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Plate 21, from Birds of America by John J. Audubon unique song of the grey mockingbird Read More

Chapter 6

Book / Fan Fiction

May 28, 2023

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Rick and Alexa were young, but the love they had for each other ran deep. But her mother didn’t want them together and made everything to separate them. Going as far as sending her away to another country when she finds out something that wouldn’t help her keep them apart.… Read

Reads: 664

WARNING!!!: Contains spoilers for Persona 5: Royal! Read at your own risk!!! April 9th, 2016 was the day Ren Amamiya moved to the Yongen-Jaya district of Tokyo, Japan to begin his new life after a scuffle with Masayoshi Shido got him arrested and placed on probation for a year. While… Read
|8X FEATURED| AI Sada vows to be the mom Arven never had, but when the heinous Mastermind of Deception rises from the future, the young android must do everything she can to stop them from taking her humanity. *** It has been a month since the events in the Great… Read

Book / Fan Fiction

May 24, 2023

Reads: 33

Let's Face It is not merely a book; it is an empowering manifesto for living a life unapologetically and authentically. It inspires us to shed the masks that conceal our true identities, empowering us to embrace vulnerability as a gateway to personal growth, emotional liberation, and genuine human connection. So,… Read
The OverWorld, a peaceful place during the day, a deadly place at night, is in danger. An ancient object, known as the crystal of life, is taken. That crystal is the only source of all life on the OverWorld. Now that it’s gone, an ancient prophecy known to a few… Read

Book / Fan Fiction

April 28, 2023

Reads: 277

Lola Salvatore, the sister of Damon and Stefan Salvatore, is coming back to Mystic Falls to see her brothers again after not seeing them since 1994. When she gets there, she learns that someone from her past is about to come to town and not for good reasons. Read on… Read

Reads: 123

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First things first- I promise you this is holy. Nothing dirty, just love. Pure and simple. Read
Steve Harrington and Robin Buckley are working part-time jobs while searching for a more permanent career path. Despite their initial struggles, they eventually land jobs at a hardware store where they work alongside a diverse group of co-workers. Steve continues to harbour a crush on Robin, who is openly gay… Read

Chapter 1

Book / Fan Fiction

April 17, 2023

Reads: 67

Nighthare has always felt like he's not enough. He falls into a lake and drowns. Yet he wakes up as a small kit with his two sisters and brother still alive. He wants to fix this but how can he? He's useless other than the fact that seemingly everytime he… Read

Book / Fan Fiction

April 16, 2023

Reads: 1096

Heya, this is my own personal au of the one and only Gaster. So long story short, Gaster is a human scientist that did an experiment which leaded to the non-existing boy we learned today. Also, Papyrus and Sans are experiments Read

Chapter 1

Book / Fan Fiction

April 16, 2023

Reads: 2573

Hello to whoever may be reading this. I just want to say that this is discontinued in a way. What I mean by this is, I will be remastering this book. Due to the fact that i have gotten way better at writing then I once. And it's just a… Read

Reads: 41

an assignment where we would make our own 'character sketch' and so, here is mine. Read

Chapter 100

Book / Fan Fiction

April 06, 2023

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Kaminari Denki hears two voices singing in his head one day, but everyone seems to think that they are hallucinations because it's rare to have two soulmates. Join Kaminari on his way to self-discovery, self-acceptance, and self-love as he bonds with a chaotic blonde boy and a purple-haired insomniac as… Read
This is Fanfic for Choices: Bad Boy Romance after book 1. You don't need to read/play it because I set it some years off. It just basically provides some better background for the MC/Ellie relationships. Spoilers are below for a quick backdrop. I used the default name Ellie Wheeler for… Read

Book / Fan Fiction

April 05, 2023

Reads: 233

She doesn’t know who the person in the mirror is and he doesn’t know that what he sees in the mirror is human. Both torn apart limb by limb. Who will get fixed? Will either of them get fixed? Can they fix each other? You know those people that are… Read

Reads: 63

I fratelli Winchester non hanno mai vissuto un Natale come gli altri, hanno dovuto sempre adattarsi. Le cose da adulti non saranno tanto diverse o forse no? Read

Reads: 182

Y/N is a half blood girl with a dark secret, one her family has kept under lock and chain for years. But what will happen when she meets Draco Malfoy, and he learns of her dark secret? Will she try to pull away, or will she fall for the one,… Read
*Based on the art work of Indonesian Deviantart artist, Thunderyo* The year is 3,600 BC. The kingdom of Atlantis has come under siege from the Abyss. A powerful empire of sea creatures whom they have been at war with for a hundred years. The advanced city has been overrun and… Read
Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fan Fiction. NOTE: Raph and Leo are brothers, so this is platonic. Leo convinces Raph to take a break from his constant hustle and finally get the rest he needs. At first, Raph is reluctant, but he quickly realizes how tired he actually… Read

Book / Fan Fiction

February 24, 2023

Reads: 77

This book and talks about two young boys coming from under privileged homes to try to make it in this fast crazy world. They are A+ students and made promises to work hard to leave the slums to get a better life away from there and build names for themselves.… Read

Chapter 1

Book / Fan Fiction

February 21, 2023

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jimin and jungkook are the cute couple of bts. their little secret might cause the other members to be quite uncomfortable. with their new song coming up, jimin and jungkook will be in for it. will bts discover jikook or will their secret forever be safe? Read

Reads: 4759

|8X FEATURED| AI Sada vows to be the mom Arven never had, but when the heinous Mastermind of Deception rises from the future, the young android must do everything she can to stop them from taking her humanity. *** It has been a month since the events in the Great… Read

Chapter 2

Book / Fan Fiction

February 13, 2023

Reads: 164

If her life was easy would she even be here? But standing before the last step of her journey made her think what was left? Read

Chapter 16

Book / Fan Fiction

February 06, 2023

Reads: 2925

Shelves: 3

Sasuke Uchiha died in his battle against Naruto in the Valley of End, but before he dies, he conjures up every sin, every wrong that he has committed, every person that he killed, every life that he ruined. In his death, his wish for a second chance will be granted,… Read

Chapter 1

Book / Fan Fiction

February 04, 2023

Reads: 109

With the Crystals reunited and the magic returned, Sunny and her newfound friends rejoice in delight at the harmony they have reintroduced to the ponies of Equestria. ‘We did it!’ Sunny proclaims excitingly. ‘But, did we do it alone?’ She wonders and she glances to the rainbow-auraed sky that stretches… Read

Chapter 2

Book / Fan Fiction

February 02, 2023

Reads: 252

So basically I’ve been out a lot. Heh… working on other stories. But this is a new story that I’ll probably ghost y’all on. Lol ok here ya go! Read

Reads: 625

If love had a name…..what would it be? This is what our main character Tubbo thinks about a lot. This is a Fanfiction about the Dream smp! Just so you know I do not own any of the characters. And I am not shipping these people IRL. It’s just their… Read

Reads: 104

The Epilogue of the Anime Interviewer first episode. Thank you for reading my story I appreciate it. Read

Reads: 141

Final Session of the Anime Interviewer with two guests. Itachi and Kisame. Read
This was a gift. Silly times getting a burger. Read
Recently had to write an audition post for a discord. Def an improvement from when I wrote Lady D. Enjoy! Read

Reads: 184

This is the second session of the first episode of the Anime Interviewer. Update notes: More refined version of the second session with less grammer mistakes. I apologize for the inconvenience. I am trying my best to avoid them. Thank you for your understanding. Read
Harry was fake dating ginny Wesley. Draco is Harry's boyfriend. Nico was a pure-blood wizard, will was a half-blood. Nico needs to learn other magic then his powers that he got from his father, Hades. Hades plans to marry Anna Heller. Read
black suit, tragic background, sarcastic smile, bright eyes, body built, tattoos, tall height, black undercut hairs. "stop this marriage or i won't hesitate to turn this marriage hall into a graveyard" beautifully curved body, her brown waves of hair jumped as she took a step and her eyes on focusing… Read

Reads: 234

This fiction story talks about a person that became an interviewer and was able to travel to the anime world in a mysterious way and do interviews with his favorite characters from the anime world and. The characters will be asked questions that some of us were wondering about and… Read
CAUTION: sad, sucidal a depressed girl of baekhyun sucides and he could not save her.. baekhyun: Death, that hath sucked the honey of thy breath, Hath no power yet upon thy beauty. Is crimson in thy lips and in thy cheeks, And death's pale flag is not advanced there(romeo, rome… Read