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The Rockstar is a trilogy of mini-books that chronicle the experiences of a lad who stumbles into a life centered on music. It is the story of his journey from a teenager in the sixties through to his final concert he dreamed of performing. As with all of us, it… Read More

Featured Review by Criss Sole

"What a terrifying night. Hopefully Mark will be alright... i wonder what caused this chaos. Got lots of questions now... great beginning. " Read More

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Ever get the feeling we're being manipulated? Read
Planned obsolescence is a concept that many consumers are familiar with but may not fully understand. It refers to the practice of designing products to have a limited lifespan, forcing consumers to continually replace them. While this may seem like a harmless business strategy, the environmental and economic impacts of… Read
The world's economy has taken a significant hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With many businesses shutting down and unemployment rates skyrocketing, governments and financial institutions are searching for ways to jumpstart economic recovery. One potential solution that has been gaining traction is to increase interest rates. While this may… Read

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I think the powers that be are concerned that Covid took attention away from their climate emergency narrative so they are upping the propaganda. I've been away for a while have noticed. Read
The three branches of American government - the foundation of world humanity - now fused into one gate -- the gate to hell . . . . Read

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I realize a political ideology is NOT an indicator of one's character. In other words, I know plenty of wonderful liberals and plenty of nasty conservatives. That said, this is simply a reflection of my OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCES on what it's like being a conservative with mostly liberal friends and… Read
How did human evolution turn into human infestation? Read
A few words on what I see going on around me, here in America. It's not a pretty picture . . . in fact, it is down right frightening! Read
Alexander Byrne, a Bookie writer, messaged me that he was leaving Booskie. A shame to lose such a prolific writer. I started reading his and others' work on Booksie, and was astounded by the depth and clarity of their work. I wrote "I Read the Words" as a show of… Read

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An Iowa school district has turned to ChatGPT to determine which books should be banned from its libraries. Read
I've been a non-denominational Minister for almost 20 years. I have my own ideas that I want to use God to help others in a way that rejects and refuses anyone regardless of their lifestyles, Orientations, Nationalities or even a lack of beliefs. The goal is to help everyone as… Read
What ever happened to common sense, logic, reason? Read
Sunday mornings are times for introspection and inspiration. Today, I thought about our state of affairs, and why we find ourselves where we are. And the answer came quickly -- all because of disgraced ingrates -- all of them . . .. without exception. Read
This critical essay challenges the necessity of borders in Africa, highlighting their arbitrary nature, socio-economic drawbacks, and hindrance to regional integration. Read

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The greatest mistake of all -- Man. Read
The importance of critical thinking in the contemporary era. Read
A reflection on the Milgram Experiment and its insights on human nature. Read
An essay reflecting on William Golding's view on human nature as seen in Lord of the Flies. Read
An essay about different characters' perspectives on education in Kaffir Boy by Mark Mathabane. Read
An essay on the spiritual vs religious sides of Siddhartha in Hermann Hesse's novel. Read
Part Three considers what we can learn from the classics and how the new "censors" (particularly those triggered by algorithm and/or political bias) can hurt us. Read

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This is a speech I wrote on Gun Control for school. Read
Greta Thunberg: Voicing the Future Only lead by example, and not by your opinion. I initially heard of Greta Thunberg in 2018, when she first rose to fame. She was merely 15 at the time, but her words rung out with an intense zeal and moral urgency that made her… Read
An look at very early eating establishments, what they were, what they offered, where they came from, and where they are now. Read