

May 08, 2017

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how does one know who they are in this world? Read

Chapter 1

Book / Editorial and Opinion

February 04, 2017

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Hi, this is my first writing that I'm very excited about. I worked a while on this and although it's not finished, I'm kinda proud of myself for spending so much time on it. Hope you like it! Read

Chapter 1

Book / Editorial and Opinion

November 25, 2016

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This is my first time posting , its about what i see life as . i would like to hear your thoughts and keep reading . hope you life it :) Read