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Short short written for the Flash Fiction 2019 contest. Cover image is from the Flash Fiction Contest. This image is the focus of the story. Version 2. Read More

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This is a write- up and facts about the life lessons that I have learned throughout my journey... Read More

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Reentry specifically involves using programs that promote the effective reintegration of ex-offenders into communities when they are released from prison and jail. Read More
I have seen and attended so many psychologists; this is what I have learned from them, Read More

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this is a quote which i came up with , i post a quote when i come up with one , check the others with the similar title :) Read More

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This is my advice about people in my opinion. Read More

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some quotes or short poems i came up with myself Read More

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i have recently developed my writing and began writing life quotes, i hope u like them :) Read More
Decisions aka the good, the bad and the ugly. Decision making is an endless, on going everyday process that can give ones' self a sense of independence, a feeling of worth, acceptance and so on, but not to be forgotten, negative self impacts can happen as well as a result… Read More

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This is my project. It was kind of rushed, bu tell me what you think about it, and try to guess the grade I will get! Read More
Sometimes you have to close your eyes to actually see the world. Read More

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The question of humanity, and the answer to man kind Read More

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This is the thought of every person who are living in the society and think about other person's life. According to me first of all they should be think about them self. This is first time I am writing something related to another I hope If I wiil do any… Read More

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There's not much to tell. I'm thinking about writing more to this because it was a school project and I received a great grade on it. If continued. it'll be a remake of the well know "Snow White" princess story. Read More

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I want to inspire people to be themselves. To follow their hearts. I hope this helps. Read More

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A short little thing where I describe how I have found life to work. Read More

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It's tells of how we discern other people and the burdens we all face at some point in our lives Read More

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1.Whatever happens in your life, no matter how troubling things may seem, do not enter the neighbourhood of despair. Read More

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My thoughts on life. Read More

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This script is an observation put into a truthful oponion of how easy the struggles and consequences of impulsive decisions can effect our lives drastically. Read More

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It does. Read More
we all are bound up with some unanswerable questions. Let try and figure this out. Read More
Noah Archy's parents: Christians Noah's best girl friend Ruby: Christian Noah's best guy friend Eddie: Atheist Noah: ? Read More
don't know what to write in summary.. this is just a short article about me , may be you . may be someone around you ... i would like if you leave your opinions after this... !!!!!!!!!! added a song, which is of an indian movie ' thats all i… Read More

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Is caring for the elderly a must? Read the script to find out! Read More

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consistency is the answer to everything in life... Marcia Salazar Read More
turn negative obstacles into positive thinking Read More
3DS MAX 7 Notes About 3ds max 7 Features ACTIVESHADE • Using Raytrace materials can cause the ActiveShade window to lose focus, activating the main UI keyboard shortcuts. Click the ActiveShade window to reactivate ActiveShade keyboard shortcuts. ASSET BROWSER • Scene XRef drag and drop of files with scripts that… Read More

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read to find out Read More

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This is a play that I wrote for my friends and I to perform. Sorry if I spelled anything wrong! XD Please like and comment. Read More
Corruption is a worldwide phenomenon. No human being can claim to be detached from wealth except people adhering to spirituality. However, the young lad from Ralegaon Siddhi, Kisan Baburao Hazare, felt the pinch for money, fame and wealth very early in life, abandoned his books and moved on to pavement… Read More
This is the script I wrote for my Language Arts To Kill A Mockingbird oral presentation covering the topic on Woman Rights in Society. Read More

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I need help with choosing a type of character. Could ye help me? (READ description) Read More
A fresh fragmentary monologue about conspiracies, disclosure and what it means to look at a number of aspects held in the collective conscioussness about the coming prophecies concerning the beginning of a new age. Read More
My dear friend who is extremely interested in political issues especially concerning Indian history asked me to explain my answer to her question. "What is your opinion on Gandhi and his Philosophy?" I have given my views in this article for the same. Please note that, the relevance of the… Read More

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This is a Monologue about my opinion of the WOODSTOCK. the character's name is Jane Read More