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Have a time. Take a thought. Make this abundant. Kind as blessing. Listen from heart. Find one moment. Hear this. :) Read More

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FAN-FICTION DISCLAIMER (circa September 2016) I do not own any rights to the Zeroes Universe or any of its stories, characters, and settings. The Zeroes Universe and all related stories, characters, and settings is the property of Simon Pulse, an imprint of Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing Division, and authors:… Read

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FAN-FICTION DISCLAIMER This is a work of fan fiction using characters from the Marvel Universe, which is trademarked by Marvel Comics. The mention of mutants, X-Men, Brotherhood of Evil, Inhumans, or Avengers, and any of the other Marvel Universe groups of superheroes or supervillains, and any supporting characters, are all… Read
My friend had this great idea about how everything in the X-Men/Marvel Universe was actually being controlled by the greatest telepath of all time: Professor Charles Xavier. What would lead one man down a path to where they would sacrifice loved ones? What could make one mind be so treacherous… Read

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FAN-FICTION DISCLAIMER (circa September 2016) I do not own any rights to the Zeroes Universe or any of its stories, characters, and settings. The Zeroes Universe and all related stories, characters, and settings is the property of Simon Pulse, an imprint of Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing Division, and authors:… Read
“stars burn and stars fade, yet their light shines eternally in the imaginations of the young” - me I used "Shaping the Story" by author Mark Baechtel to help guide my writing process for a couple of months as I started my blog, and this tidbit of a chapter 1… Read

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The main character is former luggage carrier, brave party (group of choose people to save the world from the demon king army) who was exiled from the party, because the he is weak and brave man the choose savior greed. (Note: This story was inspired by Japanese Web Novel, Manga,… Read
Just some random mcyt oneshot ideas that pop into my mind. Will mostly be Ivorycello, Hermitcraft and MCC. I can't promise they'll be any good. Read

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Maya from Maya and Miguel now has her own home Read

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this is fan fiction for a series called ttyl i suggest you check it out. it is unfinished, but i think i was at a good stopping point so i decided to publish what i had. i called it "idek" because it just seemed good and it was kinda like… Read

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Jeon Jungkook finally sees the world of social media besides Twitter, and gets on Instagram, secretly. He makes a "fan account", and soon chats with a cute 18 year old boy, who is secretly a fan of his. Between fan and fame, Jungkook has to choose. What do you think… Read

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Please note this writing contains explicit language. Read
House and Wilson get trapped in a supply closet and things get too real and dirty. Read

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The tears threatened to come, but she pushed them away. She would not cry in front of this demon. He was wrong. She felt it in the very essence of her being that they were meant to be; that she was supposed to be with this demon and he with… Read

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“Lord of the Lies” is the sequel to “Lord of the Flies”, with the same characters on a homeward bound vessel. It was a novella published on Remembrance Day to acknowledge the war effort and how savage, yet necessary, it was. It also represents the loss of innocence caused by… Read
This is a Supernatural Fan fiction. We go by episode and season and since it is a work in progress, we will attempt to update every first Thursday of the month as editing takes up a lot of our time. We will keep you updated. This contains triggering topics and… Read
Trainer Green wakes up late on the day he plans to be a trainer, After choosing squirtle as his starter, Green sets off on a long quest towards the Pokémon leagues. (This fanfic contains some adult language. I wouldn't reccommed reading if you are under 12 years old) Read

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A head canon AU based off of friisans TrainerTale. TrainerTale belongs to @friisans Undertale belongs to Toby Fox Pokémon belongs to Nintendo and Game Freak Currently unfinished and will be on hiatus until further notice. Read
Alec has to learn to deal with him sexuality along with an ever supportive Magnus. Read
I made this a couple of years ago and I decided to completely scrap the character because she sucked. This was the first gemsona I ever made Read

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winry rockbell has lately being dreaming about strange things. when an old man finally shows her how all the pieces in her dream fit together, she realises that she has a mission. a mission to exterminate the homonculus of love and brotherhood. what will she do? read to find out… Read

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This is my first(sort of) story! Read
I've always been a huge fan of the Big Bang Theory. I have all 9 seasons on Blu-Ray. I've also always enjoyed writing. I thought, why not put two things I enjoy together? Read
my first book ever not for those who hat my little pony and for those who enjoy a good darkfic u should enjoy Read

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i came up with an idea to continue my batman fanfiction. Read
A fanfic that has ben in the works for about a month now and I decided to put it up! Read

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When Hiccup and Astrid are preparing for their wedding a certain gift from a friend proves threatening to the engagement. Read
Misha Collins and Jensen Ackles have worked together for years now, and been really close mates, best friends even, until one of them finally admits something that will change everything. Read
"This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill Fifteen percent concentrated power of will Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain And a hundred percent reason to remember the name" Ryu (ri you) is an assassin, paid by her "boss" to kill specific people for certain reasons. "He doesn't need his… Read
Not much is known about the small she-cat...or where she came from. After finding her as a helpless kit, Thunderclan couldn't ignore the poor kitten that was laying mangled on the border. Follow White in her story, of fear, love, and trust. I don't own the " Warriors" arc, this… Read
Here's the first of possible fan fictions! I might post some more depending on whether of not I feel like it. Read

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This is a FanFiction for the Anime Blade Dance of the Elementers. It is based on Kamito and Claire's relationship. Enjoy :D Read

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August 28, 2015

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She'll paint you the bright sun and go to bed with the moon in her heart Read

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Genderbend of Herb Read