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When Gordy flees America and the War in Vietnam and takes a job as an English teacher in the Tokyo of the 1960s, he finds he gets a lot more than a mere hourly wage. Read More

Featured Review by B Douglas Slack

"This is without a doubt the funniest story I've read in a decade. The entire Japanese female persona is laid bare here. Every bit true. Your sto..." Read More

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I will always honor the american flag because of the people who fought for my freedom. one way I can honor the flag is to stand up for the star spangled banner. another way I can honor the flag is to tell a soldier thank you. I could help put… Read

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Writing is a magical touch you get from deep down inside your heart. It extends to all the known factors of your being. Essentially everyone is gifted with one talent or another just need to tap into it. It's a fabricated lie that scientist suggest that we use a small… Read
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