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December 31, 1969

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As an image we pass by, only our sons remain in the last, everything seems like an illusion but this helmet, this sword, shield, armour... This soul, this is... Spirit stays the same. From old forgotten days to now we carry our banner, as kings... I carry the light of… Read More

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December 13, 2018

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introduction to a book currently being written. Read More

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Story I started writing today about a valiant warrior. Who is eager to prove himself to his creator. Primarily through battles against invaders looking to conquer his homeland. Francois will also encounter mythological beasts. Goblins, trolls, ancient witches, harpies, and small but extremely powerful dwarves that are only 1 1/2… Read More

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It's asemic a form of Non Phonetic writing. Read More

Miscellaneous / Fantasy

September 07, 2018

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Another piece of creative writing I did for a setting this time. I eventually want to make this into part of a bigger book, so for now you can see the initial description. Read More

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This story covers a short chapter in Ned Bonewoods character development for the Empire LARP System. Published 24th August 2018 Read More

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This is a story of a young boy shot and killed trying to be the hero. He finds himself in a strange new world filled with fantastical powers. Read More

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This will tell you the Arcs, Sagas, and everything else. Read More

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A conversation spawned this little flash fiction piece. It takes place in the War of Destiny universe (many years after the currently published books). At the moment it is a stand alone, although it might get incorporated into a larger story at a later time. A little girl's curiosity sparks… Read More
This is a story of two girls who's lives drastically change because of a single bite. They go through many changes, learn new things about themselves,they get new Friends and find new enemies, they have to fight to stay strong. What will happen to them? What adventures will they go… Read More


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It's Asemic a form of non phonetic writing an art from Read More

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It's Asemic a non phonetic art form of writing Read More

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It's a form of writing called Asemic Writing Read More

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Asemic Writing is avant garde, a form of non-phonetic writing, art left to the reader's interpretation. Read More

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Early character sketch for short story Read More
This labor of love is my ode to the live-action adaptation of the Nickelodeon animated series, Avatar: The Last Airbender... TLA2: The Battle For Ba Sing Se (A FanFic Sequel). Read More
The joy of this series is that it is built on the two main characters and the world they live in. The stories within could be limitless! So I have a habit of writing about any little bits that come into my head... This is the unfortunate beginning to yet… Read More
This is the first excerpt I wrote. An action scene, of course. It ended up becoming book one. Huh... In this case, the two 'heroes' are seen facing an enemy ambush on a battlefield, and one particularly tricky enemy. Hope you'll give the series a glance! (Sticks and Swords is… Read More

Miscellaneous / Fantasy

February 25, 2018

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A revised backstory for my second ever Dn'D character. Read More