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Three construction workers find themselves enjoying their evening just a little bit too much... Read More

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You and sero had a perfect relationship or so you thought Read More
sisters ana and janice , and their mother lived in what they believed was a peaceful town until on the 31st of october , something very strange happened on that halloween night. Read More

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May 08, 2021

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"I stepped on the edge of the wall and looked down. Two Howlers were there,sensing me they try to climb up the concrete wall,their claws just couldn't grab onto it making them stumble back down. They would snarl up at me then try again. They looked hungry,eager to rip flesh… Read More

Chapter 3

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May 07, 2021

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This is a Harry Potter (Drarry) fanfiction I started working on and wanted to share. I'll probably write it in more detail, it's definitely ongoing. Hope you enjoy! Feel free to comment feedback :) This story is ongoing! WARNING: Mature language and content. **I do not own these characters! They… Read More

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After the defeat of Father, Ed and Al fail to get their bodies restored. They're still searching, but with a sudden strange power, and a bounty on Edward's head, things aren't going to be easy. And despite what they say, I'm not doing them any favors, either. [Ed X OC]… Read More

Featured Review by Jonathon Asur-Robinson

"Amazing, you really captured the mannerisms. In all honesty I was a little sceptical coming into this as FMA is one of my favourite anime's but..." Read More

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It was nighttime while a Vet Youtuber named Matts Alright got off the base for the day. He gets inside the car to be prepared to run in the store to get dog food for his pet dog named scooby doo. Read More

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Image by Priyesh Rawal Read More
lol idk i could upload fanfics too xD Naruto fanfic with my favorite characters and of course Minky! MAY CONTAIN NAUGHTY STUFF (Not sure really, i havent read it in a while xD Plan on reading it here at work :P Read More

Chapter 1

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April 17, 2021

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After the mysterious voice saying "The Cycle must continue". Our characters have cross paths with a young girl named Detective Akane Tsunemori. She tells our characters that the agency that she works with is trying to stop the cycle that was formed by Arekkusu. So they go after the sources… Read More

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All Might has died and Deku figured if the Symbol Of Peace will have to die in a world of heroes, why should there be heroes at all? So he begins his mission to kill each and every hero until all that stands is a "perfect" society where villains rule… Read More

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The year is 2110. 100 years prior, planet Earth was on the verge of destruction due to a series of natural cosmic events. In a desperate attempt to save their planet, the human race requested the aid of the Equestrians: a race of equine-type beings from Equestria. After a successful… Read More

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April 02, 2021

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The fabric of the cosmos is beginning to unravel ... The unified strong hierarchy of the gods begin to fail, as Hera plots revenge, and everyone from the minor gods to the legendary Titans are all starting to be pitted against each other! Mother against daughter, sister against brother, lover… Read More

Chapter 17

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April 01, 2021

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Discover a girl with s dark past,handsome men and love Read More

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This is a fanfiction about the book series "Warriors" written by Erin Hunter, I wrote this FAN FICTION, it mainly focuses on Cloudpaw, it is short. Read More

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March 31, 2021

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damon black is a wizard who has nothing but the clothes on his back and his ragtag group of fellow wizards. then one night when everything goes wrong damon joins the twilight oath wizard guild. as he searches for his long-lost family he discovers a horrifying truth. ( since i… Read More

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Zootopia: Operation Thunderbolt follows the story of Blake Thunder, a fox that lost his family in a harrowing event. His heavy loss turned him into a ruthless hitman working for The Golden Fang Clan, a secret organization led by the malevolent criminal mastermind Raphael Roarlington. Blake's life signficantly changes after… Read More

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March 28, 2021

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March 26, 2021

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(Original Story is on my Wattpad account @_ellisescarlet_) Pentatonix is on the middle of their world tour, Twice has been practicing their new choreography to perform, NiziU has been preparing their new album, and Blackpink is doing some normal things while they're on break. Their life seems so normal, but… Read More
This is a Dabi x OC fanfic because this boy has made a space in my head and made a home for himself. The OC's name is actually Mikaela, but for the sake of the fanfic and her quirk is like OP as hell 7-7, her name is Kesu Nisemono.… Read More
Rory August, she is related to Santo August or Chresanto, which ever one you like best. Princeton and the gang hangs out with their favorite group member of all Roc Royal. Rayan and Craig don't have girlfriends yet. Will Princeton have feelings for Rory, Chres's little sister or will they… Read More

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March 21, 2021

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A fanfic of the Marvel Universe, starting with the creation of The Hulk. An ongoing series (hopefully). Read More

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Basically a Marauder’s era fan fiction. James has made some new friends, but will they stick by him as he goes through his first year at Hogwarts? Will they be prepared for what they have to encounter? What about Lily, James’ new crush? Who are her friends, and what are… Read More

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This is my version of the deaf Bakugou head canon! I hope you like it! Read More

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Treasured moments about life between a Grandmother and Granddaughter that are never forgotten. Read More

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A very short descriptive text written as a tribute to a popular Anime Fiction Character named "Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto" Read More

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We've all read the stories about Percy Jackson and his friends going on quests to save the world. Well, now lets here from a new age. From Percy's son himself! Meet John Jackson. Your typical teenager, well, typical DEMIGOD teenager. Yup. John got his dad's abilities. John has always tried… Read More

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What would happen if the known world of PJO met the slightly unknown world of Eerie Indiana. Would you like to find out? Published by @martymcfly (me) on, welcome to the world of the Eerie Indiana/ PJO Crossover! Book 1 Read More

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Wonho... I awaken with a start and disoriented as fuck when I felt a warm breath fan across my face and a loud, erotic moan filtered in the air. My eyes were met with long, black curls covering half of the stranger's face. Just from the glow of her partially… Read More

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After receiving a letter stating she must depart, Twilight Sparkle spends her last day with her friends. However, it turns out that she is not the only pony leaving as her friends have made their own plans for the future. After reading about the next generation being planned for September… Read More

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The Risks Life of a young adult began at the year 2020. A boy call Lazz Niga Dbz, begins his life career with a good and dirty life, At an age of 20 years, Lazz Niga Dbz began to work hard and Begin to pursue his dream career. Lazz Niga… Read More

Chapter 2

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February 15, 2021

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When Yoongi left years ago, he left something of his with longtime boyfriend, Jimin. Now that he feels worthy enough for Jimin, it might be too late, seeing that Jimin has a son attached to his hip at all times. Read More
Everybody has heard of the five joker siblings: Cesar Napier, Jack Napier, Jared Napier, Joaquin Napier, Heath Napier.... Cesar- the clown, Jack-the gangster, Jared-the psychopath, Joaquin-the comedian and Heath-the anarchist. But few know just how life goes on for the five jokers when they aren't busy getting their hands in… Read More

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February 07, 2021

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Lillian and her family remark on a adventure to find their grandmother and cousin/ brother. Read More

Book / Fan Fiction

February 01, 2021

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Pokemon fanfiction. Read More

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An alternate opening to 'Leave A Scar'. Much darker than the original, and contains a few light spoilers for the main work (up to chapter 12, Absence and Presence). Read More

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Jungkook has an abusive boyfriend. Read More

Chapter 1

Book / Fan Fiction

January 28, 2021

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Rapunzel and the gang are following the black rocks to an unknown destination but they can't do it alone. They need help from the Guardians of Arcadia. Along the way, everything gets all tangled up! Read More