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December 31, 1969

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A family patriarch teaches a history lesson Read More

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Reality exists! At least I think it does. How would I know? Some say that we don't exist at all. How does that work? Am I fooling you? Or am I fooling myself? If I don't exist, then I guess I really couldn't care less. Whatever it is, make the… Read More

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This is an essay about writing poetry. Read More
This essay is the first part of a larger essay on poetry and its development. Read More

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A bit dark last time, so a bit more cheerful this time Read More
This is just a feeling that i have that will happen in the United States in the next coming years. Read More
A few descriptions of faults I see in myself Read More

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Japan has announced that it will resume whale hunting from 1st July 2019. Read More

Featured Review by Celtic-Scribe63

"Yet again, man goes about killing and slaughtering defenceless animals, in the most barbaric ways. there is no defence or argument for this dis..." Read More

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A lot was supposed to be accomplished this year but all didn't end up as well as we hoped for. Here's just some stories that came to my mind this year, that should've ended better than they actually did. Read More

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Worse than I'd feared Read More

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