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For the happy girl who committed suicide. Mental illness is not always noticeable, it usually isn't at all, until we see it in our memories. Read More

Featured Review by Shikibu Gion

"masterfully crafted in a way that brings awareness to a form of mental health we're all familiar with. hauntingly beautiful." Read More

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It was nighttime while a Vet Youtuber named Matts Alright got off the base for the day. He gets inside the car to be prepared to run in the store to get dog food for his pet dog named scooby doo. Read More
lol idk i could upload fanfics too xD Naruto fanfic with my favorite characters and of course Minky! MAY CONTAIN NAUGHTY STUFF (Not sure really, i havent read it in a while xD Plan on reading it here at work :P Read More

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This is a fanfiction about the book series "Warriors" written by Erin Hunter, I wrote this FAN FICTION, it mainly focuses on Cloudpaw, it is short. Read More
Rory August, she is related to Santo August or Chresanto, which ever one you like best. Princeton and the gang hangs out with their favorite group member of all Roc Royal. Rayan and Craig don't have girlfriends yet. Will Princeton have feelings for Rory, Chres's little sister or will they… Read More

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This is my version of the deaf Bakugou head canon! I hope you like it! Read More

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Treasured moments about life between a Grandmother and Granddaughter that are never forgotten. Read More

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A very short descriptive text written as a tribute to a popular Anime Fiction Character named "Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto" Read More

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Wonho... I awaken with a start and disoriented as fuck when I felt a warm breath fan across my face and a loud, erotic moan filtered in the air. My eyes were met with long, black curls covering half of the stranger's face. Just from the glow of her partially… Read More

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After receiving a letter stating she must depart, Twilight Sparkle spends her last day with her friends. However, it turns out that she is not the only pony leaving as her friends have made their own plans for the future. After reading about the next generation being planned for September… Read More

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The Risks Life of a young adult began at the year 2020. A boy call Lazz Niga Dbz, begins his life career with a good and dirty life, At an age of 20 years, Lazz Niga Dbz began to work hard and Begin to pursue his dream career. Lazz Niga… Read More

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y/n meets Mindless Behavior for the first time, she starts to get feelings for the one and only Roc Royal, even though they just met will it last forever, or will they only be friends? Her girls are always trying to make her new things and start dating again will… Read More
Melody's friend and long time crush, Tristan get's taken away by the sea witch Morgana, Ursula's younger sister. Morgana wants Ariel's magical flower that hold's a piece of King Triton's power, but in order to do that she needs Melody to steel it from her Mother and trade it for… Read More

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who wins? hulk or one punch man?? Read More
This fan fiction short story, the fifth and final in this series, continues to explore how Batman and his nemesis, Joker, came to have characteristics which are the exact opposite of each other. Is this a coincidence? Or is it due to some sinister link between the two characters or… Read More
This fan fiction short story, the fourth in this series, continues to explore how Batman and his nemesis, Joker, came to have characteristics which are the exact opposite of each other. Is this a coincidence? Or is it due to some sinister link between the two characters or between their… Read More

Short Story / Fan Fiction

October 27, 2020

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i need a miracle, to break from this ritual Read More
This is the unofficial origin story of a girl who grows into the young teenager we all know and love today Read More

Short Story / Fan Fiction

October 09, 2020

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John gave out a small sigh standing outside the 221b door. The detective smiled from his upstairs window as he watched John caress the brass knocker. Read More

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Following the adventures of Eric the spider as he seeks a new home, away from the dangers of everyday life. Read More

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What happens if Agatha ends up in Dracula's castle? What will she do there and how will the Count react to it? The story of what could have happened if Dracula had not gone to the convent. And also – about the roads, leading where they should lead, even if… Read More

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"I shouldn't have liked him, we shouldn't have met. If it wasn't for me, he could have been healthy and alive" It was all my fault to begin with. TsukiYama angst Read More
Based on Leverage: The Homecoming Job, a story about what Eliot Spencer did with his first big payout working with Nate Ford. Story is dedicated to the Gary Sinise Foundation and Dr. Kenneth Rutherford, Landmind Survivor's Network. [Eliot Spencer is a former U.S. Black Ops soldier turned Retrieval Specialist, now… Read More

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I normally steer clear of fanfiction but this was written for a competition. The 'Lord Of The Rings' films were my favorites for a long time, especially 'The Two Towers'. This story is set just before the battle at Helm's Deep. Cover image: Read More

Featured Review by Sharief Hendricks

"You nailed it Hulls... like you said you normally steer clear...I don't go there at all... but lord of the Rings having been so popular, I..." Read More

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This story came to mind after spending a day volunteering. Read More

Featured Review by dewey green

"Cute and entertaining story mate!" Read More

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In the midst of the ghetto lives a young black man, raised by his mom to stay on a straight path he does everything he can to avoid trouble and maintain good grades in school. In this community he is seen as an outsider since the culture involves the typical… Read More

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After breaking up with her boyfriend, she met with an accident and her face is disfigured, on the same day a girl dies, and her family accepted to give me her face, as they want their daughter. But, however, I did not the past of the girl, later on, I… Read More

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The reason why I'm posting this the same time as the last one is because these two fanfictions I already made two years ago when I wasn't on Booksie but I forgot to show you peeps them. So yeah, I don't know what to put for the summary. Read More

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Adrien has been missing for awhile and Marinette has gotten lost. What happens next? Read More

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Here it is! The take off of the Lion Guard! This is my last Lion King/Lion Guard sequel. For those of you who haven't read Kion's Cub, please do. If you want, I have 3 sequels to the Lion King. Read Runaway, then Kidnapped, then The Queen'st Test. I hope… Read More

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Here is a take off of the Lion Guard. This is kind of recent. I have Lion King take offs if you want to check those out. If you want to, read Runaway, then Kidnap, then The Queen's Test. I hope you enjoy this! Let me know what you think… Read More
Here is The Queen's Test! I just figured out how to copy paste, so I will be able to write all of my stories that I write. If you haven't read my other stories, please do. Read Runaway and then Kidnapped. That's the order. I have two sequels to the… Read More

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Here is a sequel to Runaway, a take off on the Lion King. For those of you who haven't read it, please do! This is my second sequel of the Lion King I've written. After I type this one, I have another called the Queen's Test. I hope you enjoy… Read More

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I wrote this story when I was 10. It's a take off of the Lion King. I hope you enjoy! Read More

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Tikki and Plagg are secretly dating each other. Read More

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This story is about you as a reader going into the book and seeing it through the eyes. When you meet the loud blond bakugo it seems as though all hope. Is lost, but then he seems really sweet and nice. Read More
This book is inspired off of “Warrior Cats” series by Erin Hunter!! Please check her books out she is a wonderful writer! This book is about clans getting together when they are use to battle in each other to the death every day. Enter in the fun filled world of… Read More

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A Short Story a out a women being there for her man, Then he decides he doesn't want to be with her anymore after receiving a promotion. Read More

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A Short Story about A man cheating on his bride to be. And expect her to accept him flawed and all. Read More