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The world of Avern has moved on. It has been almost a thousand years since the day the entire pantheon disappeared. Since the Abandonment, the mortals have learned to live without gods and goddesses. The world became mundane with little magic, and even less hope. Tyrants have risen, and those… Read More
"Any love less than unconditional is so under Christian" -Lupe Fiasco Read More
Today is my nation's day and am compelled expressing the long gestating feelings. Read More

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Relations confined to mobile and laptop screens Read More

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Expectations are part of daily life and we can't escape them, but how much do they really impact our lives? Read More

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Don't justify yourself. No one cares for your elaborately (or not) made excuses. Read More

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A few thoughts about the planet we inhabit and the events preceding the worldwide virus outbreak at the start of 2020. Read More
Some would you call you a resentful man Steph. Is that an accurate summation you'd say? Read More
How do you feel about writing? Why write? What's writing mean to you? Read More

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This is about my experience with Trust. Probably defines the way I'm dealing with it after I realised that I have broken it. Read More

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DENIAL is often used as a psychological defense mechanism postulated by psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, in which a person is faced with a fact that is too uncomfortable to accept and rejects it instead, insisting that it is not true despite what may be overwhelming evidence. Read More
just a quick thought, write, and execution of a short opinion that bothers many every day. Read More
Random thoughts for 6-22-2018 Read More

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Why I will no longer be answering the question, "what race are you?". Read More

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When i start to get sensitive bout the world we live in... Read More
Is depression and anxiety actually the norm? Read More

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A blog post about the situation that caused me to fast (give up) makeup to improve my self esteem, confidence, and self worth. Read More
I have a few questions for you. Here's a place for you to ask and answer questions, and learn a few things about ME. Read More

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Photo meant to go with 'Self-Inflicted Hell' poem Read More

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A set of categorized aphorisms. Read More

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A review on the movie "The Beguiled", which represents two visions on what is behind the plot. Read More
Putting my thoughts down in writting about growing up in the apartheid era in South Africa. Read More

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A short one page answer to the question of why I chose the vocation that I did, why I love it so much and why I wouldn't have it any other way. Read More
Ever wonder why you are so hard on your own body? Why no matter how hard you try you just can't love your body the way it is? I might have the answer for you and as bad as the title sounds it is DEFINITELY not all of your fault.… Read More
A blog about my view on singlness and society's deplorable attitude towards it. Read More
Serving wage is no wage, minimum wage is starvation wage. Read More

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Just a random thought about relationships after being and having dealt with shallow people. Read More

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Something to think on if you care to. Read More