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December 31, 1969

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These are my headcanons for the Harry Potter Next Generation Characters. (Please note that I'm not sure if the Longbottom kids are canon characters. I like to think that they are.) Read More

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This book called Secret Pathway, there is this girl named Minnie has a horrific time worrying about all her siblings, (sometimes her parents too.) Her and her sister Maylee finds a "Secret Pathway" and takes a adventure, they discover something scary, they escaped it once, will they again? Read More

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January 01, 2018

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It is a way to release myself from unknown pain. Read More


book 3 in the new series 'harry potter fanatic' Read More
Book 2 in the new series 'Harry Potter Fanatic' Read More

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Attention all Harry Potter fans, a new series is here, it will delve deeper into the world of Harry Potter than ever before! Read More
Book 1 in the new series 'Harry Potter fanatic'. Delve deep into the world of Harry Potter with this great book. Read More
The release date for the new album will be October 9th reports Phish. In a last minute switch from the previously chosen "waterhorse" title, phish chooses "big boat" as the name of their 14th studio album. The titile track comes from a lyric in the song "friends" penned by Page… Read More
As a member of a fanfiction universe, I had decided in the past to make an EWF (Equestrian Wrestling Federation.) As such, I decided to make up moves and add some real moves as finishers. This was 1 of my "I didn't consider doing this, but now I must because… Read More
This is a bio on JUST Derpy. Read More

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These are bios for some other characters you will see in Canterlot High Read More

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I'm thinking of doing a Canterlot High fanfic, and I decided to start by giving basic info about the characters you can expect to see if this story is made. Read More

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it is about an artist from Pakistan who got fame all over the country and the world.she is working for Pakistan by heart and soul.. Read More
partly based off the songs aisenma and game over) Ever heard off the game, fear of the dark? Probably not because after a few weeks of being out it was banned because of a series of murders surrounding a specific copy of the game. But 10 years after the game… Read More
My own love story, because I love AATC. Contains some adult content, but nothing graphic, and some violence. Read More
tions where I’m not going back some reason 24 hours thing as far as changing my opinions or time I mean that's I just think there's been a good scientist you know I think there's somebody that said back in the eighteen hundreds something to the effect though there Read More
link to "Stitches" the creepy pasta contest 1st place winner Read More

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Murder Seen through the Eyes of a Child is a story about three young boys growing up and getting into all kinds of mischief as they watch and witness a terrible tragedy unfold. This book runs the complete gambit of emotions. You will find yourself laughing and then rooting for… Read More

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