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Similic the humanoid wolf lives in a world where humans no longer exist. Only animal and human hybrids dominate the earth now. Humanity has long since made themselves extinct, and the planet is populated by a variety of these 'furry characters' that have used their skills and the leftover technology… Read More

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This is the prologue to one of my current WIP's. This is a working title and may not be the published title when finished. Read
This Miscellaneous Bookset contains art of my characters. Read
The start of an epic adventure Read

Miscellaneous / Fantasy

January 20, 2023

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any advice appreciated! Read
A mysterious warrior appears in order to correct the damage done when an ancient darkness controls the world. Read

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This is a story based on the memory of the woman who claimed to be Anastasia, otherwise known as Miss Unknown or Anna Anderson. Read

Miscellaneous / Fantasy

November 30, 2022

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Just starting out. Used to write fiction all the time. Felt like a good time to go back... This is chapter One.. Read
As relationships and alliances grow Bonnie Bluebella must reflect upon her purpose and position. Read
The Sands of Time, technically, is a fan fiction I wrote for something one of my good friends is working on. This small piece of literature I present below is something she began her story with that I believe will clear up some confusion with the Sands of Time stories.… Read
Bonnie has moved to Mayfair and becomes more entangled in a web of intigue. Read
As Bonnie Blue moves onto new beginnings in Mayfair the setting seems to become an increasing mystery to possibilities beyond us. Read
Gothic tales Bonnie Bluebella moves further into the dark streets of London and discovers an unearthly tale. Read
This is a sneak peek to perhaps my most ambitious project: an adventure fantasy trilogy with a possible guidebook to the fantasy world and backgrounds of the characters included. This preview contains a conversation between the main protagonist and the Council, a mysterious group of powerful warlords. Depending on how… Read
Bonnie Bluebellas Pennydreadfuls Read

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The Story of Infinity Read

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In my copyrighted NeoHuman (redacted: Neurosapien) Universe, someone has decided to fight for the innocents that are slaughtered everyday. Someone has decided that they will no longer stand by and be witness to senseless violence and cruelty against the most timid and undervalued beings of Earth. Someone has decided to… Read

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Stealing From the Best: If Shakespeare could do it, you can too. Steal your plots. Take old plots and weave “your particular magic” into them. Originality is the key to plagiarism. You cannot lift the exact plot, with the same characters intact, but you may take a pattern and use… Read
Lysar Da'Ren is a mage imprisoned on an island for murder. Rumor has it that no guard can remain on the island longer than a month without succumbing to madness. Sherym Tor, the latest guard in a long list of them, seems determined to prove stronger than most. Da'Ren plots… Read

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Letting everyone know that I've got another Dana and Jayden book out. Read

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you will learn about her. Read

Miscellaneous / Fantasy

April 19, 2022

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This is my song. Read

Miscellaneous / Fantasy

November 14, 2021

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This piece is a blurb for a book, called Serena which I'm posting on here to see if anyone would be interested in reading and would like to get opinions and feedback on Read

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He wants to navigate the Political Highway…she wants to take the steering wheel. Does it matter that she’s no longer alive? Preston moves into a new home only to find that he is not alone...though is new "Housemate" is the ghost of a 22-year-old quasi-hippie who died in 1968. Preston… Read

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This is just a little something I threw together. Enjoy. Read
Keeping in my tradition of interviewing my narrators and main characters of my series, I have just completed one with Lane, the rogue and narrator of book 4 of the series, Fallen Soul. Enjoy! Read
The file of an unnatural entity known as Mr.Mouthless. The [REDACTED} has made a series of top-secret files for the known [REDACTED] out there. But just how many are there? Read

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Its about a cloud in soliloquy, the way our world has changed Read

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This is from a dream that I once had about a witch and her want to remain young forever. Read

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I want to cry I want to scream I want to tell you mostly I hate that I'm afraid of everything I hate that you're the one thing I want the most but can't have I hate that you've let me go before I got to say goodbye I wish… Read

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I see a place in the distance , that moves me , Only it never stops its beating , like a heart , in my throat , The sun and moon don't stop for nothing , Not even for me , My feelings that flutter like birds and butterflies, Dancing… Read

Miscellaneous / Fantasy

February 19, 2021

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broken in a sea of lost souls , and living in the shadows . Read

Miscellaneous / Fantasy

February 19, 2021

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in the distance Read