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Fasten your seatbelts and hold onto your hand rest for the air-tight aviation thrilling series! Robert Johnsen is born to fly; eyes always locked on the horizon. If he’s not working at Pilots N Paws or freight operating, he’s a volunteer disaster responder with AERObridge, venturing into dangerous terrains to… Read More

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my first dragon ball soul saga. the first of many. Read

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UNFINISHED/WORK IN PROGRESS! This is a fanfiction cross-over of Bobs Burgers and Archer. It connects to the end of season 4 of Bob's burgers where Bob and Mr. Fishodor are stuck under the pier and connects to the season opener for Archer season 6. Archer stubbles into Linda's restaurant drunk… Read
This is my submission to the Milestone DC Initiative. I'm sure I didn't get it but at least I tried. #Dreams of a Former intern Read

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In the early part of the late 1800s, Imaginos came to Cornwall to get supplies for his voyage. However... Read
A fan fiction story featuring characters from the DC Comics universe. all characters found within are copyrighted by dc comics. only the story is mine. Read

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Two brothers stay home alone for a day and their brotherly relationship deepens from before. Read

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The fantastic four gain their powers and their first nemesis is one of their own: Malice Read
The fourth issue of a comic series I'm writing and hoping to pitch to DC Comics. Read
This is an old work for Christmas during my high school days so before they were elemental guardian warriros they were just elemental warriors Read

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its about nick and Judy and their hybrid kids who go on cool, crazy, and "Wild" adventures and spend fun times being kids and dealing with conflict and having fun. Read

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Issue three of a fan fiction series on the children of Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman who lost their parents and now must decide if they want to carry their parent's mantel. Read

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Following a League of Legend Concept, here is a quick script for interactive speech delivery. Annie lost her Tibbers and somehow got herself in a dilemma as other LOL(League of Legends) characters in the carnival fight for her attention. Annie is confused, bothered. She wants to go but she doesn't.… Read
Based on the recent Star Wars: Battlefront video game universe, this unfinished script is for a pilot episode intended to develop into a full series. The story follows an ensemble cast of both rebels & imperials and explores their personal motivations and struggles that are often left untouched by the… Read
The gang score free tickets to a new amusement park called westword. Read
All of the Mane six die in this story but can come back with the elements. Can some pony bring them back for good? Read this story and find out. By the way, this will be a video on YouTube soon. I'm under the name Purple Filly. Go to my… Read

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February 07, 2017

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A fictional script following 2 families. Read

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Alfred visits the graves of Thomas and Martha Wayne to deliver a relic from the past, and hopefully find peace in light of a devastating tragedy... This is an eight page short story, similar to tales told in the Batman: Black and White anthology series produced by DC Comics. Enjoy,… Read

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"Destiny isn't a path any cay follows blindly. It is always a matter of choice, and sometimes the heart speaks the loudest. Listen to your heart. Because that's where your true destiny lies." "Snow will fall, fire will rise. But when snow covers fire, the forest is saved. But beware!… Read

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January 22, 2016

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Should i finish or write fan fiction about it? Read
Writing prompt exercise - Request: Halloween Dagur and Rae discuss Halloween. Read
Writing prompt exercise - Request: A Day in the LIfe of a Lacemaker Dagur and Rae discuss a day in the life of a lacemaker. Read
Writing prompt exercise - Request: Where Babies Come From Dagur and Rae discuss where babies come from. Read
Writing prompt exercise - Request: The Meaning of Life Dagur and Rae discuss the meaning of life. Read
Writing prompt exercise - Request: XBox VS Playstation Dagur and Rae discuss chewing. Read
Writing prompt exercise - Request: The Fall of Communism Dagur and Rae discuss the fall of communism. Read