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This is short Harry Potter fan-fiction that is fun, weird, and also very tech-y. Read

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this book is about two charecters from my hero acadamia toga and uraraka they fall in love with eachother but toga is a villian and uraraka is a hero can this relationship continue read this short story to find out Read

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As night became day, he started to understand the truth. Read

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Hey Guys, My name is Simba Ramirez, I am a junior in high school, and man does it suck. I am here with my gang. My closest friends I have been hanging out with since junior high. And now I am a junior a year left of high school. Yeah!!… Read
Imagine a time beyond today. Visualize a metropolitan, with streets filled with shattered dreams, rivers of tears, and blood-stained marble stairways, with tattered and shredded flags littering the empty great halls and boardrooms of leadership. Read

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This short story takes you back to the year 1935 and explores young Miyagi's life. Before he left for America and befriended Daniel during the 80s, Miyagi had his own teen story and love interest which resulted in him making enemies with his pal Sato. Just what exactly happened between… Read

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Elena Catalin aep Silva is my Nilfgaardian Sorceress in a Witcher RP. While she has no claims to title or inheritance from her now defunct mercantile house, she still has strong ties to the Empire, feeding them information as she comes across it. The following is her character profile and… Read

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The star ship Enterprise is casually flying through space when they come across a small gas planet. The ship’s sensors pick up life in a small human-sized pod. Unable to board the object, they use the ship’s beam to pull it out of the planet’s outer atmosphere. Once the object… Read

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Harlow Abram has been a huge fan of Big Time Rush ever since she first saw them perform at a side gig her friend was performing in November 2009. Her friend introduced the new band to her and they all seem to hit it off. Harlow finds herself hanging around… Read

Short Story / Fan Fiction

September 13, 2021

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This is a story of a kid who will soon change the the fate of Lgtbq+, comunity, and the deffenition of "freedom". What is next? Read

Short Story / Fan Fiction

September 11, 2021

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an untold story Read

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This story takes place in the classic MHA universe but this time, it's narrated from the villain's perspective. Main villain, Shigiraki, to be exact. Shiggy is getting tired of the heroes receiving all this fame for what? All the heroes do is kill them yet they're the good ones??? Read

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A quiet day, playing hide and seek with my grandmother and sister. Read
Eri relates to Shinsou on another level because he’s also been made fun of for his quirk just like her. Like her, he’s been seen as cursed or evil because of his quirk. She didn’t realize this at first though. It all started when she walked in on Shinsou getting… Read
Dialogism is a literary method of dialogue and figure-o-pia is a new literary device. Read

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This is the story of a missing B-17 bomber pilot. Shot down over Germany in November 1944. His family never gives up hope. Then one day the son receives a mysterious letter and box from Germany. Read

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A spin-off of Christen Boving Anderson and Eva Lee Wallberg’s “The Heroic Quest of Valiant Prince Ivandoe”, Prince Ivandog’s Epic Tales answers the question that no one asked for…what if Ivandoe and Bert were dogs? Taking place in modern-day England, Prince Ivandog, or simply Prince Ivan is a spoiled golden-retriever… Read
When Catra comes to Brightmoon after the rebellion's victory she hopes it will be a new start for both her and Adora. But it's challenging to leave your past behind when you don't know your future. And what do you do when it knocks on your door, wanting to be… Read
When Catra comes to Brightmoon after the rebellion's victory she hopes it will be a new start for both her and Adora. But it's challenging to leave your past behind when you don't know your future. And what do you do when it knocks on your door, wanting to be… Read
The war is over but Glimmer cannot find peace. There is a restlessness and loneliness within her that won't leave her be. When she meets Catra one lonely evening she starts to understand things.. Want to be the first to know when we publish new stories? Sign up for our… Read

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Namjoon beams, gaze trained downwards. He’s blushing, both of his extensive, cavernous dimples on proud display. Mijoo herself seems entirely astounded she hadn’t lost her courage then, though her nerves overtake her, the words continuing to flow from her mouth unrestricted, a faucet left running directly down the drain. “Well,… Read

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I had this idea for a three panel comic. But I'm not great at art. So have a 2.4K word first draft written on no sleep at 6 am. Enjoy! Read
There are two things that Stiles knows for certain: The known world is slowly descending into a state of eternal chaos, and that he and kids do not mix... At all... Luckily, Derek is here to save him. Read
It’s almost comical, the game we play. Our gazes flit from one dreary corner of the room to the other, never crossing and never touching, not even for a moment. If they were to meet, I am afraid of the consequences that will surely follow. For, hidden beneath the delicate… Read

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It was nighttime while a Vet Youtuber named Matts Alright got off the base for the day. He gets inside the car to be prepared to run in the store to get dog food for his pet dog named scooby doo. Read

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lol idk i could upload fanfics too xD Naruto fanfic with my favorite characters and of course Minky! MAY CONTAIN NAUGHTY STUFF (Not sure really, i havent read it in a while xD Plan on reading it here at work :P Read

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This is a fanfiction about the book series "Warriors" written by Erin Hunter, I wrote this FAN FICTION, it mainly focuses on Cloudpaw, it is short. Read
Rory August, she is related to Santo August or Chresanto, which ever one you like best. Princeton and the gang hangs out with their favorite group member of all Roc Royal. Rayan and Craig don't have girlfriends yet. Will Princeton have feelings for Rory, Chres's little sister or will they… Read

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This is my version of the deaf Bakugou head canon! I hope you like it! Read

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Treasured moments about life between a Grandmother and Granddaughter that are never forgotten. Read

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A very short descriptive text written as a tribute to a popular Anime Fiction Character named "Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto" Read

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Wonho... I awaken with a start and disoriented as fuck when I felt a warm breath fan across my face and a loud, erotic moan filtered in the air. My eyes were met with long, black curls covering half of the stranger's face. Just from the glow of her partially… Read

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After receiving a letter stating she must depart, Twilight Sparkle spends her last day with her friends. However, it turns out that she is not the only pony leaving as her friends have made their own plans for the future. After reading about the next generation being planned for September… Read

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The Risks Life of a young adult began at the year 2020. A boy call Lazz Niga Dbz, begins his life career with a good and dirty life, At an age of 20 years, Lazz Niga Dbz began to work hard and Begin to pursue his dream career. Lazz Niga… Read

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y/n meets Mindless Behavior for the first time, she starts to get feelings for the one and only Roc Royal, even though they just met will it last forever, or will they only be friends? Her girls are always trying to make her new things and start dating again will… Read