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Life sometimes doesn't go as planned. Nobody knows that better than Brittany Wilson. Wanting more out of life, she plans to leave Leamingville Meadows but lies, illness and love stop her. She didn't plan on falling in love with David Penner, but when he does something that leaves her devastated,… Read More

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The book is about the journey of a trio that begins. Like wounded warriors out for revenge the trio are out on a quest; a quest for a dingy place. But a sudden event changes the dingy place into a land of tranquility and purity. Read on to find out… Read More

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This is a few tips on the story so far Read More

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about a girl and boy whom live together. be advised. Read More

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I'm working on two warrior books and need your help to come up with names and the titles and back stories for each characters! Read More

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a review of a best-seller... Read More
Robin Elizabeth review on Karen Marie Moning series Read More

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This ones for a certain someone that asked me to do this. ;D thanks for getting me inspired. I owe it to you. Read More
This is how I feel about the book called "The Lost Hero" by Rick Riordan who has also written the famous Percy Jackson series and the Kane chronicles. Read More
A book I read, and my review of it. Read More
A book report on a book I read. Read More

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About a boy named Stanely Yelnats and his friends. Read More

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A review of Six Great Short Stories. A compilation of short stories written and created by Author Robert M de la Torre. Read More
Hope you like! Read More

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I think the Pendragon Series is good because it has action and it has alot of strong vocab and overall it is a good book and it is for all ages to read. Read More

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Just to let you know, this is what I think of the movie. I only get my material from the trailors. Also most of it is purely what I think it's going to be like. Read More

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If you have a good or bad opinion of Twilight please read and comment. Read More