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The cello or violoncello is the bass member of the violin family of musical instruments, which also includes the violin, viola and the double bass. The cello is used as a solo musical instrument, as well as in chamber music ensembles, and even some types of rock bands. Sophie was… Read More
Rapping is a musical form of vocal delivery that incorporates “rhyme, rhythmic speech, and street vernacular”, which is performed or chanted in a variety of ways, usually over a backbeat or musical accompaniment. Rap is often associated with, and is a primary ingredient of hip-hop music, but the origins of… Read More
Cheerleading ranges from chanting, to intense physical activity for sports team motivation, audience entertainment, or competition based upon organized routines. Competitive routines typically range anywhere from one to three minutes, and contain components of tumbling, dance, jumps, cheers, and stunting. Drew was a cheerleader... Read More
Sherlock's sudden and intense desire for chocolate unleashes a new fetish for John. Read More
After a divorce gone wrong, Greg finds himself having to rent a room. When he ends up feeling lonely, Greg decides to take up Mycroft's offer of assistance with anything at all. One thing leads to another, and soon enough, they find themselves naked and writhing as one. Read More
Exactly what it says on the tin; John and Sherlock make whoopee up in the sky in a hot air balloon. Basically porn without plot. Read More
It's been tense over the past while at 221 B Baker Street, and some relief s overdue... Sexy shenanigans ensue. Really, there isn't a whole lot of plot; it's literary porn for the sake of literary porn. Read More
Howard and Vince manage to get Naboo's birthday out of Bollo, and decide to throw a massive party in celebration. At the party, Naboo finds himself actually having a great time, and ends up having all kinds of fun! Read More
Sherlock has never been what he, or anyone else, would consider a sexual being. His life had been more or less devoid of any feelings of that variety, and yet somehow John Watson has managed to stir hot lust up inside of him. Now, Sherlock finds himself fantasising about his… Read More
John and Sherlock have gone and broken their bed - again. Now, they've got to go shopping for a new one before properly breaking it in. But, finding just the right bed proves to be more challenging than they might've thought. Read More
It takes a while, but soon after hiring Sebastian Moran, Jim Moriarty notices clear signs that his newest addition is attracted to him. Surprisingly enough, he also realises that the feelings are mutual. Read More
A sudden idea comes to Sherlock for a mild experiment which turns out to be a 'bursting' success! Porn without plot, really. Shameless smut. Enjoy. Read More
A day of rest turns dull, until Sherlock begins to absentmindedly fidget... Read More
After Vince works on creating a look based off of a favourite singer, he learns there's a bit of a problem; the trousers are dangerously tight, and he's going to need a little help from Howard to get out of them. Read More
A stalker is a person who harasses another person, as a former lover, a famous person, etc., in an aggressive, often threatening and illegal manner. Stalking behaviors are related to harassment and intimidation and may include following the victim in person or monitoring them. Michael was a stalker. He was… Read More
A gigolo is a male escort or social companion who is supported by a woman in a continuing relationship, often living in her residence or having to be present at her beck and call. The gigolo is expected to provide companionship, to serve as a consistent escort with good manners… Read More

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Television can teach and amuse, and it does provide needed distraction and escape. Yet, the difficulty arises when one strongly senses the need to stop viewing as much, and yet find they are unable to reduce viewing. Many people enjoy sitting or relaxing in front of the television and “turning… Read More
An art model poses for any visual artist as part of the creative process, providing a visual reference for the human figure in a work of art. However, more than being simply the subject of art, models are often thought of as muses, a source of inspiration without whom the… Read More
The Doctor and Ace run across a deadly virus and it's creator. Will Ace and the Doctor find a cure and make it out alive? Read More
when kishan goes to the bike park with his friends, he is not sure whether or not to let them ride it Read More